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Busy Baby Mat After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

Busy Baby Mat Before Shark Tank

Busy Baby Mat is a suction cup mat made from food-grade silicone. This mat can adhere to any surface and was made to prevent children from throwing or dropping their toys, cups, utensils, etc. on the floor. It comes with flexible, silicone cords to hold each item. One end of the tether connects to the mat, while the other secures to whichever item the child has in their space. Parents can secure anything from utensils and sippy cups to toys and pacifiers to the mat. These mats are dishwasher and microwave safe and, because they’re made of silicone, they won’t grow mold, bacteria, or fungi. Though, it is recommended to clean the mat with vinegar and water prior to its first use.
Beth Fynbo founded and created this product in 2017. Prior to her invention, Beth was in the Army, where she spent over 10 years seeing new places and trying new things. After her years of being in the Army concluded, she tried to get back into the groove of life; however, that was a bit tricky. After some time, she got to a place where she was comfortable and ended up starting a family. Now you may be wondering how she came to start Busy Baby Mat.
Beth went out to have lunch with some friends some time after having her first child. During their lunch, Beth noticed another table with babies and their babies. She realized that the babies kept throwing things on the floor, leaving their mothers to constantly get up and grab the items. Beth, wanting to avoid this from happening when her baby got older, went straight to Amazon to find something to avoid the throwing. She figured the best solution would be a product that could secure any item so that the baby wouldn’t even be able to throw it down. This led her to brainstorm ideas. busy baby demo mobile 2048x
Shortly after, Beth came up with a prototype idea. She made one for herself and one for her friend. Some time after, her friend texted her, praising her for the idea. Her friend expressed how she didn’t realize how amazing it was until she had forgotten it one day. This led Beth to find a team of professionals to help her make her product a reality. After officially creating the product, Beth signed up for many competitions that would allow her to pitch her invention. She ended up winning $100,000. Her next step was to start a Kickstarter campaign; however, that was not successful for her. Now, she wants a shark’s help with inventory and manufacturing.

Busy Baby Mat on Shark Tank

Beth Fynbo introduces her Busy Baby Mat on Shark Tank. She hopes to get a deal of $250,000 for a 5% equity. She starts off by pitching her creation to the sharks, along with telling them about herself and her story. After handing out the samples, she goes on to tell the sharks that she already has two patents in place. Along with that, she has pretty good overall sales. She explains that each mat costs her $6 to create, and then she sells them for $24.99 each. Leading up to her Shark Tank appearance, Beth has made $343,000 in sales.
Mark Cuban immediately speaks up to tell Beth that he likes the idea; however, he is out. Lori Greiner then chimes in to make Beth a first offer. She offers $250,000 for a 20% equity in the company. Beth then tried to counter Lori’s offer with a 10% equity, but Lori declines. The next shark to speak is Robert Herjavec. He doesn’t make Beth an offer because he feels as though Lori has already made a great one. He drops out of the deal.
Daymond John follows closely behind. He cannot invest in the baby industry at this time. Shark Tank Busy Baby Mat 1280x720 1
Kevin O’Leary tells Beth that she is a rock star. He praises her for launching a product in the baby industry, though, he goes out as well as he cannot invest either. At this point, it’s either accept Lori’s offer or leave with nothing. Beth tries once more to counter Lori’s offer for a 15% equity in Busy Baby Mat. Lori declines as she doesn’t feel like she should go lower than 20%. Beth and Lori continue negotiating for some time, until Lori finally drops her equity to 18%. They negotiate some more before Beth decides to decline. She was leaving without a deal.

Busy Baby Mat Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Although Beth Fynbo chose not to take Lori’s deal during her Shark Tank episode, Busy Baby Mat is actually doing good. Beth has successfully expanded her business as well as increased her sales. In 2020, Busy Baby Mat actually made $1 million in sales. Beth stated that her business had sold 6,000 mats in just 48 hours, which was more than she had been selling within a full month. It appears that her time on Shark Tank definitely boosted her company’s presence. As of 2024, Busy Baby Mat has successfully reached $5 million in annual revenue.
Busy Baby Mat has received more than 1,600 positive reviews and ratings on Amazon. More specifically, her product got 5,000 ratings and about 75% of her ratings are 5-stars. Beth moved forward to posting YouTube videos about her baby mats, in which she’s been getting more than 200,000 views.
Additionally, Busy Baby Mat has been featured by Forbes, Pregnant Chicken, and even Buzz Feed. It has even been posted on the platform, handshake, where consumers can purchase it as well. But her success and expansions don’t stop there. Beth has been working on launching mats for older children and even the elderly and those with disabilities. She plans to release those new designs and products sometime this year. Busy Baby Red Bird Hills 2021 25
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