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Bandier Coupon Codes and Discount Promos

With all the brands out there though, which one should you buy? Surely, we’ve all gotten clothes before that have broken down after a couple times in the wash- those are simply not worth the money.

Enter Bandier- an activewear boutique that offers some of the best athletic clothing available in the world. Not only do they have their own line, but also sell a variety of brands through their curated collection.

If you’re interested in purchasing from the site, we have some goodies for you- be sure to stick around for a $25 off coupon!


Bandier Promo & Coupon Codes – Update June 2018

Step 1: Click this link

Step 2: $25 off is automatically applied to your first order of $100 or more


How to use the Promo:

Using the $25 offer is extremely easy- simply go to their website, do your shopping, and the code will be automatically applied to your order at checkout. For more detailed instructions, you can follow along below!

Step 1: Click on the above referral link to go to their website.

Step 2: You can get started with your shopping as soon as you’re on the site.

Step 3: Once you’re done with your items, you can view your shopping cart by clicking the top right-hand corner. Assuming that it’s your first purchase and that it’s over $100, you should see $25 deducted from your total.

Step 4: After confirming that the order is correct, you can go ahead and complete your payment.

More About Bandier

Founded by Jennifer Bandier, the boutique’s flagship store opened in Manhattan in 2014. Not only are customers able to purchase a variety of activewear from the location, but they can also take classes with certified instructions in a designated area called Studio B.

Since then, they’ve also launched an online store, which offers a ton of activewear options, for both men and women. Based in New York, she had come up with the concept after realizing that she wanted to look “chic and fabulous” even in activewear.

Putting her plan into action, she eventually teamed up with Jayne Harkness, the founder of Barney’s Co-op; together, the two scoured the internet for new activewear brands to bring into their store. Since then, they’ve partnered up with over 50 different retailers including Adidas, Cotton Citizen, Perfect Moment, Starkin, and many more. In fact, several big name brands such as Nike have chosen to launch some of their newest products at the store in the past.

Incredibly successful, the company even launched their own collection- We Over Me earlier this year. Soft and comfortable, the entire line features stretchy, moisture-wicking material, with sizes from XS to XXL. Considered to be premium activewear, each item is priced between $68 and $105. You can check it out for yourself at their website here.

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