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Jacksepticeye Height, Weight, Age & Girlfriend

An Internet celebrity, Jacksepticeye is perhaps best known for his vlogs gameplay videos on Youtube. A Youtuber since 2012, he has amassed over 17 million subscribers (and counting) on his channel, making him one of the most popular gamers on the site. Interested in learning more about him? We’ve accumulated more information on him below.

Jacksepticeye Personal Facts – 2018 Update

Real Name

Seán William McLoughlin

Nick Name

Jacksepticeye, Jack, Sean

Occupation and Job

Youtuber, Internet celebrity, Gamer, Producer

Famous For

Jacksepticeye is best known for his series of Let’s Play videos and vlogs on Youtube. One of the most subscribed-to gamers on the site, he has over 17 million subscribers as of early 2018.

Age – How Old is She?

He is currently 27 years old

Birthday/Date of Birth

His birthday is on February 7th, 1990

Place of Birth/Hometown

Jacksepticeye was born and raised in Athlone, Ireland. Currently, he resides in Brighton, England.




He is of Irish descent

Jacksepticeye Height, Weight & Body Facts

How Tall – Height in Feet

He is 5’8 tall

How Tall – Height in Meters

He is 1.74 meters tall

Weight in Pounds

He currently weighs 150 pounds

Weight in Kilograms

He currently weighs 68 pounds

Body Measurements

At this time, Jacksepticeye’s body measurements are unavailable

Waist Size


Foot/Shoe Size

His shoe size has not been disclosed

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dyed light green

Personal Life

Is JackSepticEye Currently in a Relationship?

As of 2018, the gamer is in a relationship with Wiishu, a fellow Youtuber. Since they got together, they’ve appeared in each other’s videos multiple times.

JackSepticEye’s Girlfriends

At this time, we do not have any information on JackSepticEye’s previous relationships.






The youngest of five siblings, he has two older sisters named Susan and Allison.


The youngest of five siblings, he has two older brothers named Simon and Malcolm.


As far as we know, he does not have any children.

High School

At this time, it’s unclear where the Youtube personality had attended high school.


After completing high school, he went to a local college in the early 2010’s, though he ultimately dropped out after two years.


According to sites such as Socialblade, his Youtube channel receives upwards of 6 million views a day. Assuming that these are all monetized views, he’d easily make thousands of dollars per day, from ad revenue alone. No wonder he’s a multi-millionaire!

Net Worth

As of 2017, JackSepticEye has an estimated net worth of $12 Million.



Random Facts


He typically spends his free time playing video games

Favorite Food

Cookies and cake are his favorite foods

Favorite Actor


Favorite Games

Underdale, Dark Souls, and Shadows of the Colossus

Favorite Book


Favorite Movie

Pan’s Labyrinth

Favorite TV Show

Some of his favorite TV shows include Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls

Favorite Color


Favorite Music Artists


Favorite Sports



Born on February 7, he is an Aquarius

Phone Number

This information is currently unknown


This information is currently unknown

JackSepticeye’s Social Media Accounts & Usernames

JackSepticeye’s Facebook Account

JackSepticeye’s Twitter Username

JackSepticeye’s Instagram Username

JackSepticeye’s Youtube Channel

JackSepticeye’s Snapchat Username 

As far as we can tell, the Youtuber is not active on Snapchat at this time

Other Interesting Facts:

  • He likes to refer to himself as “the most energetic video game commentator on Youtube”
  • Fond of music, he used to be a drummer for an indie heavy-metal band called Raised to the Ground
  • His friends started calling him “Jacksepticeye” after he injured his eye on his friend’s glasses while playing football
  • Ever since he was young, he was often called “Jack”, as it is a common nickname for “Sean” in his native Ireland
  • He has been dating Danish Youtuber, Wish since early 2015; as of 2018, the two currently live together in Brighton
  • He was going to star as one of the antagonists on Scare PewDiePie, though the season was ultimately canceled prior to its scheduled release
  • In the spring of 2017, it was revealed that he’d lent his voice to one of the characters in the video game, Pinstripe
  • In June 2017, it was announced that he’d be featured on D I XP, a primetime TV programming black on Disney XD
  • He dyed his hair vibrant green for charity in the fall of 2015, with fellow internet star, Markiplier
  • Extremely fond of voice-acting, he is eager to be part of more voice-acting projects in the future
  • As of 2018, he has over 17.5 million subscribers and 8.5 billion views on his primary Youtube channel, Jacksepticeye
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