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Rowan Atkinson Net Worth 2018

Rowan Atkinson is a popular British actor and comedian. You probably recognize his face from Mr. Bean or Blackadder, some of the most popular British sitcoms. Through his work, Atkinson has become a very influential and wealthy man. Let’s take a look at his net worth, business, and life.

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth – $130 Million

How Did Rowan Atkinson Make His Money & Wealth

Here is the story of Rowan Atkinson’s $130 million net worth.

Early life & education

rowan atkinson college He was born in Consett, England in 1995, to Eric Atkinson and Elle May. He grew up in Consett with two of his older brothers, Rodney and Rupert. Atkinson graduated from the Newcastle Unversity, receiving an Electrical Engineering degree. He continued his education afterward inThe Queen’s College in Oxford, where he would get the academic title called Honorary Fellow afterward. During this time, he was already writing and performing several sketches.

Career beginnings

Before appearing on the TV, Atkinson ventured into radio shows. He starred in BBC Radio 3’s comedy shows, called The Atkinson People. The show did fictionary interviews with made-up characters, all of which were played by Rowan himself. After that, he starred in 1979’s sitcom Canned Laughter and BBC’s comedy show Not the Nine O’Clock News. The latter role was very popular, so he was hired to play in The Black Adder several years after. He was also a co-writer of the series. Over the years, Blackadder became one of BBC’s most successful comedies, inspiring many sequels and specials.

Mainstream breakthrough

Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean After Deathadder, Atkinson co-produced and acted in his most prominent role to this day – Mr. Bean. The first season of the show aired in 1990 and gained huge popularity right away. Bean became one of the icons of comedy, winning dozens of awards, and inspiring several spinoff series and movies. During this time, he also starred in Johnny English, Love Actually, Johnny English Reborn and Keeping Mum. And of course, many of the movies and sequels produced about Mr. Bean.

After Mr. Bean

Atkinson announced that he will be retiring Mr. Bean in late 2012. However, two years later it was announced that he will be starring in a new animated series about his famous character. He also made several cameos as Bean in advertisements and sketches. During this time, he kept popping up on TV from time to time, in the Olympics Opening Ceremony, and also in television series Horrible Histories and Maigret. The second sequel to Johnny English is announced for this year as well, with Atkinson returning to play the clumsy spy.

Through his writing, producing and acting, Atkinson became one of the most prolific British celebrities. And that brought him a net worth of an estimated $130 million!

Rowan Atkinson Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Rowan Atkinson married?

rowan atkinson wife Rowan Atkinson is currently in his second marriage. His first wife was Sunetra Sastry. They married in 1990, and have two children together. The couple separated in 2014 and got a divorce the year after that. Since then he has been with Louise Ford, with whom he has his 3rd child.

Rowan Atkinson Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018

While we don’t have the exact number, we have some figures that are providing some context regarding his net worth. In 2013, he earned  $13 million, mostly from Mr. Bean royalties. A year prior, he made $12.5 million. And the latest figures we have are for 2015 when he earned around $12 million from selling his McLaren F1.

Rowan Atkinson House – Pictures of His Home

rowan atkinson house Atkinson’s newly built house recently won a RIBA Award (Royal Institute of British Architects). The modern house is located in the hills near Wallingford and looks absolutely gorgeous. Rowan invested around £5 million making the house. He also has an empty house in Handsmooth, but he doesn’t appear to be too interested in it.

Rowan Atkinson Car

Atkinson is a big car enthusiast. His collection includes an Audi A1, the exotic BMW i3, and several classics, such as the BMW 328 and Jaguar MK7.  A few years ago he sold his McLaren F1 for $12,000,000. Several days ago, he put another two of his rides on sale – a Mercedes 500E and a Lancia Thema 823 Series 1.

Other Interesting Facts

  • He, of course, has a driving license. But did you know that his license also includes driving lorries?
  • He was featured in 2011’s episode of Top Gear on their “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment. As you can imagine, he took the first place driving the reasonably priced Kia Cee’d.
  • After his pilot fainted during a trip to Kenya, Rowan was able to keep the plane flying until the pilot recovered and was able to re-take control.



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