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23andMe Coupon Code July 2018

If science and social studies were your favorite subjects in school, then 23 and Me might be for you. The company offers two different kits that give you a varying amount of information about your health and ancestry status. Their services allow you to send your saliva off in the mail after you receive one of the kits, and in just a couple weeks you will learn some new information about yourself.

In their mission statement, 23 and Me explains their love of science, and their desire use the data that they collected to “revolutionize health, wellness, and research.” They’ve been excited about the idea since scientists were first able to map out the human genome. They wanted to use their knowledge to benefit both big science as well as the consumer. At home DNA testing is a growing field, and 23 and Me has some special promotions going on in order to keep competitive.

You may think that such lofty, complicated science is out of your financial reach. However 23 and Me seeks to make the experience affordable and available to a large amount of people. The more people that register with their service, the better it works. We were able to locate all of the discounts, coupons, and available promo codes for 23 and Me. Take a look at the full list below to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money in 2018 at 23 and Me.

23andMe Coupon Promo & Coupon Codes – 2018

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Email offer – if you enter your email address and subscribe to 23 and Me newsletters, you will get up to $50 off each DNA kit in your order. Best of all, if you end up getting tired of the emails you can unsubscribe at any time without penalty.

$50 off per kit – Health and Ancestry Service. This is an awesome discount that will give you a more detailed understanding of your genetic history. It will get you at least 75 different reports on things such as health, traits, and ancestry. Each kit assesses your wellness, genetic health risks, and carrier status.

$20 off – Ancestry Service. This affordable genetic testing service gives you a breakdown of your worldwide ancestry by percentage points, and also allows you to reach out to DNA relatives.

Referral Bonus – If you are able to refer any friends and family to 23 and Me, they will credit $20 towards your account.

Here’s the difference between the two 23 and Me packages. The basic ancestry service includes six different ancestry reports that tell you what your ancestry is composed of, a bigger picture of who else shares themes in your DNA, and how much of the Neanderthal you are. If you decide to opt into the service, the basic kit will also allow you to search and connect with family members in the 23 and Me database who share your traits in DNA.

The more expensive health and ancestry service includes those reports, as well as genetic health risk reports which will tell you if you were more likely to be at risk for Parkinson’s and celiac disease, carrier status reports, wellness reports, and treat reports. These things could be helpful for you if you are an athlete, are planning to have children, or if you just want to know more about your health profile.

We hope that you are able to use these deep discounts at the 23 and Me website to save on your ancestry test order. The discounts and coupons available are always changing, so make sure to check back as much as possible as we will be updating the list as new codes come available.

Make sure to click here to take a look at all of the current offers on the website in 2018.

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