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Upcoming IRULU Deals & Coupon Codes

There are a lot of upcoming deals, promotions, and coupons that you can use at in order to score some amazing products. If you have not heard about IRULU before, it is one of the leading companies in technology and tablets. If you are looking for a new tablet, check out the presales, deals, coupons and other discounts you can get to get that cool new product you’ve always wanted.

IRULU eXpro X5/X5 S/X6 Tablets 26% Off

Beginning on July 8 from 11:00 AM CST until July 15 you can get this tablet for 26% off. You will need to first register on the IRULU website by clicking here. From there, you can get 1 coupon per person from 11:00 AM CST on July 8. The coupon giveaway ends on July 12. You will need to redeem the coupon from July 12 at 11:00 AM CST through July 15. You will get your new tablet between July 25 through July 31.

eXpro 5

expro 5 The eXpro 5 is a tablet that will be on presale as well, but there are only 200 available for purchase. The eXpro 5 comes with Android Nougat 7.1 and has an Octa-Core Processor. This tablet is 9 mm thick and weights about 260G. The body is forged aluminum and it has edges that are double diamond-cut. The Quad Core CPU is 64 bit and comes with 1GB RAM & 16GB ROM. The screen is TFT LCD and is 7 inches.

To get the eXpro at 26% off the retail price, which would make the price $51.99 you need to enter COUPON CODE: X57.

You can find this product by clicking here.

eXpro 5 S

You can get the eXpro 5 S Tablet on presale as well, but there are only 200 units available for purchase. This tablet comes with a 7.85” screen and runs on Android Nougat 7.0. The eXpro 5 S has 1GB RAM & 16GB ROM, and is only 9 mm thick. You can also extend out the storage to 64GB. There is an HDMI output with the eXpro 5 S to allow you even more visual entertainment.

You will need to use COUPON CODE: X58 during checkout to get the eXpro5 S for $58.99 which is 25% off retail price. You can click here to learn more about the tablet.

eXpro 6 Phablet

The iRULU eXpro 6 tablet is available for presale as well, but only 200 units are available so you have to act quickly. With the eXpro 6, you will notice there is 1G RAM and 16G ROM, and the screen in 7” for all of you entertainment needs. This is a Phablet which means it is both a phone and a tablet, so you will not miss your phone calls with the 3G support Dual SIM ability. This phablet comes with Android Nougat 7.0 and offers you a 64GB extendable storage option. The screen is TFT LCD and it has a Touch Panel that is 5-points as well.

If you would like to get the eXpro 6 Phablet for the presale price of $50.99 you will need to enter the COUPON CODE: X67 during checkout. This is 26% off the retail price.

If you would like to know more about this tablet, click here to find more information and product details.

About iRULU

iRulu was established in 2004, built around the their own branded products and ecommerce presence. iRULU focusese on a variety of technology products including smartphones, tablets, projectors and other accessories. iRULU has warehouses located throughout the world including Germany, the UK, the US, and Hong Kong. This global presence allows for fast, free shipping of products and saves users from needing to worry about paying import and customs fees.



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