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Keonna Green Net Worth 2018

Keonna Green is known for being in season six of the VH1 show Basketball Wives. She is single now, but she was once with basketball star Nick Young, who is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. They were never officially married, but they do have a young daughter, as well as an older son. The scandal came from them having the child after they broke up when Nick was engaged to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

Keonna Green Net Worth – $500,000

How Did Keonna Green make their money & wealth

Keonna Green was born on January 1, 1990, in Los Angeles California. She actually went to school with Nick Young at Cleveland High School in Reseda, CA, which is a suburb of LA. Keonna was on the cheerleading squad as captain. She and Nick met in 2002 when Nick was on the basketball team. When she graduated from high school, Keonna decided to study broadcast journalism at this but up California State University.

She and Nick dated for a while and had a son together before they split up. According to TMZ, it was rumored that Nick was already cheating on her with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea before the relationship was actually over. Nick Young dated Iggy for three years, and he and Keonna still remain friends throughout that time. Apparently, they had hooked up at least once during Nick and Iggy’s relationship, because Keonna was pregnant with Nick’s daughter. Even though Iggy and Nick broke up, he and Keonna did not get back together.

This tumultuous time in her life led to her being cast in the sixth season of Basketball Wives, which is a reality show on VH1, even though she and Nick were never married. She had stayed out of the public eye before that. The show was where she made a good portion of her true net worth, but Keonna is also an entrepreneur. She is founded several businesses such as the TNK Hair Studios in LA, as well as a clothing store that she runs online called Young’s Playhouse. With the $500,000 that she has as her net worth, Keonna could purchase a private island in Panama, or rent out the entire Disney World park for three days.

Keonna Green Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Keonna Green married?

keonna green married Despite being on the hit show Basketball Wives, Keonna Green is not married or currently seeing someone. She had a high-profile relationship with the basketball star Nick Young. She currently has two of his children, and older son and a younger daughter.

Keonna Green Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018?

Keonna Greens exact salary for 2018 is unknown. She most likely cleaned up well with her appearance in season six of the Basketball Wives, but she also makes money from running her businesses.

How much money do they make per day?

Keonna is thought to was made about $100,000 for her role in season six of the Basketball Wives reality show on VH1.

Keonna Green’s House

keonna green house Not much is known about Keonna’s house in Los Angeles. We do know that she hosted sleepovers with her ex-boyfriend Nick Young while he was still seeing Iggy.




Keonna Green’s Car:

Keonna Green Car We don’t know much about what kind of car Keonna Green actually drives. We can tell that she drives a Mercedes Benz based on the photos that she’s posted on her official Instagram page. The model, or color, however, is unknown.

Charity and donations and philanthropy:

She is not known to have done much charity work, or philanthropy.

Keonna Green Accomplishments:

Even if she is not officially with the famous basketball player Nick Young, Keonna has accomplished much in her young life. She is the mother of two wonderful children, which she and Nick successfully co-parent. She is also an entrepreneur who has opened an online children’s clothing boutique in response to not being able to find clothes that she liked for her son. She also owns a hair salon in LA.

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