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Captain Sparklez Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Jordan Maron, more famously known as Captain Sparklez, is a popular Californian YouTuber. Most of his videos are Minecraft gameplay and let’s play videos, as well as animations, commentary and reaction videos. Born and raised in LA, he was interested in gaming ever since he was a teenager. He started his channel in 2010, and quickly grew in popularity, thanks to his Minecraft videos. Nowadays, the channel is one of the best-known ones in the gaming category, with over 10 million people watching his content.

In 2015, he created a secondary channel for his Twitch streams. A year after, he ventured into music with a 3rd channel, where he posted his music, as well as showcased other musicians. Finally, his fourth channel was created early last year and is used mainly for vlogging.

With such a popularity, it is no wonder that he has lots of social media followers and influence. If you are looking for his social media profiles, including Captain Sparklez’s Snapchat username, you’ve come to the right place.

Captain Sparklez Snapchat Name – Captain Sparklez Isn’t On Snapchat

Other than a joke tweet from 2016, in which he announced that his Snapchat is RagingDongers69, Jordan has never officially announced using Snapchat. His fans have been asking, but he never answered with a username. Thus, we have to assume that he is not on Snapchat.

Captain Sparklez – Other Social media Accounts

While his Snapchat is currently unavailable, you can still follow him on other social media sites. Here is a list of all of his most popular profiles:

Captain Sparklez Facebook Account – His official Facebook page has around 850k followers and likes. Unfortunately, he is not very active on it.

Captain Sparklez Twitter Username – Jordan’s Twitter tells a different story. His account, @CaptainSparklez, has 4.7 million followers and is very active.

Captain Sparklez Instagram Username – On Instagram, he has just under a million followers, but unfortunately isn’t too active.

Captain Sparklez YouTube Channels – He has a total of 4 channels! Here’s a list:

  • His main channel, CaptainSparklez, has 10 million subscribers and over 3 billon total views
  • His “vlogs and stuff” channel, Jordan Maron, has just over 200,000 subscribers
  • He has a music channel, called Maron Music, on which he posts his and other artists’ music. It has 160,000 subscribers.
  • And finally, CaptainSparklez 2 channel hosts his unedited gaming sessions
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