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BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case Review

If you have an Apple Watch, you might want to check out the BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case, as this is a great replacement option for your regular Apple Watch. This replacement band will work with Apple Watch series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, and Apple Watch Series 3. Apple might have replacement bands that you can buy specifically for your iWatch, but we all know how expensive Apple replacement products can be.

Why purchase an Apple replacement band when you can get a great reliable watch band with a protective case for so much less? We thought we would tell you more about the BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case. It features a silicone strap and we think that it is a great alternative when the time comes to replace your band.

BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case & Silicone Strap Apple Watch Replacement Band is Durable

One of the best parts about the BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case for the iWatch is that it is very secure. This is one of the most durable cases out there for your Apple Watch. It will protect each side of your Apple Watch and every corner too. You will not have to worry about your Apple Watch getting dinged or harmed while you are out and about. What we also love is that the TPU is soft and durable, which means it will not crack or break under most circumstances.

BRG Compatible shock proof case image 2

When you look at this replacement band for your Apple Watch, you also will notice you can wear one or all components of this product. That means you can choose to wear the case only and use another band you already have. You also can choose to just wear the band only if you do not want to use the shock-proof case. There are options here when it comes to how you wear this product, since you do not have to use both the case and the band together. They work great together, but also work great separately with other bands and cases.

BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case is Compatible with All Apple Watches

When we talk about why we love the BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case with Silicone Strap, we have to talk about how many products that this band works with. You will be able to use this item on all kinds of Apple Watches, including Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3. The compatibility of this watch band makes it one of the best on the market. If you have a Series 2 right now, but end up getting a Series 3 down the road, you will still be able to use this replacement band and shock-proof case. Since it works with all types of iWatch models, you will be able to use this band and case for years to come.

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We also cannot forget to mention that you have so many colors to choose from that it allows you to find just what you need to fit your personality. There are different colors of the shock-proof protective case as well as various replacement band colors. You can get more than one type and wear one color with another color.

If you want to get one for daytime use and another color for nighttime use, you can do that too. There are also more sporty options too, which is great for those with a more active lifestyle. Any colors or designs that you want are available to you, so you have so many options available and many alternative combinations you can make.

Final Thoughts on the BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case & Silicone Replacement Band

The BRG Shock-Proof Protective Case with Silicone Replacement Band comes in 38mm and 42mm, which is also a great feature of this product. Not only that, but you also get an 18-month warranty on your purchase. The company, BRG, is known for selling high-quality products and wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you have an issue, you can contact BRG at anytime within those 18-months and they will go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with the product.

BRG Compatible shock proof case image 4

Speaking of the product from BRG, you will get two items included in the package. You will get the Silicone Replacement Apple Watch Band and also the Shock-Proof Protective Case. These are the only two items you will need to have a protected Apple Watch regardless of which model you own. We definitely feel that you will love the high-quality materials that this product is made out of, and for the price you really cannot go wrong. For less than $12 you can get yourself a reliable and durable shock-proof case and replacement band for your Apple Watch. With the low price, you can get a few and mix and match the color combinations to make your band even more unique.



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