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What Happened to “Octomom” Nadya Suleman? Now in 2024

nadya-suleman-octomom-then Nadya Suleman is a very interesting case. The woman appeared, on the outside, to be your average woman. Then, her world turned upside down. She became an instant celebrity, one of the most interesting people in the world. Why is this? She gained worldwide attention because she was Octomom, the first person of the new century to give birth to octuplets, which means eight babies. Not only that, but all eight of them continued to live well past the time the last octuplets survived, which was back in 1998 with the Chukwu octuplets. Nadya was all over the television news and gossip channels. She was being talked about on all the morning radio shows. She had become an instant celebrity, after being just an average, normal woman who had a strange event happen by chance. Or at least that’s how it seemed.

After digging deeper, it was found that she had used assisted reproductive technology to achieve this feat, which instantly caused controversy. An investigation took place, led by the Medical Board of California, on the doctors and specialists Nadya saw during her pregnancy. The general public, after first being awestruck by this incredible event, started to realize what had really happened, and Nadya became a public punching bag. It turned out that she had already had six other kids, and was unemployed. She got special treatment to have more kids than the usual person possibly could, yet she couldn’t even afford the costs it took to raise her own six kids, let alone eight new ones. At first, she publicly stated that she did not use public assistance to achieve this crazy feat, but a few years later during an exclusive NBC Today show interview, she admitted that she did use public assistance. She created her eight new kids and her six others with in vitro fertilization, also known as IVF.

In vitro fertilization is known to be when a woman impregnates herself, without engaging in sexual intercourse. This is done by having sperm donated from sperm donors fertilize an egg outside of the body. The woman has an egg removed from her body, and in a laboratory, the sperm fertilizes the egg. The newly fertilized egg, called a zygote (you didn’t forget that from biology class, did you?) continues to grow inside a Petri dish for a few days until it is ready to be implanted into the woman’s uterus, and a successful pregnancy has begun. The zygote can also be implanted into a woman who didn’t originally supply the egg, as this is how infertile woman can get kids.

However, occasionally, if the woman loses most of her fertilized eggs through miscarriages often, the doctors performing this procedure will take multiple eggs out of the woman and fertilize them, to increase the chances that one of them survives. In extreme cases, all of them may survive, resulting in an unnatural amount of babies birthed. This is what happened with Nadya Suleman, or Octomom.

You may be wondering why the public got mad, or why a whole investigation was launched. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at Octomom’s past.

Way back in 1996, which was before the Chukwu octuplets were conceived, Nadya Suleman was married to a man who went by the name of Marco Gutierrez. Their relationship was rocky, for a lack of better words, and they separated unofficially in 2000. It took six more years for her husband to officially file for divorce, which he did, and it was finalized in 2006. The reason behind the separation and divorce was different than one might think. During an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, Suleman’s former husband Gutierrez said that the reason that they were having trouble in their relationship and the reason that they were trying to separate was due to problems while attempting to have kids. Suleman brought up the idea of using in vitro fertilization, but Gutierrez was against the whole idea of “test tube babies” and didn’t want to go that route. This is what caused the split, as Suleman wanted kids but her husband didn’t want to be part of the unnatural procedure. He says that he isn’t the father of any of Suleman’s kids, but he wishes the woman known as Octomom good luck with her future endeavors.

So Suleman, now separated and needing a job, started to receive in vitro fertilization treatments so that she nadya-suleman-now could finally have kids of her own. This was overseen by Dr. Michael Kamrava, who was an established and respected doctor at the time, but later was asked to leave the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Suleman’s first attempt at in vitro fertilization was successful, as she gave birth to her very first child, a boy named Elijah. She then had a daughter a year later in 2002, named Amerah. She wanted more kids, and went on to continue the treatments, and ended up with fraternal twins and two more kids, totaling six by the end of it. While six kids for most families, let alone single mothers, seems like a lot, if not too much, Suleman didn’t stop there. She wanted more, and this greed and lust for children is what caused a – at first – miraculous event, but later a scary, dangerous, and selfishly driven event.

