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V2 Pro Series 7 Review – 2018 Update

Electronic cigarettes are a super hot market now. They efficiently deliver nicotine, taste great, and of course, don’t have that hideous smell of traditional “analog” cigarettes. As time goes on and more information about what makes an electronic cigarette a great one, personal vaporizers become much more sleek, discreet and awesome looking. And of course, technology obviously becomes much more efficient and better as time goes on, so it should come as no surprise that the V2 Pro Series 7, like its little brother (the Pro Series 3) is a shocking step forward with some of the technology it includes.

V2’s Pro Series 7 looks very similar in design to the PAX; rather than being rounded like a traditional stick style or boxxy like some mods, it is more of an oblong column that fits great in your hand. Similar to the Pro Series 3, the Pro Series 7 has a cartridge system which allows for the user to use dedicated cartridges for electronic cigarette juice, loose leaf herbal product, and concentrates for oils/waxes. These click in with the use of magnets, and sit great – there is no potential for cross-threading or for any of the oil/wax or resin build-ups to seek out and gunk up your device.

The contents of your V2 Pro Series 7 purchase; the vaporizer, a liquid and loose leaf cartridge, and a USB outlet and the charger
The contents of your V2 Pro Series 7 purchase; the vaporizer, a liquid and loose leaf cartridge, and a USB outlet and the charger

The Pro Series 7, like the Pro Series 3, is equipped with smart technology and is able to  instantly recognize each of the three types of cartridge. When a specific cartridge is inserted,  the device will change its own settings accordingly in order to reach the optimum temperature depending on the contents of the cartridge. E-liquid is vaped at the lowest temperature, concentrates and oils are heated to a medium temperature, and loose leaf is heated to the highest temperature. The amounts of vapor delivered are about the same for each cartridge; it’s a nice, thick cloud, and noticeably more potent than the little brother model, the Pro Series 3. For the loose leaf and concentrates cartridge, there is an option to adjust the power settings to cause the cartridge to heat up to low, medium or high heat.

The Pro Series 7 stands 5.08 inches tall with a diameter of 1.34 inches around – it’s less tall but more wide than the Pro Series 3, which in my opinion, fits much better in your hand compared to the stick style battery. The charging port is located at the bottom of the battery, and uses a proprietary charger. The charging LED is located at the bottom of the device, and will glow green when ready, but pulse red while it is charging. The Pro Series 7 also has a passthrough, allowing for users to vape while it is charging – this feature isn’t found in some vape pens that cost far more than the Pro Series 7.

The Pro Series 7 kit includes the vaporizer itself, a USB wall outlet and the proprietary battery charger, and a liquid and loose leaf cartridge. The liquid cartridge holds about 2.5 mL and the cartridges are relatively the same size, so you can use that as a comparison for how much product it will hold. It goes without saying that it will probably hold the most electronic liquid, then hold the second most wax/concentrates, and hold the least amount of loose leaf product. The loose leaf cartridge is heated through conduction, as well. The liquid cartridges do not use coils, which can help with some savings over a long period of time.

Accessories that work with the Pro Series 3 also work with the Pro Series 7, including the grinder which perfectly grinds up loose leaf products to work perfectly with the type of oven. The cleaning kit is also a must-purchase, which includes a brush, scoop, funnel (THIS might be worth the price alone), a pair of tweezers, and five alcohol pads. This kit is available for a low price of $9.99, but is meant to work with all of V2’s products, so you can also use it if you own a Pro Series 3.

The Pro Series 7 (and 3) are available in Black, Blue, and Steel
The Pro Series 7 (and 3) are available in Black, Blue, and Steel

The Pro Series 7 is a little more expensive than its brother model, and is available starting at $169.99 – however, this also includes the price of the Loose Leaf cartridge, which by itself is $29.99. There are a little bit of savings to be had, but for the price, it is well worth purchasing a versatile vaporizer.
The Pro Series 7 is a nice improvement over the Pro Series 3, simply being an all-around better and more powerful device. The battery is bigger, the dimensions and design have changed to hold more product and also fit (in my opinion) more comfortably in your hand, and the vaporizer has been refined. Of course, the amazing versatility is also important for someone like myself who wants to vape various different types of substance consistencies, and the option to be able to change in and out at will. The Pro Series 7 is right about in the middle range in terms of pricing for vaporizers, but it is well worth the price solely because it’s a three-in-one vaporizing device; the fact it works great and looks sleek is an added bonus.

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  1. S7 – I got this for my husband as a birthday gift and we both couldn’t be happier. He had a pax that we spent alot of money on and it was gross. It was always clogged and he got gunk all over the kitchen counters when he tried to clean it. Alcohol helps to clean it up, but it still stains. I love that we can just toss the old cartridges instead of cleaning them and I give him spare cartridges as gifts now. Win win.

  2. Full disclosure, I’m juice only, but I felt like I needed to chime in when it comes to series 7. Great battery life. Probably the longest lasting battery life of any vape I’ve tried. The carts hold enough for me to vape for a week. I tried the settings and wasn’t very impressed with the high and medium. It effected the vapor and killed the battery, but the low setting is perfect.


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