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Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women – 2018 List

All women are beautiful by default, and like they say, women are called the more beautiful sex. However, some countries’ women are considered more beautiful. We will skip that part about how real beauty lies in the eyes or in the soul, and look which countries’ women seem to be the most appealing to our eyes. Let’s see

10. Norway

Norway Norway women are mostly blue-eyed  blondes. They look like they are from some Norse mythology stories about beauty and perfection. Considering that Norway is developed country with very low unemployment rate, their women are more confident and independent than in some other countries which makes them even hotter. You can describe them as pale skinned, blue haired, etc. which would not separate from German or Dutch women. The thing is that Norwegian women will show no weaknesses in their movement or gestures, and will radiate with confidence and strength.
Search advice: Heidi Johnsen

9. Serbia

Serbia Through their history, Serbia has come in touch with various nations. Their women look like a perfect product which came as a result of ideal mix of different origins. The Slavic part in Serbian genes results in beautiful face and very nice, elegant body with long legs. Mediterranean part is visible in their olive colored skin, making them different than other Slavic girls. Serbian girls look far more passionate than other European women who are more likely to look ice cold and show less emotions. Serbia is home to arguably one of the most beautiful woman in sports, tennis player Ana Ivanović.
Search advice: Stanija Dobrojević

8. South Korea

Korea The status of Korean women in their own country has been changing rapidly to better in the past 30 years. Women are now equal part of social, political and business life and no longer considered just a family member which objective is to give birth, cook and take care of the children. It feels like they are being more independent led them to being more beautiful. Except their physical looks, they are very talented, especially in music which became worldwide popular and presents a key factor why Korean women are now considered one of the prettiest in the world.
Search advice: Kim Yu-Mi

7. United States

America I don’t think you can go wrong with this choice. The mixture of cultures which is present in USA enables everyone to find his perfect woman right there. You can find women in all shapes and sizes, different skin tones, hair colors…
The important thing about American women is that the American culture is widespread and all of the World knows the beauty of American models, actresses, singers and other celebrities. If you think of your celebrity crush there is a big chance that she is from the USA.
Search advice: You know better

6. Poland

Poland Sweet. Intelligent. Hot.
Polish women are usually highly educated and very intelligent women, but don’t worry, they will not act like they are out of your league. Poles in general are considered one of the friendliest people in the World. If you get a Polish women you get a loyal, smart and pretty woman with stunning body.
Around the World there are lots of people with Polish descent, and there is many women with polish descent who are one of the prettiest and hottest in the World. For example Emily Ratajkowski.
Search advice: Natalia Siwiec


Brazil When someone mentions Brazilian women you probably think of dark-haired women in perfect physical shape. Why? Maybe because this is more like a fact than a stereotype. Brazilian women are very friendly and passionate. Even when you are not able to look at their amazing bodies, they will hypnotize you with their stunning smile. If you are a sports fan, especially soccer, meeting a Brazilian woman can be win-win situation for you.
Search advice: Miss BumBum

4. Colombia

Colombia The charming experts. ‘Lindas Colombianas’ will take your breath away with their body and their elegant movement. Beware, they are often called the best gold diggers, but even if you know that, you can be very easily manipulated by their looks and behaviour and be prepared to give them all that they want.
They dress in kind of provocative way and they are not afraid of a physical contact, but that does not mean they’re easy. You should be grateful to Colombia every time you see Sofia Vergara. In 2014 Paulina Vega won Miss Univese title. That was first win for Colombia since 1958.
Search advice: Can you ask for more than Sofia Vergara? I thought so.

3. Russia

Russia Forget about the bad reputation for ordering brides. Russian women are book-wise, beautiful and flawless. Because of great Russian culture Russian women are often art-obsessed and have great taste in fashion. They are independent, not afraid of anyone and strong. But don’t think they don’t like to party. Like all Russians they can drink a lot and love dancing. German research has shown  that Russian women have the biggest average breast size in the World, with the average size being bigger than D cup! If you combine it with nice skin, pretty faces and long legs you get a woman perfect for modelling.
Search advice: Irina Shayk

2. Jamaica

Jamaica The beautiful dark-skinned complexion makes them look perfectly healthy. It is amazing how their body is shaped. You see their waist looking small and automatically think about small booty, but that’s where you’re wrong. Their booty is fine like it’s men-designed! Also, good thing is that black women in general seem to be more honest and direct. They will openly show you what they need and what they want. They are well-known for their loud and outrageous laughing. Another good thing which comes with their fit bodies is that they are not afraid to show them. You can often see them wearing clothes which show more than they cover. However, they may sometimes show too much (if that’s possible for you), but don’t worry, if you criticize them they won’t get mad and will probably take your advice. The perfect example of hot Jamaican women is politician and 1993 Miss World winner Lisa Hanna because she is not just hot but also elegant, smart and classy, and of course Naomi Campbell. Search advice: Janelle Robinson

Before our number one pick, some honorable mentions are:

1. Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela is home to beautiful, charming, intelligent and determined women.
Venezuelan women have hot body, well structured face and if you combine it with intelligence, you got yourself an ideal women. Venezuelan reputation in beauty is worldwide and it’s well known that Venezuela has the most wins in Miss World and second most in Miss Universe contests (Venezuela has 7, USA got 8). They’ve also become the first, and so far only country  that won two Miss Universe titles in a row. The history started after Dayana Mendoza won the title in 2008 and 2009 and when Stefania Fernandez won 58th edition of Miss Universe.
Search advice: Norelys Rodriguez

There we have it. To be fair, it’s hard to make a list which would make everyone happy. Different persons have different tastes, so don’t get mad if your country is not on the list or they are not ranked high enough for you. But there is probably something wrong with you if you don’t like the photos. Pretty women are all around the World. Do you agree with our choice? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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