Thursday, July 18, 2024

Koogeek Announces New VIP Club for Users

Koogeek has released a new program called the VIP Club, and if you sign up for the club you will get a ton of special offers. Some of the main benefits of joining the Koogeek VIP Club include the ability to test out the pre-released products, and also purchase products before they officially are released. If you join this program, you will also get 50 percent off a ton of items in the online store. We have all of the latest details about the VIP Club, so read on to learn more about this exciting new program by Koogeek.

Koogeek VIP Club Eligibility & Application Process

The Koogeek VIP Club is currently only in a select hanful of countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. If you live in Spain, Japan, Germany, France, or Italy, you also can become part of the Koogeek VIP Club right now. Koogeek will open up the VIP Club to more people in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for that news. You just need to apply in order to become part of the VIP Club, and you can find the application online at the official Koogeek website.

If you are someone who orders Koogeek productsoff of Amazon, you can put in your order number while applying. This will give you a better chance to be chosen as one of the VIP Club members. It would definitely be beneficial for you to add your order number so that the company knows you already enjoy Koogeek products. You must apply and then wait for the email notifying you that you were accepted into the program before you start to get the benefits and reap the rewards of being VIP.

Koogeek VIP Club Items You Will Find at 50 Percent Off


Koogeek VIP club socket

The Koogeek Smart Socket is now 50 percent off as part of the new Koogeek VIP Club. This socket is a great light bulb adapter and it works with Apple HomeKit. It is Wi-Fi enabled as well, which is really cool. With this light socket, you are able to control many different accessories in your home. You can set a schedule or timer for the lights to come on, or you can ask Siri to turn the lights on or off. Just tap it in order to turn a scene off or back on.

Light Switch

Koogeek VIP club light switch

The Light Switch is also Wi-Fi enabled and works with Apple HomeKit. This is another product that is currently 50 percent off if you are in the VIP Club. This light switch is very easy to pair with devices and also works with multiple devices. You can use your Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch as the remote control, which works from anywhere in your house.

Baby Thermometer

Koogeek VIP club baby thermometer

This is a wearable Smart Baby Thermometer that is 50 percent off if you are a member of the Koogeek VIP Club. You will have a double-sided medical patch with this thermometer, and you can shake it three times to turn it on or off. With this thermometer, you will get one CR2032 cell battery, which should last up to six months. Once it has started to die, you can replace the battery very quickly and easily. The probe on the thermometer is also free of toxins and completely safe for your baby.

These are just some of the amazing items you will get at 50 percent off if you are part of the Koogeek VIP Club. You can find more information about the program or you can apply, simply by clicking here to head to the official Koogeek VIP page. In order to stay in the program, you will have to provide feedback within 7 days of getting the item. If you do not do this, then you might not be able to test out more products.

The products listed on sale for 50 percent off will change often, so you will always have new items to purchase at these amazingly low prices! If you love being one of the first people to try out a new product before it is released, then this new VIP Club is something you should apply for. Apply today and then just wait for the email saying you got into the program in order to get all of the benefits and more.



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