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Conner Tenbrink Net Worth 2018

Conner Tenbrink is a famous gymnast hailing from Houston, Texas. While only 16 years old, Conner is making quite a name for himself and bringing visibility to gymnasts all across the world. Read on to find out more about this brilliant star, his net worth, and how he stumbled into his impressive wealth.

Conner Tenbrink Net Worth – Under $1 Million

While Conner Tenbrink likely has a (comparatively) significant net worth compared to some Americans, he doesn’t have an incredible amount of wealth. Most of his income comes from media agreements/deals, and through other revenue streams like social media. As of this writing, Conner Tenbrink is currently active on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. These social media streams aren’t extreme streams of revenue and income, but they certainly do help.

3 8 Conner is still young, which means that he has a long time to develop himself. It is currently unknown what he intends to do in his future when it comes to a specific career, and the choice of college is still up in the air. These factors may contribute to and make him hot real estate, although this is just speculation.

How Did Conner Tenbrink Make His Money and Wealth?

Conner Tenbrink is still in high school, which means his wealth and net worth are a low priority. Since he’s only 16, he is still attending school in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Conner’s primary revenue comes from his talent and ability to dance. He appeared on America’s Got Talent’s third season (when he was only a 7-year-old child) but would go on to be eliminated. This contract was estimated to pay about $3,500 per appearance, which likely went into Conner’s education fund.

Conner has done some “work” with local agencies that have landed him appearing in plays and acts. Due to child labor laws, most of Conner’s pay would have gone to his parents, who then would have divided it as they see fit. While these deals likely pay little, if anything at all, they’re ultimately exposure and padding that can help Conner Tenbrink to jumpstart his career.

Conner Tenbrink’s Personal Life and FAQ:

Conner Tenbrink was born on April 1, 2002. He quickly rose to fame as an internet phenomenon thanks to his talent and ability as a dancer and gymnast. In 2008, he began to train full time and his first major break came with his appearance on America’s Got Talent, which he fondly reminisces on as his first major debut to the world.

2 8 Conner Tenbrink has since gone on to collaborate with major acts, including landing a position as a background dancer for names like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars. He even went on to win numerous awards from his dancing academy in Houston and continues to work as an honorary junior assistant coach. Conner made a one-off appearance with a Cirque du Soleil show in Houston, although details on this are scarce.

Conner’s influences include acts like the musicians he has performed with, as well as genres like hip-hop, trap, electronic dance music, and fusion jazz. He is also practicing as a male cheerleader and has said in numerous recent interviews that he is hoping to land a full ride to a college thanks to the scarcity of male cheerleaders.

Conner Tenbrink’s Social Media

Conner frequently interacts with his fans on numerous forms of social media, which in turn helps to grow his fanbase. You can find him active on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Snapchat – Conner is most active on his Snapchat, where he posts daily to his story and messages with fans. You can find his Snapchat here.

Instagram – Conner’s Instagram is his second most active social media account, as he posts infrequently but in spurts.

YouTube – Conner’s YouTube can be found here, although it has been inactive for a fairly long time.

Facebook – Conner’s Facebook can be found here, although he is hardly active on it. Conner currently does not have a professional page handled by an agent.



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