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AMD FX 6350 Vs Intel i3 4170 Review – Which Budget CPU is Best?

This a companion article on the actual numbers involved between the CPUs discussed in the Best Cheap CPU For A Gaming PC 2016 – Picking A Processor article. Once we get past these budget articles there really isn’t much to recommend from AMD, that may change in November but it’s  January, so don’t hold your breath.  We’ll be looking at the comparative products between the two big players, AMD and Intel. This time a look at the AMD FX 6350 and the Intel i3 4170.

AMD FX 6350 Vs Intel i3 4170 – Comparison

AMD FX-6350Intel i3 4170
Passmark 6,975 5,174
Passmark Single Core 1,4802,141
Power Consumption 125W 54W
Upgrade Options None ReallyPlenty, LGA 1150 socket has many options that will still be viable next year.
Cores6 2
 Additional NotesOutclassed in every way by the 4170, I really cannot recommend this chip. It’s more expensive, it’s slower. It has more cores, but they are pointless in gaming at the moment. It might change a little in the future, but for now if given the option, go for the i3 4170A great little overclocked version of the 4130. Outclasses the 6350 in every way. Pay attention to DX12’s development over the next few months, but I’ll expect other chips to become more viable, the 6350 may never have its day.
 Future AMD will be releasing the Zen chips near the end of next year, they will again focus on per core performance, but only time will tell if the match up to intel.Intel has released a new architecture recently, so all of the LGA 1150 chips are out of date. In saying that, the chips are frankly fantastic across the board, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you go for this one.


This time I’m forced to insist that you got for the i3. When it really comes down to it the AMD FX 6350 has no redeeming features. You don’t gain any extra performance in-game from the 6350 over the 4350, whereas the 4170 has an advantage over the 4130. So if you are trying to decide between these two for the best cheap cpu for your next build the answer is pretty straight forward.

Barry W Stanton
Barry W Stanton
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  1. Yeah…you cant just decide the processor performance on few specifications. The no. of cores, its cache and memory matter as much as its clock speed. I mean it also depends on whether you need to overclock for your games or not..
    But I think AMD FX 6350 is still worth an option for gaming.. basically you are comparing a 3rd generation and 4th generation products..


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