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Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Review- A Great Product for All Data Loss Situations

Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is one of the best iPhone data recovery programs out there today. The developer of this program is Gihosoft and they are a company with a lot of knowledge in both iPhone and data recovery. If you are in need of a data recovery program for your iOS device, we suggest the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery program. We thought we would tell you more about the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery program and how this program can benefit you on iOS.

Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is the Best Option for iOS

Gihosoft has developed a data recovery program called Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery, and this is an amazing product to use for your iOS device. You can click here to head to the main website for the product and see just how amazing it is. There are more than 30 well-skilled people who work for Gihosoft on various teams.

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Gihosoft has a website design team, software user interface team, and also a marketing team. Beyond that, the company has a software development team, and also a technical support team. Altogether the highly-skilled staff have been known for being responsible, sophisticated, and some of the best in the business. Better technical support and more professional programs are the main focuses of these team members.

Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Installation

It is very easy to install and setup the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery program. Simply download Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery and click to begin installation. Setup is a breeze because there are no preferences in the app itself that you have to setup. Just download and install and you are ready to go!

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As with other data recovery programs, you should ensure you have a backup of your iOS device setup through iTunes. Even though usually nothing bad happens, sometimes the data could become damaged. This would most often happen during the data recovery process. Make sure you do indeed setup the backup of your iOS device before you begin using this software. Photos, documents, music, apps, and all other important data should be backed up using iTunes before you begin.

Even if you do not have a back up on iTunes, you can use this program to recover the programs and apps right from your iOS device. The Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery program will scan your device for the lost files. If you were not aware, this can be a time-consuming process. Due to the fact that scanning can take a while, it is better to just encrypt your files and backup with iTunes first.

Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Features

There are many features included with the Free Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery and the Pro Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery program. This program works on both Windows and Mac and it allows you to recover more than 12 file types. You can cover photos, contacts, and SMS messages. It will recover data from Viber, WhatsApp, and Notes.

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You can restore all of the lost data from your iOS device using either the iCloud backup or iTunes. This program allows you to recover lost iPhone data caused by issues such as the device being lost or broken, information being accidentally deleted, jailbreaks, and iOS upgrades. The free and pro program will work with all of the latest iOS devices include the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Supports All Major iOS Devices & File Formats

Speaking more specifically on the iOS devices that are supported by Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery, we have more details about that. The iPod Touch generation 4 and above will work with this product. When it comes to the iPhone, The iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S are supported. All other newer iPhone models up to the iPhone 7 Plus SE are also supported. The iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, and iPad Mini are all supported. Any iPad generation 2 or higher is supported with Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery.

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As far as the file formats go, more than 12 different file formats are supported in the recovery. You can recover call logs and messages, even from specific apps. Messages, Contacts, Call History, Attachments, Voice Mails, and your Viber or WhatsApp attachments and messages are all recoverable. You also can recovery your Safari Bookmarks, Voice Memos, Notes, Reminders, and your Calendar information. Photos and videos from your Camera Roll and Photo Stream can be recovered and also videos or photos from other apps.

How Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Scanning Works

When it comes to the main scanning option in Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery, this is something you should only do as a last resort. The scanning basically tells you to just hit the “Next” button and then wait for the recovery to happen. Scanning is basically scanning your iOS device for lost or missing files, which is why it takes this scan so long to complete.

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The scans will take longer depending on your iOS device size and how much information you have on it. Obviously, if you have a 32GB iOS device or higher, the scans could take two or three hours to complete. That is why backing up using iTunes or the iCloud is so important, because it skips this step. It works pretty well do not get us wrong, it is just so time-consuming that we prefer to avoid this if at all possible.

Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Giveaway

There is a giveaway going on right now where you can win a registration key for a lifetime for the free version of Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery. Just comment below to have your chance at winning one of the free version keys being given away. Whether you want to get back lost photos, videos, calls, or text messasges, Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery can do all that can more. There is also an Android version called Gihosoft Android Data Recovery that you can download. You will no longer have to be worried about data loss if you download Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery right now.

You can get the software by following these links:

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