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Boxed Promo Code Discount – Get $15 Free With Coupon Code

One of the most frustrating things that could happen to you is when you run out of something right when you need it the most. Washing dishes with the last drop of dishwashing liquid? Taking a shower for a hot date after not doing so for five days straight, only to discover that your shampoo bottle is coughing air? Hosting a Friday night party for ten people but you only have one can of beer left? Fortunately, Boxed has got you covered so these things won’t happen to you again.

Boxed Promo & Coupon Codes – Updated 2020

Use the following link to automatically apply a $15 discount to any order of $60 or more!

You might be very excited to get your first order from Boxed. To make this experience way better, we found the best promo codes so you can save money while making your first-ever purchase.

Click here to sign up for a free account using your email or your Facebook account. After that, you will receive a $15 discount on any order that costs $60 or more. Given the large number of deals Boxed offers on a wide variety of products, it won’t be that hard to reach the required price to avail the discount.

We hope that the coupon will be of help as you restock your house with much-needed supplies. Don’t forget to keep this page bookmarked as we will add more Boxed coupons and discounts as they become available.

About Boxed

Boxed was founded in 2013 courtesy of Jared Yaman, Christopher Cheung, Chieh Huang, and William Fong. These four friends thought that it would be nice to shop for wholesale products without membership fees while on-the-go. Boxed was launched as a website and with a mobile app for Android and iPhone. There are a vast array of items available for purchase, ranging from food to pet supplies.

The retailer has amassed awards last 2016. They were given the Emerging E-tailer of the Year award by Internet Retailer, named as among the top places to work in New York City by Crain’s, and crowned as one of the many billion dollar startups by Forbes.

Last year, Boxed introduced the SMART Stockup feature which utilized machine learning on your data to predict when you will need to restock a particular product. Their B2B customers also have the Concierge shopping concept that pre-emptively fulfilled and delivered products whenever these items are low in stock.

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