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Penn Jillette Net Worth 2018

Penn Jillette, a well known American magician/illusionist, comedian, TV personality, author, and inventor, has become a very wealthy individual due to his hard work in the industry. While he is best known as the talking part of Penn & Teller, he has had lots of other ventures that helped increase his fame, and of course, wealth. In today’s article, we’ll be going over his career and life. And of course, we will be answering the question “What is Penn Jillette’s net worth?”.

Penn Jillette Net Worth – $175 Million

According to a respectable source, CNW, Penn Jillette’s net worth is a mind-blowing $175 million. I can’t be the only one who had no idea that he was this rich, right? This means that Jillette is wealthier than Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino, Martin Lawrence, and lots of other celebrities. It means that he is around 875 times richer than his average American peer. It also means that he is one of the richest 0.0003% people in the entire world.

How Did Penn Jillette Make His Money & Wealth

The obvious question that comes right after is of course “how the hell?”. Well, to understand how people like Mr. Jillette became so absurdly rich, we need to take a deep look into their life. So let’s do exactly that!

Early Life

He was born in Greenfield, MA in 1955. As a teenager, he already expressed interest in juggling and illusion. By the time he graduated college, he met Raymond Joseph Teller through a mutual friend of theirs. Together with the friend, Weir Chrisemer, Penn and Teller formed a magic act together.

Early Career

young penn and teller Years later, Jillette and Teller became a duo known as Penn & Teller. In case you are somehow unfamiliar with that name, it stands for two of the greatest comedians and magicians/entertainers that the industry has ever seen. In between their show tours, Jillette also ventured into music. He played bass in a mariachi band called Bongos, Bass, and Bob. During his spare time, he loved writing for a tech magazine called PC/Computing. During the mid-90s he purchased a Las Vegas property, calling it “The Slammer”. The house was featured in several shows. Two years later, he appeared on the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, where he played the role of Drell.

Climb to Fame

During the early 2000s, the duo started their own TV show, called Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. A few years after, Jillette was the co-producer/director of The Aristocrats. Together with Michael Goudeau, he hosted his radio talk show called Penn Radio. After quitting the show, he had some minor TV appearances. One of his books became a bestseller right after its release in 2011.

Recent Years

Recently, Penn & Teller are best known for hosting Fool Us, a TV show in which they welcome guest magicians to perform their best tricks in an attempt to fool the experienced duo. Prior to that, their importance and fame were cemented as they received a star at Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, their star being the neighbor of the star of Harry Houdini. Just a few weeks ago, together with Mike Jones, Jillette released a live jazz album.

All in all, you can see how Penn Jillette became such a rich man – the man apparently never sleeps. He seems like a total workhorse to me, and it has definitely paid off in his case.

Penn Jillette – Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Penn Jillette married?

penn jillette wife He is indeed married, as of 2004, to Emily Zolten. The couple has two children together, who have… unusual names. They have a daughter, Moxie Crimefighter, and a son Zolten Penn. No joke.

How much does Penn Jillette make per month / annually? Penn Jillette’s 2018 salary.

According to Forbes, Penn & Teller netted a total of $31.5 million in 2016, but that’s as much info as we currently have.

Where does Penn Jillette live?

As previously mentioned, Penn had a Vegas home called “The Slammer”. But he decided to sell it in 2015 for a more remote location. He purchased a nearby 7,800 square foot home for $3,300,000. His new house has six bathrooms and five bedrooms and offers an amazing view of the nearby mountains. It also has all the rich fancy stuff such as its own fitness center, a golf course and of course, a clubhouse.

What car does Penn Jillette drive?

Believe it or not, the 6’6” entertainer drives a Mini! He explains that he doesn’t spend much time driving, so buying something expensive wouldn’t make any sense. Besides, he adds, I’m not a criminal, so I don’t need a fast car either.

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