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Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon – 2018 Discounts & Coupons

A lot of people are annoyed with Amazon lately, and the reasons why are fair enough. They aren’t good for independent businesses, especially book stores. The working conditions at their Fulfillment Centres are notoriously bad, and their CEO Jeff Bezos kind of seems like a robot person. Beyond that, they’ve been rolling out some pretty creepy new technology lately, including products that can open your door for you while you’re not home, which seems kind of like a disaster waiting to happen. Despite all of this, Amazon is also probably the best place on the internet to reliably get quality goods for cheap. This is more true than ever on Black Friday, when they’ve got to compete with all of the other online retailers rolling out their incredible deals. With that said, here are some of the best deals you’ll find on Amazon this Black Friday.

Check out some of the best deals at Amazon Below

Just Dance 2018 (for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U) for $30Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 10.49.05 PM Honestly, this one is not really the deal for me, as I’m not the kind of guy who likes to dance when he’s playing video games. However, for a 2018, this is a hard deal to pass up. This game usually goes for sixty bucks on the Wii U, so you’re dealing with 50% percent savings here on a game that’s perfect for when you’re entertaining guests. Black Friday may not be a particularly good time to shop for video games, because the odds aren’t great that a game that you really want will be on sale, so you’ve kind of got to take what you can get in that regard.

Huawei + Harman Kardon MediaPad M3 8.0 Octa Core 8.4″ Android (Marshmallow) +EMUI Tablet for $224
Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 10.54.54 PM This is a savings of around 25% on a really high quality tablet, so if you’re in the market for a new tablet this Black Friday, this may be your top pick. It also comes with free shipping, and if you’re not totally satisfied with it, you can send it back as per Amazon’s great return policy. In 2017, it seems as though many of the best deals for Black Friday are on items like tablets and e-readers.

Olight S MINI Baton 550 Lumens Cree LED Flashlight Torch Power by CR123A / RCR123A 16340 Battery for $56.95

Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 11.00.29 PM When it comes to Black Friday deals, many people are looking to splash out on things like big TVs, video game consoles, and cameras. However, when the big time deals are on the line, sometimes it can be a good call to stock up on essentials and practical things for your daily life. For example, a flashlight can be a lifesaver in the event of a power outage, and with the increase in wild storms in North America over the past few years due to climate change, you can never be too careful. This Olight flashlight is high quality and includes a saving of around 32% which is hard to beat, if you’re in the market for a flashlight at all.

MidWest Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo for $18.36
Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 11.06.36 PM This is a great deal on a cat cube: almost 50% off. They’ve sold over a thousand of these things and they have really high ratings. The reviews all seem to say that the cube is sturdy and high-quality, and they’ve got a one year warranty too. So if you’ve already got everything that you need sorted out this Black Friday, get your cat a damn cube, I say. Additionally, there are some good deals on other pet care items on Amazon such as toys and food, so if you’ve got to stock up, Amazon’s 2017 Black Friday sale may be just the time to do so.
All-New Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1″ 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB, Black for $99.99
Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 11.09.02 PM In all honestly, I can imagine why someone might not be interested in a cat cube. Though it’s under $20, for some people spending anything more than is completely necessary on their cat is out of the question, and I get that. So here’s a more conventional kind of Black Friday deal; the brand new Amazon Fire 10 tablet with Alexa, a nice display, and plenty of storage space for only a hundred bucks. It has some pretty nice speakers built in too, so if you’re one of those people who likes to use Amazon’s streaming service or something, this is probably the Black Friday deal for you, and it comes with a savings of $50, or 33%, which is great.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – Black, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light – $89.99

Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 11.13.49 PM Sticking with Amazon-made products for a minute here, if you’re looking to pick up a new Kindle this Black Friday, they’ve got savings of 25% off on their Paperwhite version this year, which they say is their best selling Kindle of all time. I’ve got a slightly older version of this one, and I love it. It’s sleek and easy to read, and the battery seems to last forever. I probably sound like a bit of a shill here, advising you to buy Amazon products on Amazon, but this truly is the best value on an e-reader that you’re going to find this Black Friday to my knowledge.

Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones for $55

Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 11.16.36 PM I find I’m often buying myself new headphones, as I’m usually guilty of cheapening out instead of just going for something that is high-quality, reliable, and built to last. These Status headphones are a number one best seller in Amazon’s audio section, and they have consistently high reviews. If you match up Amazon’s free shipping with the $24 you’ll save on these headphones this Black Friday, it’s a pretty irresistible deal. Having comfortable, high quality headphones can be the difference between an excellent or a lukewarm media experience, so if you’re looking to upgrade or replace some mid-range headphones, this would be a good option this Black Friday.

Crock-Pot Express Crock Programmable Multi-Cooker for $49.99
Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 11.19.46 PM Alright, for my final deal on this list, I’m coming through with another practical option for you. Have you ever used a Crock-Pot? If you haven’t it’s a complete game changer. You can throw in, say, a roast or a whole chicken early in the day with some vegetables and seasoning and come home from work to a tender, perfectly cooked meal. As such, this deal is a saver of both time and money for you. This Crock-Pot usually goes for $80, which means you’re getting savings of almost 40% here, making this a perfect way to upgrade your kitchen game and save some money this Black Friday.
This is just the beginning of some of the stellar deals on Amazon for Black Friday 2017. I also saw some great deals on things like art supplies, if you’re looking to flex your creative side. Even during the worst of times, Amazon is a great place to pick up what you need at prices significantly below retail prices, but be sure to check out some of these specials before they expire after this weekend. Happy shopping!

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Tyler Carlson
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