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Joseph Garrett Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Joseph Garrett, better known as Stampy Cat, is a popular British YouTuber who is mainly creating gaming videos. Shortly after starting his YouTube career, he noticed that most of his viewers were children. This made him steer his channel towards family friendliness, which turned out to be a great idea.

Stampy creates most of his video in the popular video game Minecraft and plays several characters while doing it. He was once described as a crossover between Mr. Rogers and Pee Wee Herman. Best compliment ever!

Next up, we will be checking out Joseph Garrett’s Snapchat account situation, as well as his other online profiles. Let’s get started!

Joseph Garrett Snapchat Name – He Doesn’t Have One

Joseph Garrett Joseph Garrett’s Snapchat… not really a thing. Although he is a very popular online personality, there is no information about him having a Snapchat account. He never mentioned it, nor are there even any speculations.

If Stampy decides to get one, we’ll be first to let you know. While you’re waiting, why not check some of his other social media accounts?

Joseph Garrett – Other Social Media Account

So, it seems that Garrett’s Snapchat isn’t really a thing. Oh well, there’s plenty of other social media accounts that you can find him on. We’ve compiled a list for you:

Joseph Garrett Facebook Account – Stampy has around 720,000 Facebook followers but sadly doesn’t really keep his page updated. The last post was in October of last year, and we’re not sure why is that since he has a decent following on there.

Joseph Garrett Twitter Username – His Twitter, @stampylongnose, has just a little fewer followers in comparison. Currently, it has 674k of them. Stampy is active on Twitter, but much less than your regular Twitter user. Nonetheless, this is the first good place to follow him on this list.

Joseph Garrett Instagram Username – Garrett’s Instagram is his most followed profile, other than his channel, of course. His Instagram handle is @stampycatyt, where he has just over 900,000 followers. But again, the profile hasn’t been updated since October of last year.

Joseph Garrett YouTube Channel – And finally we get to his YouTube channel. Not only is it his main platform, it’s also the best place to follow him on. He posts videos every day, mostly gaming playthroughs, which has earned him almost 9 million subscribers to this day!

He also has a very outdated Google+ account.

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