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Wesley Safadao Net Worth 2018

A renowned singer from Brazil, Wesley Safadao rose to fame as a member of the family band, Garota Safada. Throughout his career, he has released over half a dozen albums including, Ao Vivo em Brasilia, WS in Miami Beach, and WS em Casa, among others. Today, some of his most popular singles include Camarote, Ar Condicionado no 15, and Chora Me Liga.

In terms of collaborations, he has worked with numerous artists over the years including Bruno & Marrone, Claudia Leitte, Fernando & Sorocaba, and Michel Telo, among others. Some of these songs include Tentativas Em Vao, Sou Ciumento Memo, and Pancadao Frenetico.

How much has he made from his music career, considering all that he’s churned out? How wealthy is the 27-year-old? How successful is he in his native Brazil? Unfortunately, we do not have any information on Wesley Safadao’s current net worth. Since we’re here though, let’s go over some of his career highlights.

Wesley Safadao’s Net Worth 2018 – N/A

How did Wesley Safadao Make His Money & Wealth?

Born on September 6, 1990, in Ceara, Brazil, Wesley Safadao took up singing at the age of fifteen. Within a year, he was made the lead vocalist of a Brazilian family band called, Garota Safada. Since then, he has taken incredible strides as a recording artist, with multiple albums and singles to his name. Unfortunately, not much information is available on his early life at this time.

Since then, he has released several albums including Ao Vivo em Brasilia, WS em Cast, and WS in Miami Beach, all of which are popular among fans. Some highlights from the above projects include Camarote, A Dame e o Vagabundo, Seu Mundinho, and Segunda Opcao. Considering his popularity in Brazil, there’s no question that he has earned a decent amount from his records.

In addition to his solo efforts, Safadao has also performed numerous collaborations throughout his career. For instance, he has worked with Pisada de Banana, Forro dos Balas, Fernando & Sorocaba, Michele Telo, and Claudia Leitte, among many others. As of 2018, his most popular collabs include Voce Partiu Men Coracao (with Nego do Borel), A Vontade (with Ivete Sangalo), and Aquele 1% (with Marcos & Belutti).

As you can probably expect from the star, he’s also headlined a number of tours over the years. In fact, he will be hitting up numerous venues across Brazil later this summer. For more details, you can visit his official website

As far as other ventures go, the singer has frequented many TV programs in his native Brazil such as Albas Horas, Domingo do Faustao, Esquenta, and TV Xuxa, to name a few. Considering his notoriety, it wouldn’t be surprising if he were paid for each of these appearances.

What else contributes to his overall income? For one thing, there’s also his YouTube channel. Since he joined the site in 2009, he has accumulated over 6.2 million subscribers with more than 2.8 billion views. Assuming that his videos are monetized (which they likely are), he’d easily rake in some extra cash on the side from Google Ads.  As of 2018, his most popular upload, Ar Condicionado no 15 has been viewed over 259 million times.

Wesley Safadao’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Wesley Safadao Married?

Yes, he has been married to Thyane Dantas since 2016.

Does Wesley Safadao Have Any Children?

A father of two, he has a son named Yhudy Lima and a daughter named Ysis Dantas.

Did Wesley Safadao Go to College?

As far as we know, he has not gone to college. Instead, he had chosen to continue with his music career.

What is Wesley Safadao Famous For?

In Brazil, Wesley Safadao is perhaps best known as the lead singer of the band, Garota Safada. As a solo artist, he has also dropped several albums over the years.

Where Does Wesley Safadao Live now? Pictures of Wesley Safadaoh’s House 

As far as we know, Wesley Safadao currently resides in Brazil. Unfortunately, that’s all the information that we have at this time.

What Kind of Car Does Wesley Safadao Drive?

Details on Wesley Safadao’s vehicle are not available.

How Much Money Did Wesley Safadao Make Last Year?

Unfortunately, we do not have any information regarding Wesley Safadao’s annual salary.

Recent Events

As far as musical releases go, he has dropped a few singles including Saudade Dos Parceiros, Diferente Nad Estranho, and Romance Com Sefadeza. Later this year, he will also be performing a few shows in Brazil.

What’s the Brazilian star up to? Find out by following him on social media- you can find him on Instagram and Twitter at @WesleySafadao. For his music videos and more, head on over to his official YouTube channel here– (don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already done so!)

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