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FanDuel Promo Code – Maximum Signup Bonus 2020


With the mission of making sports even more exciting, FanDuel is quite possibly the largest name in fantasy sports leagues on the planet. It’s a site where people can fill rosters, see updated stats, make bets and potentially win big with their fantasy teams. Of course, when starting out with FanDuel, you can play for free; But what if you could play with the house money, and possibly win a bit of extra cash for yourself? Here, we’ll take a look at how you can get the biggest signup bonus via promo code of 2018.


FanDuel Promo & Coupon Codes 2018

Best Current Deal or Promo Code for FanDuel

Step 1) Click to activate the current max coupons by clicking here:

Step 2) Use promo code DEPOSITBONUS while loading your account


As an added bonus, there is a current offer that allows you to play FanDuel leagues for free until you win, making sure you have a real feel for fantasy league before having to learn things the hard way (and potentially losing). These offers combined make now the best time to start using FanDuel.

About FanDuel

Having started out nearly a decade ago in a Texas backyard, FanDuel was the brainchild of 5 different cofounders, all wanting to make fantasy leagues more exciting. By simplifying the rules and creating a space where fans could compete against each other, FanDuel basically changed the game of fantasy sports into a whole new animal. With over 6 million registered users, and users who consume 40% more sports content alongside 60% more live games, FanDuel, while accessible to people who don’t dedicate their lives to sports can, in fact, catch the fantasy sports bug and become aficionados, while making money in the process. In case the NFL isn’t your league of choice, there’s also the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, EPL, UCL and PGA to look into, so every pitch, swing, or kick could be a potential cause for celebration.

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