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Wesley Snipes Net Worth 2018

Wesley Snipes is a famous Hollywood actor, film producer, and most recently, author. He is most known for his acting work, especially for his portrayal of Blade. Through his hard work, he managed to become a very wealthy individual. Today we’re taking a look at Wesley Snipes’ net worth.

Wesely Snipes Net Worth – $12,000,000

How Did Wesely Snipes Make His Money & Wealth

Here’s the story of Wesley Snipes’ $12 million net worth.

Childhood and Early Career

Wesley Snipes in Miami Vice
Wesley Snipes in Miami Vice

Snipes was born in Orlando, FL, and grew up in the Bronx. He attended two colleges but never graduated. He made his TV debut together with Woody Harrelson in 1986, in a sports comedy Wildcats. Later he made a cameo in Miami Vice and starred in Streets of Gold. He spent the next few years acting in several movies before his big moment happened in 1998.


Wesley as Blade
Wesley as Blade

In 1998, he played Blade in the movie of the same name. The movie was a huge success and inspired an entire series of sequels afterward. From there, he kept acting and making money, as he was a well known Hollywood celebrity by that time. He appeared in The Contractor, Gallowwalkers, and Game of Death.

During this time he started a security firm with his brother. Their goal was to train bodyguards in martial arts and teach them about law enforcement. The company has offices in Africa, Antigua, and Florida.

Recent Years

In the recent times, Snipes has stayed in acting, but also expanded to other ventures. He starred in The Expendables 3, Chi-Raq, Armed Response and The Recall. In 2017, he published his first book, Talon of God, which is a religious fantasy novel.

Through all of the above, Wesley Snipes has earned himself a net worth of $12 million. Next up, we’re taking a look at his private life, and where does he spend his money. Let’s get started!

Wesely Snipes Personal Life  & FAQ:

Is Wesely Snipes married?

Snipes and his spouse, Nikki Park
Snipes and his spouse, Nikki Park

Yes, he is currently in his second marriage. Snipes has been married to Nakyung Park since 2003, and the couple has four children together. Prior to her, he was married to April Snipes, whom he met at the set of Mo’ Better Blues. He has a single child with her as well, making him a father of five.

Wesely Snipes Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018

According to Celebrity Glad, his average yearly earnings is $1,45 million. For the sake of comparison, the average American citizen of his age makes 30x less than that! With that kind of money, Snipes can buy 58 Rolex Oyster Datejust, or 4 Rolls Royce Wraiths, or 15 Cadillac Escalades, per year.

How much money does he make per movie?

Here is a list of some of his most popular movies, together with his paychecks from them:

  • The Art of War – $956,000
  • Undisputed – $1,300,000
  • Blade: Trinity – $3,415,000
  • Brooklyn’s Finest – $1,550,000
  • The Expendables 3 – $2,000,000

Wesely Snipes House

One of Snipes' previous houses
One of Snipes’ previous houses

We don’t know where does Wesley currently reside, but according to VirtualGlobetrotting, he has two former homes that are very luxurious. The first one is a mansion located in Windermere, Florida. The house looks very exotic with its seaside location and a backyard pool. The second house he lived in was in Alpine, New Jersey. It is a spacious home surrounded by beautiful green flora and a private driveway.

Wesely Snipes Car

Sadly, no information about Snipes’ car(s) is not available at this time.

Facts and Achievements

  • He got a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 1998 after Blade became a huge box-office hit.
  • Snipes is an experienced martial artist, having trained karate, Hapkido, capoeira, kung fu, Jiu-Jitsu, and kickboxing.
  • His apartment was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks, but he wasn’t home at the time, fortunately.
  • Wesley won several industry awards and was nominated for dozen others too.
  • He was a part of Michael Jackson’s bodyguard’s team during the filming of the music video for Bad.
  • He and Joe Rogan were supposed to go head to head in a professional MMA fight, but it never happened.

Social Media

And lastly, if you just can’t get enough of Snipes, here’s a list of his social media profiles:

Part-time freelancer, part-time procrastinator. Interested in all things tech, cryptocurrency, fitness and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


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