It was 2008. Suleman said that she had six eggs left over from her last treatments of in vitro fertilization. During the process, she wanted all six of these implanted into her at once, instead of the usually recommended one or two. However, after some research by the California Medical Board during their investigation, the found out that Dr. Kamrava had injected not only six but twelve embryos in total. This was an unheard of, unhealthy number. The reasoning behind this, according to Suleman herself, was that she didn’t want any of her frozen embryos to perish, as they were reaching their expiration date. So she demanded that Dr. Kamrava transfer them all at once into her, which meant that there was an incredibly high chance of her having an unnatural, unhealthy number of kids born at once. After this was found out, Dr. Kamrava had his medical license taken away, as he broke many rules and his ethical values were raised into question. Many people were disgusted at his actions. The results from this could have been much worse than they were. What if all twelve of the embryos survived and were born? Carrying twelve babies at once would surely cause some physical damage, and the risk of death would have been outrageously high during birth. The babies born would have been severely underweight and they would have had a very low chance of surviving.

Suleman gave birth to eight kids, known as octuplets, and thus the name “Octomom” was born. The news of the event created a large buzz in the media, and people all over the world were interested. However, everything soon turned negative, with some people going as far to send Suleman death threats. While that was dumb (and ironic, since you are mad at her for doing something that may have caused many deaths, yet you are threatening to cause one yourself; that’s like getting mad at someone for stepping on a spider, and then stepping on a spider yourself the next day), most of the negative responses were well deserved. Suleman basically decided that she wanted to have a large number of kids at once when she already had six. To top that off, she was unemployed and had lots of financial problems. This begged the question, “How did she afford the incredibly expensive in vitro fertilization treatments?”

She says that she is able to support all fourteen of her children, but that didn’t stop protests from occurring outside of her home. Because Suleman had so many children, and because she had no job or source of income, she was eligible for tax awards, which citizens of the city were paying. This caused an outrage, as she was taking their money, indirectly. Suleman said that she planned on going back to school to complete her degree, and then get a job to support her children further. It was also revealed that she was receiving payment from the government and taxpayers for a back injury that she suffered from an angry mob from a decade ago. She used this to support herself, instead of going out and getting a job, and she kept on having more and more kids, and this outraged the community.

Her octuplets stayed in the hospital well after they had been born, to the point where Suleman even wondered if she was on the verge of losing custody of them. She went on to buy a new house, which was a curious and an interesting move, considering that she had little money and was still unemployed. Her income from the back injury settlement had also stopped during 2008, and the purchase of the house took place in 2009. Eventually, she got to go the hospital and retrieve her kids. However, there were riots protesting this, even going as far as throwing a baby car seat at her vehicle when she was returning home with her seventh octuplets. The seat broke through the back window of her car and shattered the glass. It was a violent, rough moment in the timeline of Octomom’s life.

At the time, Suleman said that she didn’t get much sleep at night, maybe two to three hours at most. Her past actions were haunting her, and she knew she made a mistake. The constant riots, death threats, protests, and global disapproval was taking a toll on her emotionally, and with great effect. She just wanted kids to spend time with. She just wanted to be a mother, after years of trying, she finally found a way to make this dream a reality, but she took advantage of it. She became obsessive, and couldn’t get enough. She didn’t know where the line was drawn; she didn’t even know there was a line. By the time she had crossed it, it was way too late.

So, what in the world happened to Nadya Suleman, or Octomom, if you prefer to call her that? It seems like news on her story has faded, so what is she up to know? How is she making money, how healthy are the kids, how is she emotionally, and does she regret her past decisions?

octomom-now After her appearances all over television, from the Oprah Winfrey Show to her own reality television show, the interest and buzz in Octomom started to die down a bit, and Suleman was now a normal person. She felt much better out of the spotlight; however, her plans to go back to school and then get a job to support her kids did not go as planned. It was reported in 2012 that she was back on welfare, and shortly after Suleman filed for bankruptcy.

She said that she had over a million dollars in debts. Her house was put up for sale, and things got even murkier. She was accused of neglecting her children by spending a lot of her money on spas, salons, and other services. She was blowing all her money on temporary things when what she should have been doing was buying permanent things like security for children. The claim was later dropped by social workers when they saw that her children were in an okay setting and the children were allowed to stay at home with Nadya.

