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Top 10 Best Free DJ Software in 2018 – Mixing and Mastering

Whether you are a person just learning how to take samples and make beats, or the person the party looks to for the best tracks, you may be looking for a great set of DJ software for as cheap as possible. Well, what could possibly be cheaper than free? Here, we take a look at the top 10 Free DJ software programs to get your feet wet, or refine your skills for personal and party enjoyment.

10. Zulu (Free)

Zulu Starting off our list of free DJ Software is Zulu, a totally free mixer and DJ suite for Windows PC’s, Android mobile tech, Kindle and Macs. While also available for professionals through a license, the free version of this software is surprisingly robust, with features such as auto beat detection and sync, exporting music files and the ability to use a “live” mode, preventing flubs and errors if you are in fact the party DJ. Another huge asset that helps this program make the list is the ability to use DJ controls or MIDI devices to make edits without extensive formatting issues, making it great for those getting into the art, or those who already have invested quite a bit of money and time into it.

9. Djay Series (Free and Free to Try)

Djay Next up is a primarily mobile app, the Djay Series by Algoriddim. Although you could use this with a Mac (or a Mac emulator if you can work with it correctly), this is primarily made for a DJ on the go. The key feature for this program is that it can pair with not only music stored locally, but with the Spotify music service, which can give you far more room to explore your own tastes and talent. They layout of this app has a certain beauty to it, in that the ease of use is incredible and, save the rare occasion that you are taking two tracks from the same album, allows you to identify which track is doing what in a simply display.

8. Blaze (Free to Try)

Blaze Independent sounds development company, with MIDI support, Souncloud integration, and a robust virtual deck wants you to just Blaze. Going for a more professional design, this program can handle most of what you need it to in the demo version alone and make you look like the real deal. You can also use their timecode feature to match up a digital vinyl system to the program and make your turntables be as real as possible without ruining a record.

7. UltraMixer (Free to Try)

Free to use for an hour per session, UltraMixer is a pro tool with a decent demo. Mostly catering to European markets, this program offers a great deal of complexity in terms of features which offsets the hour long limitation (or the 200 Euro price tag most days). One of the big draws for this program is the support for Youtube users as well as webcasters. There is some ability to edit video as well, but that is mostly relegated to the fuller version.

6. Cross DJ (Free)

cross 1 Offering a free version of their highly popular softwares, Cross DJ allows for new DJ’s to get their feet wet with a simpler version of their tech before taking the plunge at either $50 or $100. Allowing for two decks, a mixer, itunes support and 3 audio effects, most new users will have all they need to get started on their first sample tracks. Soundcloud also gets another shout out in terms of functionality, which can allow for a great deal of variation in your samples and allow for great expression. It may not be the best, but it’s a great start.

5. Serato DJ Intro (Free)

Serato Serato is often seen as an industry standard and has more than a few peripheral companies that make equipment specially paired just for this DJ mixing software. Therefore, it should come as good news that Serato is offering a free DJ program they call DJ Intro. With plenty of file management and integration options, this may be a good intermediate choice, as some equipment may be required to fully utilize this option.

4. Mixxx (Free)

Mixxx One of the first and still one of the best, Mixxx is a program which is free for both pro and semi-pro users. Not the easiest to learn, this program does have the benefit of a highly active community base which have complied guides and best practices, making getting started easier. Features for this program include hot cues, looping, and parallel visual displays which can contribute to better control of your own beats. It’s a bit on the older side, but still allows for superb performance at the best possible price.

3. KraMixer (Free)

Kramixer If you want to get into DJing as a hobby but have no real plans of investing money towards it, KraMixer may be a good option for you. Based entirely virtually, this program has no support for outside controls or turn tables, but does run a robust enough sound engine to make up for that if you’ve never had the experience. Having many of the features already listed in other products and over 1.5 million downloads at time of writing, KraMixer is a good option for the beginner or eternal hobbyist.

2. Virtual DJ (Free for 2 versions)

VirtDJ Virtual DJ is the runner up for the best free dj software for their Home and LE contributions. The first allos for a great deal of broadcast and editing freedoms, plenty of control customization and access to all audio effects, while the LE (though technically “bought” with some controllers” allows for even more freedom of use. The bonus to this is any skills you learn on this platform can help professionally as it is among the most used DJ programs in the world – free or paid. Like Mixxx, there’s a highly active community behind the software which can provide plenty of knowledge on the way to you discovering your sounds.

1. DJ Prodecks (Free)

DjProdecks Topping our list of free DJ software is the full functional DJ Prodecks. By fully functional, we mean that in the sense that we expect most beginners to only have their computers and keyboards to work with. While there is no support for decks or turn tables, Prodecks does allow for full keyboard functionality to edit sounds in any way you like. It can even allow you to set up an advance track list so you can keep the party going even if you need to grab a drink mid session. While at first appearing a little daunting, the options and settings are well laid out and once you get the hang of using it, you can do amazing things quite quickly.

Are there any free DJ programs that you think should have made the list that didn’t? If so, please be sure to comment and let us know, so we may consider adding them in our next review!

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