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Sophie Brussaux Net Worth 2018

Sophie Brussaux recently came into the public eye when it was revealed that she was Drake’s former mistress and recent baby mama. According to Drake in his song March 14, they only met twice – and the first time they hooked up, she was pregnant. The song illustrates the famous rappers discomfort with being a single father and only seeing his young son once. It seems like he and Sophie don’t get along too well.

Sophie Brussaux Net Worth – $500,000

How Did Sophie Brussaux make their money & wealth?

Sophie was born in Bordeaux, France on August 1, 1999. At some point, she moved from her hometown in France to New York. There is a rumor circulating that she married a man for a green card, and they never got divorced even after Sophie had Drakes baby. She richly made her money by performing in& adult videos under the name Rosee Divine. She put her videos up on lots of popular porn sites, and also had an active social media presence. She had over 34,000 followers on her Instagram page, where she posts lots of sexy photos. She stopped using both Twitter and Instagram as Rosie Divine as of late 2017.

Since having her child, Sophie has retired from sex work and modeling. She is now a full-time artist and mother to her son, Adonis. In April 2017, she posted a video to her Twitter of some of her art in a gallery in Dubai. Her new Instagram account has over 140,000 followers on it. She still gets lots of heat from jealous Drake fans, but she seems to take it all in stride.

Sophie Brussaux Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Sophie Brussaux married?

sophie baby Sophie had a brief tryst with famous rapper Drake that resulted in a son named Adonis, and her rise to fame. They were never officially together, and Sophie dated a different rapper, A$AP Rocky, during her pregnancy. She has a rocky relationship with Drake, who is rumored to have attempted to force her into getting an abortion. There are transcripts of the unlikely lover’s text messages from that incident floating around on the internet. It turns out that Drake ended up doing the right thing, and began to support both his baby mama and unborn child financially. He is been doing so since before Sophie gave birth.

Sophie Brussaux Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018

Sophie makes money from a couple different sources, mainly her child support from Drake, her artwork, and her social media presence. It is not known how much she is made so far in 2018. She regularly showcases her art in galleries in large cities such as Dubai and New York City.

How much money do they make per day?


Sophie Brussaux House 

sophie house There are lots of photos on Sophie’s old Instagram of an apartment that could either be in Paris or New York. It’s known if she still has this place, which has white linoleum floors, a queen-size bed with a green comforter, and shelves for her shoes in front of a picture window.



Sophie Brussaux Car

Sophie Brussaux car Sophie is never pictured with a car in any of her Instagram photos. It could be because she doesn’t have one. She does live in cities, so she might not have a need for one. There are photos of the former porn actress on a bicycle, so maybe that’s what she uses to get around if not on public transportation.

Sophie Brussaux Accomplishments:

Sophie has accomplished a lot in a very short time. She went from being a relatively popular softcore porn actress to a full-time artist who gets to jet set off to different galleries. Having a child with streak has opened up doors for her, and her social media accounts are much more popular now than they were when she was a lesser-known model.x

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