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Ancestry Coupon Codes and Discount Promos

One of the largest genealogy companies in the world, Ancestry, Inc. has been around since 1983. Initially launched as a newsletter, its services have grown tremendously over the past three decades. Today, they provide access to over 16 billion historical records worldwide.

Interested in learning more about your family tree? Who are your descendants? If that question interests you at all, why not take a look at what has to offer? You might just learn more than you think from the simple DNA test in 2020.

Wanting to order a kit and get started? If so, why not check out some of the coupon codes that we’ve accumulated below and enjoy some savings?

Ancestry Promo & Coupon Codes – January 2020

Getting started with is simple. To order a test kit, simply create an account on the site. To make use of the automatic coupons below. With you can just click on the correct link to automatically apply the promo discounts.  So follow the guide below.

Step 1: Click here to visit and auto-apply a coupon for $10 off the promo price and then you can finish the signup process.

Step 2: That’s all there is too it! Pretty easy huh?

More About

Wondering how the Ancestry DNA test works? Essentially, it analyzes your entire genome, that is, all 23 pairs of your chromosomes, that you’ve inherited from your parents. By doing so, genetic information that has been passed down through the generations can be easily determined.

While is largely a subscription service, anyone can use the site for free; the only difference is the amount of information that will be made available. For maximum access to all of the results, a paid subscription will be necessary (there are multiple “levels” of subscription, depending on your needs).

In addition to access to their information, you’ll also require an ancestry DNA test kit Ultimately what it contains is a saliva collection tube. Once you’re done with that (simply follow the instructions), just pop it into the pre-paid return mailer! As of 2020, the kid costs $79 (plus shipping and applicable taxes).

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