Friday, April 12, 2024

CAFAGO Offering Huge Xiaomi 6 Mi6 Discounts – Updated Deals & Coupon Codes

CAFAGO is offering a lot of great coupon deals and promotions right now for the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 4G smartphone. These deals and coupons really are hard to find for the Xiaomi 6 Mi6. Not only are the coupons often times hard to find, these two specific coupons offer you the most savings on this high-quality smartphone. This is an amazing deal and discount so continue reading to learn about the savings you can get if you go to CAFAGO to get the Xiaomi 6 Mi6.

Xiaomi 6 Mi6 64 GB ROM Coupon Codes & Deals

The first coupon code we wanted to mention was PZ0041D. This coupon code, once entered during checkout, will bring the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 to $385. This deal is amazing because that is a savings of almost $200 off the regular price. This offer and coupon code is available only at CAFAGO, and it is a coupon that normally you do not see for the Xiaomi 6 Mi6. If you would like to save almost $200 on the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 you can click here to purchase the phone and checkout with coupon code PZ0041D.

Xiaomi 6 Mi6 phone

When it comes to the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 that this coupon code comes with, we are talking about the 6GB RAM 64GB ROM model. This model comes with Bluetooth, NFC Fingerprint ID, both front and rear cameras, and is 1920×1080 pixel. The Xiaomi 6 Mi6 has a 5.15” screen and also comes with a fast charging phone cable.

Xiaomi 6 Mi6 128GB Model Coupon Code

The second coupon will get you almost $170 off the retail price of the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 128GB ROM model. If you would like to get $170 off the Xiaomi 6 Mi6, you need to enter coupon code PZ0041BJ1 during checkout. The price after you enter the coupon code becomes $461.53 which is almost $170 off the retail price.

Xiaomi 6 Mi6 coupon smartphone

This model is identical to the first model except for the fact that it has more ROM and a little bit better specifications. The screen and other pertinent details of the Xiaomi 6 Mi6 128GB ROM model are the same, so if you want more room this is definitely the way to go. If you would like to know more about this phone, you can click here to read the full product detail page.



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