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What Happened to Gretchen Wilson? – 2018 Update

An award-winning singer, Gretchen Wilson rose to fame in the early 2000’s after releasing Redneck Woman, a hit single that had topped the Billboard country charts. That same year, she released her debut album, Here For the Party, which proved to be a huge hit. Not only did it top the music charts, but it had garnered multi-platinum accreditation from the RIAA.

Since then, several albums have been added to her catalog including All Jacked Up, I Got Your Country Right Here, One of the Boys, and Right on Time, to name a few. Though not as popular as her debut effort per se, most of the titles had reached the music charts in the United States.

What is the country singer up to nowadays? Is she still churning out hits? Has she recorded any new music lately? If not, what has she been busy with these past few years? These are some of the things that we’ll be taking a look at below.

What Happened to Gretchen Wilson? 2018 Recent Updates

Last year, Gretchen Wilson dropped her seventh studio alum, Ready to Get Rowdy. Her first release in four years, it gave rise to twelve new songs including Whiskey and My Bible, Letting Go of Hanging On, Summertime Town, Salt Mines and I Ain’t That Desperate Yet. While the album didn’t manage to reach the music charts like her earlier titles, it was met with positive reviews by fans.

While she hasn’t dropped any new records since she has put on a number of shows over the past several months. In fact, she recently performed a handful of shows in Maryland, Ohio, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles in July. According to her official website, she will be performing a couple more shows in Ohio and Tennessee later this fall. For more information, click here.

In other news, fans were surprised to learn that the country music star had been arrested earlier this month. According to reports, the singer had become “belligerent” while on a flight to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. In a later statement to CNN, American Airline’s media relations revealed more about the incident citing that “two passengers had been in an altercation on the flight.” As a result, Wilson was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for breach of peace following the landing of the plane.

A week after the arrest, she posted a statement on her official Facebook page, which thanked her fans for their patience. Though she didn’t reveal any details, she stated that she was confident that “the truth shall prevail.”

For those who’d like to keep up with her latest updates, you can follow the singer on Twitter at @gw27.

More About Gretchen Wilson

Born on June 26, 1973, in Pocahontas, Illinois, Gretchen Wilson was brought up by her single mother in a trailer park. Dropping out of high school, she eventually moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in her teens in pursuit of a music career.

Signing with Epic Records, she eventually released her debut single, Redneck Woman in 2003. Responsible for her rise to fame, the song quickly proved to be a big hit—not only did it reach the top of the U.S. Hot Country Songs chart, but it had also made it to number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Riding on the momentum, she came out with a studio album titled, Here For the Party just a few months later. Produced by Joe Scaife, John Rich, and Mark Wright, it gave rise to ten tracks including Pocahontas Proud, When It Rains, When I Think About Cheatin, Here For the Party and Homewrecker. Highly acclaimed, it peaked at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and at number two on the Billboard 200.

Her most popular record to date, it later earned her four Grammy Award nominations for the categories of Best Country Song, Best Country Album, Best New Artist and Best County Vocal Performance, the last of which she won.

Since then, Wilson has released several other albums including All Jacked Up, Right on Time, One of the Boys, I Got Your Country Right Here, and Under the Covers. While successful, however, none have rivaled the performance of her debut effort. Most recently, the singer came out with Ready to Get Rowdy on June 16, 2017.

In addition to what we’ve mentioned above, Wilson has also come out with a few compilation albums; these include Greatest Hits, Snapshot and Playlist: The Very Best of Gretchen Wilson. Some of her most popular hits to date include Redneck Woman, All Jacked Up, Here For the Party, When I Think About Cheatin and Homewrecker.

As far as television appearances go, she has been featured in several programs over the years including Lifestyle Magazine, The Talk, The View, Day Jobs, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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