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ColourPop Discount Codes – 2020 Coupons

A relative newcomer to the cosmetics industry, ColourPop is a high quality, middle-to-low price level manufacturer of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. An American made brand with a dedication to no animal testing (stating instead that “fur babies should be fur babies” and those at ColourPop HQ are willing to test their own products on themselves). Would you like to give ColourPop a try but also want to save some extra money? Here, we’ll take a look at some offers that might save you some cash on your next product purchase.

ColourPop Promo & Coupon Codes 2018

Click the following link to apply the $5 off promo code automatically:

This can stretch pretty well, especially with the combined discount that occurs if you spend $30 or more to get free domestic shipping or $50 for free global shipping. Again, this is one of the best coupon codes or cash back options out there and can be had by simply clicking this link to save $5 off any purchase made.

Some of the recent sales you may want to look at are for the Crenshaw Shadow, which has been praised as lovely when blended, light, and can really bring out eye color wonderfully. ColourPop also has both ultra glossy and satin lip gloss, which are both given A ratings from several different websites and are about 20% off, which makes most of them under $5. Contessa, in particular, is actually a great dupe option, coming in as nearly identical to a Fenty lip gloss which is significantly more expensive. Aside from standard sales, even brand new products are coming out at a discount as they want customers to test them out for themselves, with most being between 10 to 15% off.

About ColourPop

Founded in Santa Monica, ColourPop was made for cosmetic enthusiasts who not only wanted to save money but also saving animals from testing. Most of the cosmetics offered have been rated by third-party reviews with A to B’s, and usually carry the price of C grade cosmetics, making them one of the best duping lines around, with excellent original products as well. Also, unlike many cosmetic brands, ColourPop does actually serve many skin shades with multiple products as opposed to others who may only have one or two products per non “standard” skin tones. In terms of Lip Glosses, the mattes seem to be a crowd favorite, as though they do tend to get a bit dry after hour 6, they do tend to keep on even through meals. Aside from selling cosmetics, ColourPop also offers tutorials on how to use their products as well as quizzes to help determine what products may work best for you, whether it’s through color matching or personality. All in all, with our savings coupon and all that’s offered, ColourPop is certainly worth a look.

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