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Cheats For Adventure Capitalist In 2024 – Tips & Strategy Guide

AdVenture Capitalist is a free-to-play simulation game that allows you to invest in various businesses. Like an actual capitalist, you’ll be able to earn cash, which you can then put back into your investments. Not only that but you can also work with Angel Investors to give your companies a boost.

The best part? Even when you’re offline, your businesses will continue to thrive. If anything, you just have to hire a manager, who’ll look after the place for you while you’re gone.

Developed by Hyper Hippo Productions, the game was originally released for browsers in May 2014. It was then released on Android devices, followed by iOS devices in 2015. As of 2024, it can also be played on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Playstation 4.

A spin-off titled, AdVenture Communist, was also released for Android and iOS devices in the fall of 2017.

Did you recently start playing the game? Looking for some tips on how to earn the most money? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 tips and tricks that’ll help you succeed as a capitalist.

Top 6 Tips and Tricks for Adventure Capitalists in 2024

Without further ado, here are some things that you can do to maximize your revenue in the game.

1. Focus on the New Businesses

The main goal of the game is to “buy” more businesses so that you can earn more money. While that may be true, you want to be careful about which businesses you’re focusing on. For example, it’s better to spend money upgrading oil companies, as opposed to lemonade stands, as they’re much more profitable and will earn you much more revenue in the long run.

Tip: Oil companies are one of the biggest moneymakers in the game. Considering that, you want to unlock and upgrade them as soon as possible.

2. Make Use of Mega Bucks

Mega bucks are another type of currency that you can get in the game. For instance, you can get them from the daily bonus. You can also purchase them with in-game earnings. Keep in mind, however, that each Mega buck that you buy will cost more than the last (the cost will increase by 999x compared to the previous Mega buck).

You can then use the Mega bucks to purchase Mega tickets from the Mega Boosts Menu. For example, you can buy one Mega Ticket for 10 Mega bucks. However, we recommend saving for 10 Mega tickets as the 10-packs cost 90 Mega bucks, which will offer a bit of savings.

What are Mega tickets? You can use them to permanently boost your profits by 7.77x; this is called “gliding” the business. The best part is that the effect won’t go away even if you reset the game. And if you glide every single business on a planet, you’ll get an additional 10x bonus, which will be added on top of the 7.77x bonus.

Once you’ve received a platinum boost (the 17.77x bonus) on a planet, you can permanently increase the boost by spending additional Mega bucks. For example, you can spend 10 Mega bucks for an additional 60x bonus, which will boost your total earnings to 77.77x.

3. Wear Your Suits

Suits are basically outfits that come with specific bonuses. Currently, there are four types of suits that your character can equip: Green, White, Gold, and Blue.

Green: Can be purchased for 240 gold in the shop. Adds +10 percent angel effectiveness
White: Can be purchased for 140 gold in the shop. Gives a 2x speed bonus (the length of a business’ progress bar will be halved)
Gold: Can be purchased for 40 gold in the shop. Adds a 2x profit multiplier
Blue: Can be purchased for 50 gold in the shop. Adds a 3x profit multiplier

To equip a suit, tap on your character in the top left-hand corner and click Swags and Stats. Select the Swag tab and scroll down to the suit section. You can then equip the outfits by tapping on them. And remember- you need to equip the suits for each planet (there are currently no restrictions on which suits you can wear on which planets).

In terms of which suit to wear, you want to consider two things- the number of multipliers that you have for the planet and your angel effectiveness.

Note: Suits are currently not available for event planets

4. Earning Gold

Gold is a premium in-game currency that you can use to buy suits, multipliers, flux capitalors, as well as mega tickets. For those who are wondering, there are several ways that you can earn gold. For example, you can get them from daily bonuses. You can also receive them as a reward for reaching certain milestones on different planets.

In terms of what to buy, we highly recommend getting a 12x multiplier for 50 gold as it’ll give your business a 7x increase in profits. Or if you have more gold to spend, you can get a 27x multiplier.

5. Participate in Events

AdVenture Capitalist hosts a number of in-game events for players on a regular basis (typically once a week for several days). To participate, all you have to do is click on the events button from the adventure section.

As you progress in the event and meet certain goals, you may acquire free Mega Bucks or gold. And here’s a tip- don’t start on the first day (points are usually worth more toward the end of events). Also, if you have suits, you want to wear the “weaker” ones, assuming that they’ll help you achieve the goal faster. That way, you won’t have to worry about “overkilling” the goal, which would make the future ones more difficult (remember, each goal that you claim will make the subsequent one harder).

6. Take Advantage of Angel Investors

Once you’ve reached a certain point in the game, you’ll be able to unlock angel investors, who will significantly increase your profits (the exact amount will depend on your earnings). Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to sell the existing business for them to invest, meaning that you’ll have to start all over again from scratch.

Given how they’ll boost your business’ earnings, however, it’s absolutely worth it.

7. Know When to Reset the Game

Generally speaking, you want to do your first reset after attracting a significant amount of angel investors- anywhere between 50 and 500. Once you’ve done that, you want to wait until you have at least double the number of angels before resetting again.

For example, if you did your first reset at 50 angels, you’ll want to wait until you have 100 to do your second reset.

Tip: We recommend resetting in the morning as that’ll g ive you more time to do everything.

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