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Better Bedder 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Better Bedder Before Shark Tank

Better Bedder is a bed cover utility product founded by Judy and Nita. The product is an ingenious invention to help anyone struggling with bed covers. Better Bedder received three offers on Shark Tank and eventually chose to go with Lori’s offer. The company grew massively since its Shark Tank appearance, and Lori Greiner herself produced a commercial for the product. Lifetime revenue for Better Bedder in 2024 has reached $8 million!

Making your bed cover could prove to be a frustrating task. Some bed covers are too small, while others are too big, and getting the covers to tuck under the mattress is a hassle for almost anyone. That is why Judy Cannella Schott and Nita Friloux Gassen came up with their ingenious idea, Better Bedder!

Better Bedder Shark Tank 1 Better Bedder is a bed cover base that only has to be installed once. After installation, anyone could easily place a bed cover that will be held tight using Better Bedder’s elastic base. The product is meant to save time and help anyone make their beds with ease. The Better Bedder also allows the storage of phones, glasses, wallets, remotes, or any small item in snug pockets.

The co-founders sewed their invention themselves and demonstrated it at local farmer markets. After receiving positive feedback on their Better Bedder, Judy and Nita decided to start a business. They first partnered with a manufacturer to create Better Bedders in mass. They then started building their brand and website. Better Bedder saw great success, and the company started offering multiple colors, although white remained their most popular seller.

Judy and Nita wanted to grow the company into something bigger, so they decided to go on Shark Tank hoping to find a business partner willing to help market their business and make every bed better.

Better Bedder on Shark Tank

Judy and Nita were on season 12 of Shark Tank seeking $150,000 for a 10% stake in their company, Better Bedder. The co-founders demonstrated the product to the Sharks, listing its features and need in the market. They said they came up with the idea when Judy’s son would sleep on the couch rather than the bed because the bed covers were too tight and would always pop out the next day. Judy and Nita handed each Shark a sample of the product, and the Sharks were impressed.

The co-founders told the Sharks their backstory. Judy had studied law and did practice the profession for a while before working in the insurance industry. Nita also worked in the insurance industry; however, at the time of filming, she had just handed in her two-week notice so she could focus on Better Bedder as a full-time job. Nita also told the Sharks about her inspiring backstory, which they appreciated.

Better Bedder Shark Tank 2 Each Better Bedder is made in the USA, costs an average of $33.50 to produce, and retails for $63.50. The Sharks were concerned about the production costs. Nita justified the cost claiming that the Covid-19 Pandemic had affected the price of elastic material; Judy also claimed they were still inexperienced and wanted a Shark’s help to get production costs down.

Better Bedder had been operating for roughly 18 months as of the time of filming. The company made $476,000 in sales within the first half of 2020, so the co-founders were confident of reaching $1 million for that year. Judy and Nita claimed to have done all that without paying any marketing costs. They shot a homemade video to show off their product which quickly went viral, reaching over a million hits. Their local town even wrote an article about Better Bedder, providing publicity for the startup.

Kevin O’Leary expressed his love for the two entrepreneurs but stated that he wasn’t looking for something in the bed industry, so he was out.

Mark Cuban had already taken a vow never to make his bed as it was a task that would consume months of his life, so he was out.

Barbara Corcoran offered $150,000 for 20% of Better Bedder. She claimed she could lower the product’s production cost to $20 if it’s in the USA, and even more if it’s produced outside. She also promised to drive Public Relations and be the face of the product.

Lori Greiner was also interested. She offered $150,000 for 25% and promised to work on Better Bedder with Judy and Nita. She believed Better Bedder would be a strong product for infomercials and would do well on QVC.

Daymond John offered $150,000 for 25%. He claimed that Better Bedder would work better in hotels. He also invested in a mattress company, so Better Bedder would be a viable partner for that company.

Judy and Nita counter-offered the interested Sharks by asking for $150,000 for 18%. Lori and Barbara immediately jumped on the offer, but Judy and Nita went with Lori.

As a last measure, Barbara Corcoran agreed to go down to $150,000 for 15% of the company. However, Judy and Nita went with Lori’s offer, believing she was the right fit for their company. The co-founders left the Shark Tank happy with the deal they made, leaving Barbara annoyed at the outcome.

Better Bedder Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

After the Shark Tank episode aired, Better Bedder gained a massive spike in sales. The company sold $157,000 in just one day! Within less than a year, Better Bedder had more than doubled its lifetime sales. Better Bedder also completely overhauled its website, improving UI, designs, and the overall quality of the site.

Better Bedder Shark Tank 3

In 2021, Better Bedder became available in over 3,000 Walmart stores across the country. The company has plans to expand its products to accommodate RVs and hotels. Better Bedder received an update segment in season 13. Lori Greiner announced that Better Bedder is projected to reach $20 million in sales by the end of 2022. Judy and Nita also announced their plans to expand the company internationally so that anyone can get their hands on the product.

Lori Greiner seemed to have made good on her promise, as Better Bedder now in 2024 retails starting from $29.99. This means that the company was able to reduce production costs with the help of Lori. Lori was also working hard to promote the company; she produced a commercial and infomercial for the company. The Better Bedder website advertises Lori’s support for the product.

Better Bedder has proven successful, and Judy and Nita’s deal with Lori Greiner was definitely the right choice. Better Bedder is still constantly growing, with over $8 million in lifetime revenue as of 2024. Judy and Nita continue working hard to ensure Better Bedder is in every bed and hotel in the country and possibly the world. For more updates and information about the company, visit Better Bedder’s website here.

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