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What Happened to Jason Acuña? – 2018 Update

Jason Acuña is better known to the public as Wee Man. He is best remembered as one of the key players in the Jackass crew, using his height to great advantage in a number of pranks and stunts. Much like his former co-stars, he has faded somewhat since the mid-2000s heyday of the show, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t busy.

So let’s take a look at what Jason is doing these days.

What is Jason Acuña Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

Jason Acuña embedded Jason Acuña has been doing quite a bit over the last few years, but the vast majority of his endeavors have been off the screen. He is a professional skateboarder, and unless you are in that culture, it is unlikely that you have seen his most recent videos. Of course, with the advent of Instagram and Twitter, it is way easier to release a steady stream of content for your fans, and Jason has been taking full advantage of the platforms. He has made a number of short-form shows, mainly reality-based, and posts on both big social media platforms regularly.In 2010 he became a franchise owner, for Chronic Tacos. The store specializes in selling authentic Mexican cuisine on the go. The chain was founded in 2001 in California, and Jason Acuña has been making a real go of running one. He has teamed with Chronic Taco in the years since, hosting opening events when the chain expands and looks to be a profitable collaboration.

In 2012 he starred in a Christmas film, Elf-Man, which was poorly received.

If you want to keep up with Wee Man Jason Acuña he updates his Instagram and Twitter regularly and has a fair few days in the life videos up on YouTube.

What’s  Jason Acuña Doing Now in 2018 – Career Highlights

Jason Acuña was born on May 16th, 1973 in Pisa Italy. He is of Chilean descent and grew up in California. In the early nineties, he was the subscription manager for Big Brother Magazine, a company that includes Jeff Tremaine, Chris Pontius, and other eventual members of the Jackass crew. His short stature is a result of achondroplasia, and he stands 4′ 1/2″, or 123cm. Of course, that didn’t stop him from becoming an excellent skateboarder, and it allowed him to perform stunts that simply would not work with other members of the crew.

In 2001 Jackass debuted, and Acuña became famous. His specialty was size based gags, such as dressing as an Oompa Loompa, or shocking passersby by jumping out of a bag. Personally, I like when he kicked himself in the head, or the feat of strength that was doing knee bends while giving Shaq a piggyback ride.

He would go on to appear in all the Jackass films, contributing stunts and concepts, the films were a bit of a collaborative effort between all the stars. By the mid-2000s, his stardom was at its height, and he leveraged that into a number of appearances in reality shows. I watched a number of these appearances, and the one that stands out to me is NBC’s Celebrity Circus, where he achieved a perfect score in the fourth week of the show and finished 3rd overall.

Since then he has been managing a Taco restaurant, continued skating and releases videos online every so often, sometimes incorporating former Jackass stars. He also tours with a stand-up stunt show.

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