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Jed York Net Worth 2018

John Edward York, commonly known as Jed York is a businessman and sports executive. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest football franchises, the San Francisco 49ers. Through his successful career, he became a very wealthy individual. Today, we’re taking a look at Jed York’s net worth, business, and personal life. Let’s get started!

Jed York Net Worth – $100 Million

How Did Jed York Make His Money And Wealth

Early Life

York was born in Youngstown, Ohio, where he attended both elementary and high school. In high school, he was the team’s baseball captain, as well as the class president. He went to college and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Finance. After graduating, he started working as a financial analyst in New York City but quit the job after roughly a year.

Involvement with the 49ers

jed york 49ers After quitting his financial analyst position, his parents, Denise and John, started getting him involved with San Francisco 49ers. The Yorks have owned the 49ers since 1998. Jed became the Director of Strategic Planning and was later promoted to the Vice President of the department. As of late 2008, Jed was the CEO of the franchise, with his parents still being the owners and co-chairmen. In 2012, when was replaced by Gideon Yu as the President, and joined his parent’s position as co-chairman. Today, the estimated net worth of the franchise is $2.7 billion.

Through his work with the 49ers, Jed has managed to become a very rich man, having a net worth of a $100 million.

Jed York Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Jed York married?

Jed York Yes, Yed has been married since 2011 to Danielle Belluomini. The couple has two sons, Jaxton and Brixton, both of them having their own Twitter accounts! You can find the entire family on Twitter: Danielle, Jed, Jaxon, and Brixton.

Jed York’s House – Where does he live?

The family lives in Los Altos Hills in a 9,000 square foot house. Two years ago Jed got into a conflict with his neighbors when he wanted to build a 756 sq ft big cabana in his backyard. Shows that Jed enjoys a wealthy lifestyle.

Jed York Philanthropy and Donations

The 49ers donated a million dollars to Bay Area groups that are troubled with social inequities. Jed is a member of the Board of Directors of the Dignity Health Foundation.

Jed currently maintains an active Twitter account, which is probably the best way to stay up to date with his doings.

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