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UNITEK 96W/2.4A 10-Port USB Charging Station Review

Always happy to get some new toy to try out. last time it was a spy camera, and I had a fair amount of fun reviewing that, seen as it gave me a chance to wax lyrical about surveillance culture. This time there will be no side stepping and branching off. Instead I will be taking a focused look at the Unitek 10-Port USB charging station.

I tend to use my computer if I want to charge things via USB, but then I am not charging a whole lot at once. For people out there with families it’s a whole other matter. A phone each, a tablet each and a few other nick knacks besides and you’ll soon find yourself running out of ports. Thankfully there is a solution to that in the form of the Unitek charge station. I got to mess around with one recently, and was impressed with the charging speed, and the thought that has gone into the design of this one.

So let’s start with the company who makes it, see who we are putting our trust into.


Unitek are a Hong Kong based manufacturing firm. The products they specialize in are all of the same mold, home electronics. The best thing about Chinese electronics is the speed with which they can be produced. It means firms selling them can guarantee replacements if a part fails. I had my Unitek charge station running on full burn for an entire day, and found it to be sound, if a little warm. Unitek are partnered with some established and trust worthy names as well, most notable of which being Gigabyte, producer of high grade computer hardware.

UNITEK 96W/2.4A 10-Port USB Charging Station Build Quality and Features

unitek Charger embedded e1490986812152 The first thing I noticed about the Unitek Charging station was the aesthetics. The white frame is lovely to look a, and the blue accents are great. It reminds me of old school Apple designs, and late stage Nintendo too for that matter. It matches my computer as well, which is nice. The cradle stations are a nice touch. You can leave you device in an appropriately sized section while it charges, I like that the design team had the end user experience in mind. Build wise, there is a nice heft to the product, which I like to see, and the plastic flaps are nice and rigid as well. Overall it’s a nice looking, and nice feeling little station.

Onto features, and we shouldn’t expect a deluge of them. This is for charging phones, tablets, cigarettes etc. There are to ports on it, mentioned in the title I know, but this is probably the most important feature. As mentioned, I don’t need quite so many ports at once, but the vast number of devices that can be running simultaneously is a big consideration for people with children, or even your work place. There are two USB 3.0 charge points too, which is what I use most of the time to charge my phone. They charge just a little bit faster, and are great in minor emergencies.

The dividers are detachable, so if you need to charge a fleet of iPads at once you’re covered. The final, and best feature in my opinion, is the safety features. The device will protect against power surges, it will stop charging when the batteries are full, to prevent overcharge damage over time, and a temperature sensor will prevent overheating.

I did not go into this with high hopes, I never do. the Unitek Charge Station goes a little above and beyond the competition here. It has more than enough ports to satisfy, there are speed options, the build quality is quite high, and the safety features are set up in such a way as to extend the life of your devices. There is little else I could have asked for. But now we come to the price.

UNITEK 96W/2.4A 10-Port USB Charging Station Pricing and Returns Policy

Now we get to the deciding factor, for me anyway. The price of the product. you can find the Unitek USB Charging Station in the $50 to $80 price bracket, shopping around is your friend here but the best prices tend to be at here. Considering the features it has, and the size of the build, I was very happy to find this price. There are similar items online that are cheaper, but none of the ones I could find have nearly so many safety and money saving features as the Unitek model. It’s clear who the market is for this one, workplaces and families who care about the inherent dangers of plugging in a whole heap of electronic devices in one place.

In terms of customer support I am happy to report that the Unitek Charging Station comes with both a manufacturer’s guarantee and a sellers warranty. The warranty is quite robust, there is little that can go wrong with this particular model, but in the unlikely event that something does break down, you are covered for 2 years. I have been reviewing products for a long time now, and it is far rarer than I would like that I see 2 year warranties. there is also a 24 hour customer support service available, so if you run into set up issues someone can guide you through the process. There isn’t much of a set up process to be fair, but it is still nice to have that option.

UNITEK 96W/2.4A 10-Port USB Charging Station – Is it the Right Product  for You?

As I mentioned before, the core clientele for the Unitek 10 port USB charging station would be families and work places. If you need more USB ports for charging then by all means consider this model, but I know for a fact that my computer has 4 USB 3.0 ports and a further 7 or so USB 2.0 ports. I don’t own enough to need another 10. The price here is on point, and I do like the auto charge shut off feature, I’ve gone through a fair few batteries just a little too quickly for my liking as a result of my need to charge overnight.

To get it for the current discounted price automatically you can click here.

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