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Urijah Faber Net Worth 2018

Urijah Faber is a retired mixed martial artist, fighting in the bantamweight and featherweight classes. Urijah has close to two decades of experience in the cage and is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame. Read on to find out more about Urijah Faber, his net worth, and his career and history are not just in the UFC, but the octagon in general.

Urijah Faber Net Worth – $6 to $7 million

Urijah Faber has a somewhat higher net worth than some fellow UFC fighters, and this is thanks to his frequent fighting appearances and longevity. Urijah Faber has been fighting for UFC/WEC since 2006, which marks more than 12 years as a professional cage fighter.

While most of Urijah Faber’s net worth has grown thanks to more than a decade with the UFC, he has also signed on with clothing lines and has even founded his own gym (Team Alpha Male). K-Swiss, a shoe company, endorsed him and continues to collaborate with Urijah to produce footwear. Urijah Faber even published a book, “The Laws of the Ring,” in 2012. Urijah’s substantial wealth comes from diversifying his portfolio, and even in his retirement, his finances are just fine.

How Did Urijah Faber Make His Money and Wealth?

Urijah Faber’s first fight with the UFC was on March 19, 2011, at UFC 128. His last fight was on December 17, 2016, just before UFC 206 – this leaves him with five years of fighting in the UFC. In the UFC, he fought 16 times. Of those 16 fights, he fought for the UFC Bantamweight Championship (126 pounds to 135 pounds) on five separate occasions. Everyone knows that the title fights are where the money is at, and it’s safe to estimate that those five title fights earned just as much for Urijah Faber as the other 11 fights.

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While the UFC gave Urijah Faber most of his income, he has diversified his money into several different streams. K-Swiss, a shoe company based out of California, collaborated with Urijah Faber to not only produce shoes with his image but also created a documentary called “Kenny Powers: the K-Swiss MFCEO.” Urijah Faber continues to find success as an actor in feature films, including an appearance in the movie “Rampage” with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Urijah Faber’s Personal Life and FAQs

Urijah Faber was born in May of 1979 and grew up in California. He enjoyed a relatively normal and quiet upbringing, and eventually went on to participate in NCAA collegiate wrestling. He graduated from the University of California at Davis in Human Development, and while at college, he won qualified for the NCAA national championship in both 2001 and 2002.


Following his time at college, Urijah Faber made his MMA debut under the Gladiator Challenge banner in 2003. He won his first fight within the first 90 seconds and subsequently would go on to become the new Bantamweight championship (max of 135 pounds in that division). In 2006, he would receive an offer to jump ship to the World Extreme Cagefighting banner and would find great success there. He would win the WEC Featherweight championship twice (maximum of 145 pounds) and defend it more than three times. One of those defenses was against fellow famed fighter Dominick Cruz, where he gave Cruz his first of two eventual losses for his entire career.

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After losing the featherweight championship, Urijah Faber would move down a weight class back to bantamweight, but the WEC would eventually merge with the UFC. All fighters combined into the same weight division and tournaments were held for each class to determine who would be the proper undisputed champion. Urijah Faber would have a rematch with Dominick Cruz, although Cruz would come out on top.

Urijah Faber was selected to be a coach for the reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, in November of 2011. Dominick Cruz, yet again, was his opponent, and the two began to coach and train their own teams. Each team would fight once a week, with the finale leading up to a showdown between Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz. Unfortunately, Cruz was injured halfway through the season, and the fight never happened. Renan Barao eventually won the title of UFC interim bantamweight champion but would lose against Dominick Cruz by decision.

Urijah Faber continued to fight, although his career came to an apex with a super fight between Frankie Edgar and Faber. The fight was held at featherweight, and Faber lost that fight. This was his first loss in a fight that was not for a title. Urijah would fight two more times before eventually retiring in December of 2016. He continues to run his gym, Team Alpha Male, to this day. He retired with a record of 34 wins and 10 losses.



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