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LED Teeth Whitening- How Does it Work & What Product is the Best?

You might have heard about LED teeth whitening before, as this is the newest and hottest way to whiten your teeth. There is the option to undergo LED teeth whitening at the dentist, although it’s expensive. If you did not already know, there are several at-home options that work just as well. These at-home products are also more cost-effective, since you can get them for a lot less money. When it comes to the growing trends within the dental industry, LED teeth whitening has become the hottest trend out there today.

The home teeth whitening kit by is one of the top products out there if you are looking for a great LED teeth whitening system. That is the best product to use if you want at-home teeth LED whitening, and it is rated as a best-seller on Amazon! We thought we would tell you more about LED teeth whitening, including how it works and why it is beneficial for people looking to make their teeth whiter.

How at Home LED Teeth Whitening Works

LED teeth whitening is one of the growing trends within the dental industry, and it is for good reason. LED light has now become the best new way to whiten your teeth, and the LED light works with your standard tooth-whitening agents. If you just try to use the LED light itself, you will not notice any positive changes in the color of your teeth. You must use the LED light alongside the regular tooth-whitening agents in order to see visible changes in your color.

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The tooth-whitening agents that are commonly used with the LED light are items like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. What happens is that the LED light basically becomes a catalyst when used in conjunction with the tooth-whitening agents. It will help quicken the reaction of the tooth-whitening agents, such as the carbamide peroxide.

If you use carbamide peroxide on your teeth, it will break down into both urea and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will help get rid of discolorations and stains by altering the chemical structure of those stains and discoloration. So using the LED light with the tooth-whitening agents allows for those chemicals to react quicker. This is what gives you a brighter and whiter smile in less time.

Benefits of at Home LED Teeth Whitening

Cost & Savings- There are many benefits of at-home LED teeth whitening, but the biggest benefit is the cost and savings. If you go to the dentist to have this type of procedure done, it could end up costing you anywhere between $400 to $800. Using the at-home LED teeth whitening kits allows you to save hundreds of dollars. You can often times purchase these LED kits for $50 to $100. The best part about it is that you get multiple treatments with one kit. The at-home kit does not last quite as long as the one provided at the dentist, but it is well worth it to save hundreds of dollars or even thousands a year.

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Incredibly Effective- Another huge benefit of the at-home LED kits is that they are very effective at getting your teeth brighter. There are detailed instructions that come with the kits to show you how to apply the product effectively. If you follow the directions, you will notice how quickly and easily your teeth will whiten up with the treatments. Even just one treatment is going to give you a noticeable difference in the whiteness of your teeth.

Convenience– The best part is the convenience of it, since you can do this in your own home and there is no waiting or worrying about making a dental appointment. The more you use the product, the more white your teeth will get. You will notice a difference after the first treatment, which is a huge benefit. Even better is that you can touch-up as needed or do it every few months to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

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LED Light is Much Safer Compared to UV Radiation– Lastly, LED light is a lot safer than using UV radiation, so that is something a lot of people love about the LED teeth whitening kits. Using the LED light as the catalyst is much safer overall to your health, since LED light does not pose health risks like radiation does. Radiation causes a lot of changes on a cellular level and can cause mutations. When you are using the LED light for example, you do not have to worry about putting your health at risk.

Final Thoughts on LED Teeth Whitening

As mentioned before, purchasing the home teeth whitening kit by is the best option out there for at-home LED teeth whitening. This product itself is only $60 and you can use it up to 20 times for a long-lasting treatment option. The product is super easy to use and the directions help you figure it all out within minutes. We love that this product in particular is priced at $60 and gives you a lot of treatments that only take 30 minutes a day to complete.

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That product is the best-seller on Amazon and it is for good reason. If you have never tried at-home LED teeth whitening before, there is no better time. We suggest that you try it and see for yourself just how amazing it is. You will love how easy the treatments are to do, and the directions are simpleto follow. Another great thing is that it is not messy or an inconvenience to your lifestyle. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to immediately whiten your teeth at home, you have to give this a try right now.



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