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Mia Khalifa Net Worth 2018

Mia Khalifa’s name recognition and most of her true net worth come from her three-month stint as a porn actress. She is also a sports broadcaster, a WebCam model, a social media personality, and a cook. She caused a big stir during her short porn career by filming a video wall wearing the traditional Islamic hijab. It earned her both death threats and name recognition.

Mia Khalifa Net Worth – $2.5 Million

How Did Mia Khalifa make their money & wealth?

Mia Khalifa was born on February 10, 1993, in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. She moved to the US when she was only seven. Her family raised her as a Catholic, but she no longer practices the religion. She attended high school in Montgomery County, Maryland. At the time, she played lacrosse. She is still athletic and into sports. She continued her education at the University of Texas in El Paso. Mia graduated with a BA in history.

mia khalifa Shortly after college graduation, Mia immediately got married to an American man, much to the chagrin of her parents. There’s not much that’s known about him, although it is rumored that he went to prison at some point. The two are no longer together. When her marriage ended, Mia decided to move to Florida where she got plastic surgery to enhance her chest and began working at a fast burger joint.

It was at the Whataburger that she was discovered, and asked to perform as an adult star. Mia took them up on the opportunity. Even though she is only in the industry for a short few months in the fall of 2014, she quickly became popular. Just two months after posting videos on the popular site Pornhub, she reached the rank of number one performer for the website. This was largely due to a video shot with the BangBros production company which had Mia Khalifa and her a female costar wearing a hijab in the scene. This caused a huge controversy and earned Mia both popularity and death threats.

Even after she left the porn industry, her name still continues to increase in popularity. After leaving, she still performed as a WebCam actress and model. In 2017, she hosted a YouTube sports show with Gilbert Arenas, a former American pro basketball player. This may seem unlikely career change, but Mia is very into sports, especially football. She has used her social media accounts to promote and support various sports teams in the DC area.

Mia Khalifa Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Mia Khalifa married?

Mia married a man when she was just 18 years old. Not much is known about her ex-husband, except that he was an American. The pair is now divorced. This happened sometime before she entered the adult film industry, which occurred in October 2014.

Mia Khalifa Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018

Her salary for this year is thought to be around $500,000. This comes from sources such as her modeling, and the sports show that she was on YouTube.

How much money do they make per month?

Back in 2017, Mia was making over $5000 a month on her Twitch stream. Her audience on twitch began at half a million, and have only increased from there. She plays video games and cooks meals based on her viewer’s suggestions.

Mia Khalifa House 

mia khalifa house It’s not known exactly where Mia Khalifa lives, but the inside of her DC area apartment is seen frequently on her social media accounts. It has marble floors, white walls, and a large flat screen tv in the living room.




Mia Khalifa Car 

mia khalifa car Mia has a gorgeous white Bentley convertible.

Charity and donations and philanthropy

Mia has been involved in numerous charity and philanthropic events. In May 2018, she gave $1500 to a charity called Everytown, which is dedicated to campaigning for gun safety in the United States. Not only that, she also turned in her rifles to police for “safe destruction.” She posted a picture of her handing over the gun and shaking hands with the police officer on her Twitter. She stated that she wasn’t against the Second Amendment, just against children dying. She still got flak on Twitter for it.

After hurricane Harvey, Mia tweeted a picture of herself as an awkward teen to raise awareness of hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. She also donated over $5000 to the George HW Bush Presidential Library Foundation for hurricane recovery efforts.

Mia Khalifa accomplishments:

Mia has accomplished becoming one of the most well-known adult film actresses ever, despite only being in the business for a few short months. She left the industry on her own terms and was able to use her fame to do other things that she was interested in such as sports broadcasting. Her stint in pornography led to a song being penned with her name, and she was also picked as one of The World’s 10 Most Notorious Porn Stars by Loaded magazine in the summer of 2016.

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