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Man Kills Wife and 3 Children In Murder-Suicide

A man with a history of mental health issues opened fire inside his home, killing his family before shooting himself, according to police. The shooter, later identified as Robert J. Crayton, 45, fatally shot his wife Athalia A. Crayton, 46, and three children aged 18, 16, and 10, on Saturday morning.

Two other individuals, who were present at the time of the incident, one of whom lived at the home and had direct relations to the family, fled the house shortly after 7 a.m. and began banging on neighbors’ front doors pleading for help.

athalia crayton
Athalia Crayton, the shooter’s wife, was one of the victims

High Point police chief Travis Stroud, said that in his 27 years in the police department, he’s never seen anything like it.

Unfortunately, the motive for the shooting remains unclear. However, the shooter is known to have been suffering from a mental illness. Just recently, he was the target of an involuntary commitment, which the police believe was taken out by the family.

north carolina murder suicide
The murder-suicide, which took place in High Point, North Carolina, leaves five dead, including two minors

The horrific incident comes just three days after a Utah man shot and killed seven family members before killing himself.

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