Friday, June 14, 2024

Plastiq Promo Codes and Coupons – June 2024 Update

Plastiq is a one-of-a-kind service that processes payments for customers who choose to use their credit cards for any important payments. The owner and founder, Eliot Buchanan, started the idea when he found that his college tuition payments could not be handled with a credit card; this inspired him to create a solution that enables anyone to use whatever type of card they desire for any payment, regardless of acceptance geared specifically towards debit or credit. It’s a great way to access your cards funds without having to pay things like a cash advance fee.  Plus if you are like me and have a few credit card bonuses you need to hit a specific amount of “spent money” for this can make that process a lot easier.

Plastic is also an amazing solution for business owners who prefer to use credit cards for all the benefits that come from using a credit card vs paying directly from your checking account!

Current Working Promo Codes for Plastiq in 2024

2024 Coupon Code: To activate the promotional bonus you need to click the following link. Fee Free Dollar Promo Link – Click to Auto Activate

Plastiq Accept Promo Code: To activate the Plastiq Accept promo for free transactions every month (if you want to accept payments through plastiq) you can use the following link: Free Plastiq Accept Transactions Promo Link

This code will give you $500 in fee-free dollars to your account.

Plastiq also offers some unique coupon codes and promotions, all of which have been compiled here for your viewing and using leisure. The main deals all consist of getting Fee Free Dollars or FFD. Do note that some of the coupon codes or promotions may expire or have ended, depending on when you have viewed this and attempted to use the coupon code or promotion.

$500 Fee Free Dollars Coupon Code

Upon your first successful payment system being set up, you will receive a free $500 credit payment towards a payment of $500 or more. This is 100% completely fee free. This offer is restricted to new members only and requires a 6-payment schedule (or more) in order to receive the promotion. Check back often as we update this post with the latest promo codes as they become available!

Earn Double by Referring a Friend2 8

Once you’ve signed up for every referral you make you can earn “fee free dollars.” Once you sign up you should get more information on this. Also certain states and payment categories, which can be found with more specific details on Plastiq’s website, may only receive half of this with a $500 fee-free dollar credit for the referral and a $250 fee-free dollar credit for the person who signs up. View Plastiq’s website for more details on signing up for the refer a friend program and get your own referral code!

No Plastiq Fee on First Two Rent/Mortage Payments with Mastercard

You can opt in to receive no Plastiq fee towards your payment of a landlord or lending company. In order to take advantage of this promotion, you must schedule 6 or more payments to a landlord or lending company in one payment series, use a Mastercard only, and your normal Plastiq fee will be knocked down to $0 for the first two payments in this series. Be sure to take advantage of this while it’s available.




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