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Lilly Singh Net Worth 2018- How Rich is the YouTuber Actually?

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the planet, and the most popular channels rake in millions of dollars every year. Some of these YouTubers use their influence for good. Lilly Singh has leveraged her YouTube fame into a career in acting, music, comedy, writing, motivational speaking, and philanthropy. Her most popular video is “How Girls Get Ready”, which has over 23 million views.

Lilly Singh Net Worth – $9 Million

How Did Lilly Singh Make Her Money & Wealth?

The YouTube Channel of Lilly Singh has over 12 million subscribers and 2 billion total video views. She also has 6.7 million followers on Instagram. This means she receives large paychecks from ad revenue alone. Her fame has also brought her numerous lucrative sponsorships.

Ventures of Lilly Singh include partnering with SmashBox to release a signature lipstick, the world tour A Trip To Unicorn Island, and a documentary film about her world tour. She has also released a successful book. Singh has also collaborated with other Youtube Stars and has been featured in several music videos.

The YouTuber has experienced quite a popularity surge in recent years. Lilly Singh’s net worth in 2015 was $2.5 million. After 2015, she began making more than ever before. In 2016 alone, Singh pocketed $6.5 million.

How Did Lilly Singh Make Her Money and Wealth?

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Lilly Singh was born on September 26th, 1988. Her parents, Malwinder and Sukhwinder Singh, are immigrants from the Indian State of Punjab. The family moved to Toronto, Canada when Lilly Singh was two years old. In her early youth, Singh had a strong connection with her Punjabi heritage. She particularly got in touch with her identity after visiting her homeland several times in college. Singh often discusses and satirizes her identity in her videos.

In 2006, Lilly Singh graduate from the Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute. After graduating York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, Lilly Singh started her YouTube channel in 2010. She adopted the username IISuperwomanII, which is inspired by how she would imagine an invisible “S” on her chest that would let her do anything.

The channel of Lilly Singh was originally created to document her struggles with depression. Singh was never excited about her studies, and trudged through school until she realized YouTube was her calling. Surprisingly, Singh’s family was extremely supportive of her career choice. They even appeared in some of her early videos. She lived with her family in Ontario until December 2015, when she moved to Los Angeles to further her career.

Early videos of Lilly Singh consisted mostly of entertainment and comedy videos, but also Q&A videos which discussed her personal life. She often employs comedy to get a deeper message across. Her culture is often a central topic in her videos. In fact, her first video showed how to a Side Turla Bhangra Pagh (a Sikh turban). One of her most popular early videos is Official Guide to Brown Girls, a cultural satire.

Within her first year as a YouTuber, Lilly Singh had already become a minor celebrity. In 2011, she shifted her main channel’s focus to comedy, and created a second channel for vlogging. Titled SuperwomanVlogs, the channel focuses on her everyday life and personal struggles. She has been uploading daily vlogs without a single break on the channel since August 2014. The channel now has 2 million subscribers and 235 million views.

In the early years of her channel, Lilly Singh created several songs with accompanying music videos. In 2013, she rapped with Jassi Sidhu in his song Hipshaker. Later in 2014, she also rapped in the song Mauj Ki Malharein for the Bollywood drama Gulaab Gang. Singh also released the song #LEH with Kanwer Singh that year.

Lilly Singh’s YouTube career also helped jump start her acting career. In 2011, she was a background dancer in the Bollywood productions Thank You and Speedy Singhs. In 2014, she briefly appeared in the Canadian/Indian film Dr. Cabbie. 2016 in particular was a successful year of acting for Lilly Singh – she cameoed in the movie Bad Moms, voiced two characters in Ice Age: Collisions, and appeared in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. In May 2017, she appeared in the HBO adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

Lilly Singh has always cared deeply for her fans. In 2015, she embarked on the world tour A Trip to Unicorn Island. She traveled across 27 cities performing her music, reenacting her videos, and speaking positive messages. She released a documentary in 2016 with the same titled which chronicled her tour, but also offered commentary on how internet fame affected the lives of viral stars.

Shortly after returning home from her tour, Lilly Singh partnered with nonprofit Me to We for a charity initiative. Singh promoted the purchase of her signature GirlLove Rafiki Bracelet, which funded girl’s education costs in Kenya. Over 30,000 bracelets have been sold as of 2017. Singh was handpicked as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for her philanthropy.

On March 28th, 2017, Lilly Singh released her first book, How To be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life. The book reached #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List on its first week. After releasing her book, she toured through 12 countries to promote it.

Lilly Singh Personal Life and FAQs

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Lilly Singh has an older sister named Tina. Tina has her own YouTube channel where she vlogs about being a mom. Lilly’s sister is responsible for coming up with her first name. Their family speaks English and Punjabi at home.

Lilly Singh has three tattoos. One on her shoulders says “One Love”. She has two tattoos in Punjabi “Nirvair” and “Nirbhau”, which respectively mean “without hate” and “without fear”.

In 2016, Lilly Singh moved out of her parents house to live in Los Angeles. There she purchased a 1.5 million dollar home. She drives a Tesla Model S.



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