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Eminem Net Worth 2018 – How Much is Marshall Mathers Worth

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem, is one of the wealthiest recording artists in the world. With every record he releases selling millions of copies, and all of is singles being best sellers, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. His humble beginnings in Warren, Michigan, gave him the drive to pursue his art to the fullest, and he was well rewarded. His cross-over appeal, combined with acerbic lyrics and smooth melodies has given him fans the world over. So how exactly did he make such a vast fortune? Let’s find out.

Eminem Net Worth 2018 – $190 Million

How Did Eminem Make His Money & Wealth?

Eminem Marshall was born on October 17th in St Joseph Missouri, the only child of Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr and Deborah Rae Nelson. His childhood was a mess. His father left the family when he was young, he and his mother moved from place to place until he was eleven, when they settled in Michigan. School was tough for him as well. He was bullied for most of his life, and was a middling student. Except in English, where he excelled. He channeled his love of language into rap, and after a few turbulent years  trying to make it, he came to the attention of Dr Dre, who mentored the young Marshall Mathers. He soon rose to super stardom, and the money began to accumulate.

His first release in 1996 sold poorly. Around one thousand copies of Infinite were sold, making an estimated $10,000. His follow up release, The Slim Shady LP sold more than five million copies, generating nearly $6 million in revenue. He founded Shady records in 1999 to produce his third album, the critically acclaimed Marshall Mathers LP. He earned an estimated $12 million from that record. His most financially successful year was 2002. With the release of The Eminem Show, in addition to the money he earned as CEO of Shady Records and the Anger Management Tour, he made $29 million. It is estimated that in 2015 he earned $31 million. Year after year Marshall has made in excess of $5 million.

Eminem’s Personal Life & FAQ

Is Eminem Married?

Marshall has been married to Kimberly Anne Scott twice. He has stated in the past that he has no intention of re-marrying.

Does Eminem have kids?

Marshall has one daughter, Hallie, with former wife Kimberly Anne Scott. He has adopted Kim’s sister’s daughter, Alaina, and Kim’s other child from a prior relationship, Whitney. He had custody of his half brother Nate.

Where did Eminem go to College?

Marshall dropped out of High School at seventeen to pursue a career as a rapper. He does not hold a High School Diploma, or a College Degree. There are references to him having a GED, but none are confirmed.

Where Does Eminem Live? Picture of Eminem’s House

eminem Eminem lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan in a five acre estate. The home includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a basketball court and a swimming pool.

Why is he called Eminem? Why is he sometimes called Slim Shady?

At first Marshall went by the moniker M+M, after his initials. Eventually he created the current spelling. He goes by the name Slim Shady when performing as that character. He feels it accurately portrays the anger that flows through his lyrics, that and it rhymes with a lot of things.

How much did Eminem Earn Last Year?

It is estimated that Marshall Mathers earned $31 million last year. You can also click here to see what happened to Eminem and what he’s currently up to in 2017.

Eminem’s Charity Work and Philanthropy

He formed the Marshall Mathers Foundation in an attempt to reach out to disenfranchised youth in Michigan. Through the foundation Marshall has made donations to food banks and participates in fundraisers. He also works with 8Mile Boulevard Associations, to create better public transport.


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