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How to Reset an iPhone Without the Password

You might be wondering how to reset iPhone without password, as it can be a difficult process for some people. Resetting your iPhone without the password can be easily done by using Dr. Fone Unlock, which is a great tool for all makes and models of the iPhone. It will allow you to reset your iPhone, even the new iPhone XS or iPhone XR. If you are experiencing iPhone issues, this software is also great to use. We are going to tell you a little bit more about resetting your iPhone without the password using Dr. Fone Unlock.


Dr. Fone Unlock Works Great to Reset Your iPhone Without Password

Did you know you can factory reset iPhone without password by using Dr. Fone Unlock? This software is great because it works for a variety of iPhone models, including the newest iPhone XR and XS. You probably know that if you sit there and continue to enter the wrong password on your iPhone, eventually you get locked out. The great thing about this software is that it will allow you to get into your iPhone regardless. Even if it was locked due to too many wrong attempts at the password.


All you have to do is download Dr. Fone Unlock onto your PC, which is very easy to do. This software works on both Windows and Mac devices. From there, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your PC and open up the software. Click on the device make and model you own, and then go through the simple instructions. From there, you just download the firmware through the software program for your iOS device.

You will then just need to confirm the action and click the button. The software does everything for you, and then your iPhone will work as normal. It is important to remember that when you factory reset your iPhone, you will lose all of your information. That is why you should make regular backups of what you have on your iPhone. You never really know if or when a situation like this will happen. Using this software makes the whole process much easier though, especially if you have never done anything like a factory reset before.

Why Dr. Fone Unlock is the Best for iPhone Reset Without Password

df2 What we love the most about Dr. Fone Unlock is that the process is simple, and the on-screen instructions guide you through the entire process. It also will work for so many situations, whether you have to factory reset or soft reset. A soft reset is much easier to do because it will keep all of your apps and settings, and there is no loss of data or information. The hard factory reset is often times needed if you have to reset your iPhone without the password or if you are selling your iPhone to someone else.

Regardless of the reason you need to reset your iPhone without the password, Dr. Fone Unlock is going to make the process so simple and quick. Downloading the software onto your PC takes only a few seconds, and then you are on your way to resetting your iPhone. It is also great software because you can keep it on your PC for as long as you want, so if another situation happens in the future, you have the tools needed to do another reset of your device.



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