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Graphene Heated Eye Mask & Neck Brace Review

Have you heard about the Graphene Heated Eye Mask and Neck Brace before? These are two amazing products that are designed to provide you with pain relief and therapy. The graphene products are great for if you need some eye therapy or neck therapy to relieve minor aches and pains. Far-infrared wavelengths are emitted with both of these products, which occur due to the graphene heating film. Both of these products are safe and proven effective and provide all-natural relief to common ailments.

You will love how these heated products make you feel because it will relax you and make you feel like you are refreshed both mentally and physically. We wanted to tell you about both of these graphene products, because you will not find a better comfortable way to relieve your aches and pains in your neck. Using the eye mask will make you simply feel like you are at the spa, but is a lot cheaper than an actual spa treatment.

All About the Graphene Heated Eye Mask

The first product we wanted to tell you about is the Graphene Heated Eye Mask. This product will make you feel like you are at the spa, but without spending the money. You will love the lightweight material that this eye mask is made out of. It just requires that you plug in the mask to the USB outlet in order to power it. You can plug into a USB power bank, your PC, your car USB charger, and even a regular USB wall mount. That means you can use this product anywhere that you have a USB handy, and you can begin relaxing right away.

Graphene heated eye mask 1

With the Graphene Heated Eye Mask, you will have zero pressure on your eyes, which means it is extremely comfortable. You will love the elastic strap that allows you to quickly adjust the mask to fit your head and eyes. The mask gives you some much-needed beauty therapy, and can help reduce swelling or redness right below your eyes. Blood flow and circulation is improved by wearing the Graphene Heated Eye Mask. You will also be able to eliminate those pesky dark circles under your eyes if you wear this mask.

Our Thoughts on the Graphene Heated Eye Mask

The main thing we love about the Graphene Heated Eye Mask is that you can adjust the temperature so quickly. There are three temperature settings found on this mask, which allows you to personalize it for your needs. You will have low, medium, and high as the settings, and just press the button to change the setting. There is even surface heating with the Graphene Heated Eye Mask, meaning your entire eye area will feel the same temperature. That definitely is great because it makes it feel more like a spa treatment since the heating is the same throughout.

graphene heated eye mask 3

We definitely think that this is a product you should try out if you want to help alleviate the dark circles or puffiness under your eyes. You will love how easy it is to adjust the mask so that you get the perfect fit no matter what you are doing. This mask is also made of safe material, which means you do not have to worry about the mask being burned by the heating. If you have wanted the spa treatment feeling at home, then the Graphene Heated Eye Mask is something you need to try right now.

Graphene Heated Neck Brace Review

If you are looking for a great natural pain relief product, you should try the Graphene Heated Neck Brace. This neck wrap is really good for relieving aches and pains in your neck caused by a variety of elements. Whether you have computer neck or have a very physical labor-intensive job, you will love the pain relief you get with this product. You could also use the Graphene Heated Neck Brace if you are in physical therapy due to a car accident or other traumatic event.

Graphene Heated Eye Mask 2

The Graphene Heated Neck Brace works by emitting Far-infrared wavelengths, which are then transferred to the heating film of the Graphene. The wavelengths are similar to those that are found in the human body. The heat will help simulate the circulation in your neck and increase blood flow throughout your neck area.

How Does the Graphene Heated Neck Brace Work?

As we mentioned, the Graphene Heated Neck Brace works by using the graphene as the main heating element. Surface heating is also part of this product, and you are able to easily control the temperature. There are three different temperature modes on the neck brace, going from 100.4 degrees to 113 degrees. If you change the heating on this brace, it will adjust immediately and across the entire brace. If you would like to relieve your minor aches and pains, putting this neck brace on the spot that is hurting will quickly relieve your problems.

Graphene Heated Neck Brace Review

Using the Graphene Heated Neck Brace makes it feel like you are getting physical therapy without leaving your house. You can use this product at work, school, or at home and feel so much better within minutes. All you have to do is plug in the cord to any USB outlet in order to power the neck brace. That means you can connect to a PC, a USB power bank, USB car charger, or USB wall outlet.

You will find that the neck brace provides a very comfortable fit, and it can be adjusted to fit your neck. The velcro strap makes adjusting this neck brace very simple, and you will not have any discomfort either. With the neck support you will not have to worry about your neck being moved to one side.

Graphene Heated Neck Brace Provides Safe Technology

Lastly, if you are worried about the heating element in this neck brace, you have nothing to be concerned about. The safe technology and safe material of this neck brace ensure you are not burned and you do not get electromagnetic radiation. This neck brace will automatically work on a 60-minute timer, and then it will shut off. You can press on the power button to turn the neck brace on again once that hour has elapsed. This neck brace also uses low-voltage, which makes it great for avoiding the electromagnetic radiation.

graphene heated neck brace 4

We highly recommend giving the Graphene Heated Neck Brace a try because you will love how much it will relieve your neck pains. Since so many people are on mobile phones for hours a day, there are several issues with neck strain among the population. If neck strain from looking at your PC or mobile phone is an issue for you, then you definitely need to try out this product. We also love the automatic 60-minute heating of this device, because you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off if you fall asleep. If you want more time added just turn the power back on, and you will be able to continue the heat relief on your neck area.

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