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Brent Rivera Height, Weight, Age & Girlfriend

Brent Rivera is a 20-year-old Vine and YouTube star. He rose to popularity when he was just 11 years old. His YouTube channel, MrBrent98, was created in 2009. It currently has over 3.3 million subscribers and is updated on a weekly basis. Brent also enjoys singing and has released various comedy songs throughout the years.

About Brent Rivera

Real Name
His full name is Brent Rivera.

Mr. Brent

Occupation & Job
Vine Star, Youtuber, Socia Media Personality, musician, comedian

Famous For:
He is most famous for the Vine channel that he began in 2013, and kept up until the social media app died in January of 2017. He had over 6,000,000 followers on the short video sharing platform, and you can still view his videos on the archived site. He also produces comedic content on YouTube and put out a song on iTunes in the late fall of 2014.

The Vine star is 20 years old.

Brent’s Birthday is January 9th, 1998.

Place of Birth / Hometown
He was born in California in a town called Huntington Beach.



Height, Weight & Body

How Tall – Height in Meters
Brent is 1.80 meters tall.

How Tall – Height in Feet
He is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Weight in Pounds
Brent Rivera is about 134 pounds.

Weight in Kilograms
He is 61 Kg.

Body Measurements
At this time, we do not know Brent’s measurements.

Bra Size

Waist Size
At this time, we do not know Brent’s waist size.

Hip Size
At this time, we do not know Brent’s hip size.

Eye Color
Brent Rivera’s eye color is dark brown.

Hair Color
His hair color is brown.

Foot/Shoe Size
At this time, we do not know Brent’s shoe size.

Pant Size
At this time, we do not know Brent’s pant size for sure, but based on his weight and height, he is most.

Personal Life ( Relationships, family, education, Net Worth)

Are They Married:
The YouTube star is not currently married. He did jokingly propose to superstar Selena Gomez on a Radio Disney segment, but the two just ended up getting frozen yogurt.

Brent Rivera is a pretty private person, and it appears that he is currently single. He has previously dated model and Youtuber Morgan Justus.



Brent has two brothers – Brice Rivera, and Blake Rivera.

He has one sister, Lexi Rivera.

As far as we know, Brent does not have any children.

High School:

Did They Go To College:
We don’t know for sure, but it seems like Brent is currently concentrating on his social media career.


Net Worth
It is thought that his true net worth is between $1 million and $2.5 million.


Random Facts



Favorite Movie

Favorite Sports

Currently Unknown

Phone Number:
Currently Unknown

Social Media Accounts & Usernames

Brent’s official Facebook page has over 5 million followers. He uses it mostly to share his new YouTube content. The full page name is

Brent has tweeted almost 10,000 times. He joined the microblogging platform in the summer of 2011. He uses it as a journal of sorts to share his thoughts, and as a means of communicating with fans. The full link is

Instagram The Vine star has 6.5 million followers on the photo-sharing platform. His posts include things such as stills from his videos and interesting candids.


Other Cool Facts:

  • Brent enjoys taking time to himself by taking some time to unplug from technology and social media.
  • He has been cast in the lead role of a YouTube Red original movie called Alexander IRL.
  • The first song that Brent released was called Doubt Your Doubts. It was put out on iTunes in 2014.
  • He has his own Urban Dictionary post, Brent Rivera’d, which apparently means to “steal a joke from Tumblr or Twitter and use it as your own.”
  • Brent has been featured in advertisements for Coca-Cola.
  • He won “Best Dressed” after attending the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.
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