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SOB X RBE Net Worth – 2018

A rap collective from California, SOB X RBE consists of four members, DaBoii, Lil G, Slimmy B, and Yhung T.O. A group of close friends, they have been working together to make music since their early teen years. Over time, they have put forth a number of tracks. For instance, they’ve come out with Damn, Backpage, Lane Changing 2, and I Could Never, among others. On top of that, they’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with many artists including Handsome Harv, Philthy Rich, Drakeo the Rule, Pooh Hefner, Lil Sheik, and Armani De Paul, among others.

Early this year, the collective released their long-awaited self-titled album, SOB X RBE. Laced with new tracks, the project brought a considerable amount of attention to the group. On Soundcloud alone, the playlist had racked up well over 5 million streams. Since then, they’ve dropped a few additional records including Before Fame, Young Wild Nigga, and Problem Child, all of which are also available for streaming on their page. At the time of this posting, they already have themselves over 30,000 fans on Soundcloud.

Now for the question that we’re all curious about, how much have they managed to bank from their musical endeavors? How wealthy have they made themselves with their music? According to sources, SOB X RBE currently has an estimated net worth of $300,000. Where did they accumulate such an amount from? Record sales? Merchandise? Interested in knowing the answer? We’ll be discussing these questions below, so be sure to read on.

SOB X RBE’s Net Worth 2018 – $300,000

How did SOB X RBE Make His Money & Wealth?

Formed in early 2016, SOB X RBE (An abbreviation for “Strictly Only Brothers, Real Boi Entertainment”) consists of four individuals, Lvl G., Slimmy B, Yhung T.O., and DaBoii. As it’s often the case, the members have known each other since their early teens. More specifically, they’ve been creating music together, using whatever technology they had access to since the early 2010’s. Despite initially being a hobby, it soon grew into something bigger.

After posting a few songs online, they garnered a considerable amount of attention from fans and rappers alike. With a little bit of luck, SOB X RBE soon caught the attention of the fellow artist, Sage the Gemini, who not only offered to take them on tour, but to also introduce them to other names in the industry. Before they knew it, their presence was climbing. Often compared to the works of early N.W.A., they went on release numerous songs including Anti, On MY Mama, Difference, and No Love, all of which became underground hits.

In January 2017, the group released their eponymous album, SOB RBE. A milestone for the boys, it came with a dozen new tracks including Bust Down, Keep It on the Real, Block Boys, Game On, and Different, among others. Uploaded onto Soundcloud, the playlist has already been streamed over 5 million times on the site.

Not long afterward, SOB X RBE dropped a second mixtape titled, Before the Fame. A 7-track project, one of its songs, Slidin’ has already racked up close to one million plays online. Combined, the tape has been played over two million times on Soundcloud.

Obviously, on a roll, the group has since released two back-to-back EPs, Young Wild Nigga, and Problem Child. Some notable highlights include Beast Mode, Reckless, Mufasa, App Shit, Go To Work, and Don’t Lie To Me.

At this time, it’s hard to determine how much exactly the group has earned from said projects. Having said that, we do know that they have other streams of revenue. For instance, they recently embarked on a concert tour, which saw them performing at dozens of cities across the United States. From Las Vegas to New York, they had the opportunity to entertain audiences from coast to coast. In fact, they’ll be putting on shows right up until late December.

On top of that, it’s expected that the group also pulls in some earnings from their Youtube channel. Since the launch of their page in 2016, they’ve gained over 235,000 subscribers with more than 114 million views across their videos. Assuming that they make a few dollars per 1,000 views from including Google ads, they would have easily already pocketed a few tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. One thing’s for sure though- their popularity will probably not be going down anytime soon.

SOB X RBE’s Personal Life and FAQ

Are any of the members of SOB X RBE Married?

As far as we can tell, none of the members of the collective are married. Some of the guys may be in a relationship, but that’s about it.

Do any members of SOB X RBE have any Children?

No, they do not have any children as far as we can tell.

Did any of the SOB X RBE members Go to College?

From what we can gather, the boys chose to pursue a music career out of their teens. Speculation at the moment is that they have not gone to college.

What is SOB X RBE Famous For?

SOB X RBE is perhaps best known for their 2016 single, Anti. Their most popular song on Youtube, the MV has already been viewed over 21 million times. Some of their other top hits include Different, Blame Em, On My Momma, and Calvin Cambridge.

Where Does SOB X RBE Live? Pictures of SOB X RBE’s House

Going by what it says on their Twitter page, the group is based in Vallejo, California. At this time, that’s about all the information that we have regarding their location.

We do not have any pictures of any of their homes available.

What Kind of Car Do the Members of SOB X RBE  Drive?

At this time, we do not have any information on any of their vehicles.

How Much Money Did SOB X RBE Make Last Year?

We do not have any information on SOB X RBE’s 2016 earnings at this time.

Recent Events

Just a month ago, the hip-hop collective released a new mixtape titled, Problem Child on Soundcloud. Similar to their previous works, it has since received hundreds of thousands of streams on the site. But that’s not all- in 2017, they also dropped the titles Young Wild Nigga, Before The Fame, as well as their eponymous tape, SOB X RBE.

As for singles, they dropped the song Damn, a collaboration with Td bandz on August 31, 2017, which has created quite the stir since its release.

Interested in listening to latest tracks? Head on over to their Soundcloud page! Of course, you’ll also be able to find them on other social media channels such as Instagram and Youtube at @sobxrbe.

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