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YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe – Biometric Gun Storage At A Reasonable Price?

If you have a gun, then you know the importance of ensuring your gun is stored safely and securely within your home. We wanted to tell you about the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe, which is one of the best options out there right now if you are looking for gun storage options. This pistol safe is one of the most secure on the market because it utilizes new technology to ensure safety. With Christmas quickly approaching, you might want to check out the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe. Whether it is for you to store your gun or as a Christmas present, this gun safe should definitely make your list.

YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe Offers Unique Fingerprint Scanning

One of the things that makes the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe the best option out there is the fingerprint scanning which is used for this safe. There are advanced biometric sensors that are used to allow you to quickly open your gun safe with just your fingerprint. The biometric sensor chip is able to recognize more than 25,600 different fingerprint points. That allows you to ensure only your fingerprint can be used to open up this gun safe. The success rate of this sensor chip is 99.98 percent, and was tested in more than 15,000 different experiments.

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Similar products can only collect about 12,000 fingerprint points, so you will get more than twice the amount with the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe. Not only that, but you can store more than one fingerprint profile with this device. In fact, you can store up to 30 different fingerprints with this gun safe. That allows you to store multiple prints for your own hand as well as your friends or family that you want to have access to the gun safe.

YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe image 2 If you are married, then this works out very well because both people could have their fingerprint stored for this gun safe. We love how easy it is to setup the fingerprints and also how accurate this gun safe is at identification of those fingerprints. The instructions are very simple to understand and you can get your fingerprint and password working within minutes.



YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe Provides Reliable Electronic Lock

We also loved the electronic lock on this gun safe because it is very reliable, although still very easy to get into if you need to. With this electronic lock of the third-generation, you can guarantee that your safe will open easily and quickly when needed. You will find that if you want to open up this gun safe, you can do so much quicker than with similar gun safes on the market. There are also dual modes to the keypad, including a mute mode and a sound-on mode.

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If you want to get into the gun safe without an intruder hearing you access it, that is where the mute mode will come in handy. Some other people prefer the sounds on though, so you can decide which option is right for you. The electronic lock itself is reliable to keep people out, but also reliable to allow you to get into it quickly and easily. We really loved the silent mode for the keypad because no one will even know you have taken out your gun to protect yourself and your family in an emergency.

YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe Designed for Security

Another feature that we loved about the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe is the overall design. This gun safe is made with a heavy-duty steel rolled plate. It is very thick and ensures that your gun and the safe itself are safe and secured. You can put this gun safe on your night stand or you can mount the safe onto the wall. If you would like to travel with the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe, you can do that too.

YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe image 3

It is not too heavy or bulky to use in a travel situation, which is really something you might find useful. The keypad itself is digital and comes with that reliable electronic lock. If you would like to store other items in here, such as cash, jewelry, or gold and silver bullion, you can do that too. This gun safe offers you the ability to store all kinds of important items and you will know those items are safe and secured.

Lastly, you will love the double authentication mode that is with this gun safe. This means you can use both the password option and the fingerprint scanner to open the safe. The safe also is shock-absorbing, which means your guns and other items will not get damaged if you drop the safe. We also loved the interior of the gun safe because it protects your guns from being damaged. You do not have to use the double authentication mode if you do not want, but we think it is the best option if you live with multiple people or have children.

Final Thoughts on the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe

Overall, we definitely think the YUEMA Biometric Handgun Safe is worth every penny. For under $120, you will not find any better option for a reliable and durable gun safe. As you can see by the pictures, this gun safe is portable but also very sturdy and well-designed. What we loved the most about this gun safe is the overall easy setup.

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We also really loved the ability to store up to 30 fingerprints, and use the dual-mode of password and fingerprint. If you live in a house with kids of any age, then you know how important it is to keep your gun locked away so they will not have access of any kind to it. Regardless of which handgun you own, it will fit safely and securely within this gun safe. We know that you will not be disappointed with this gun safe and you will enjoy the peace of mind that this safe will give you.



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