It turned out that the emotional problems Nadya was dealing with were still around and perhaps more serious than ever, as she checked herself into rehab. She went to the Chapman House Treatment Center, located in Los Angeles, California, for over 25 days to help her deal with stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. She also started to take Xanax after it was prescribed to her by her doctor.

In early 2014, it was claimed that Suleman failed to pay back over $30,000 in welfare earnings. She had been receiving welfare for being unemployed, yet she was receiving countless offers to be on television and she was accepting them. She kept these a secret from the government so that she could continue to receive welfare, which was a selfish thing to do, as taxpayers were paying for her to support herself when others needed it way more. She got off easy, however, and only had to pay a small fine and do 200 hours of community service, along with two years of probation. Her lawyer says that she has already paid back her debts from welfare, and she was back on her feet.

In order to support her children, Nadya Suleman decided that she had to find a way to make some kind of income, and so she turned to pornography. At first, her jump into entertainment media was a simple, innocent one, as she was recording a single with artists Adam Barta and appeared in his music video.

She then appeared in an adult film, Octomom Home Alone, where she sits at home pleasuring herself with all kinds of objects. Quite the jump, if you ask me. It paid the bills, however, but brought her back into the national spotlight. Many people enjoyed the film, as it won numerous awards. Of those awards, the most recognizable is the AVN Award for the Best Celebrity Sex Tape. Nadya continued this line of work by becoming an entertainer in men’s dancing clubs and releasing a new album.

The album, at first, stirred up a controversy. The album’s artwork shows her sitting on a bed, holding her breasts while being surrounded by crucifixes. She later went on to say that there was no intention of making a point, or doing anything immoral, as she was simply inspired by some of Madonna’s work. The last she was seen doing publicly was engaging in an internet debate site called Deeyoon.com, where she was paid to debate parenting with Michael Lohan and the site’s users.

At first, it seemed like Nadya Suleman was just a mom who had an incredibly improbable event happen to her. However, this was not the case, as she gave birth to octuplets intentionally, as she and her doctor performed in vitro fertilization to transfer twelve fertilized embryos into her. This caused public outrage, and she has been pegged “Octomom” ever since. Today, Octomom is more under the radar, and perhaps forgotten. That’s probably best for her mental health, and her family.

What Is She Up To Now In 2024?

Nadya was interviewed by the Australian news program Sunday Night for the octuplets’ 10th birthday in 2019. She admitted that she was “young, dumb, irresponsible, selfish” at the time but emphasized that she does not regret having any of her children. She also mentioned that the household is run with “military precision” and that everyone is “happy and well-mannered.”

Aside from that, she hasn’t made that many television appearances. In 2018, she was invited to The Dr. Oz Show, and in 2017, she was featured on Then and Now With Andy Cohen.

So, what has she been up to? Parenting, from the looks of it. For one thing, the octuplets are currently in their early teens so they probably have a lot going on at home. She has also said that she’s working on a memoir. As for how she feeds everyone, she receives government assistance and also works as a counselor.

For those who’d like to keep up with what they’re up to, you can follow Nadya aka ‘Octomom’ on social media. She’s active on Instagram (@nataliesuleman) where she has over 215K followers. If anything, she regularly posts about her kids, not just about the octuplets but of her other children as well.

Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


    • Hahahaha “poor children?” Please miss self-righteous, projecting misplaced hate all over the place…take a look at my Instagram page @nataliesuleman, then feel free to ignorantly put your two cents in ?

  1. Wow. This is the only article I’ve ever read about Suleman that actually got all the facts right. You left out some important details, such as Suleman’s well-documented addiction to prescription medication and reported alcoholism, and the medical neglect of her son Jonah. And there’s no mention of the financial abuse of her mother (who is one of the greatest victims in this tragic story). But in terms of the basic sequence of events, pertinent details (such as the number of embryos implanted. So many articles get that wrong!) and other incidentals, very well done!

    • Dear “Pappy,” yet another uninformed hater. Yes, during the darkest months as octomom (solo adult film time), as a direct repercussion of repeatedly violating my value system and boundaries, I numbed the toxic shame that manifested with mood altering prescription benzodiazepines. Sadly enough, I knew I was engaging in desperate activities that were incongruent to my core self. Bottom line: if you have to numb yourself with a mood altering substance to engage in an activity…you should NOT BE ENGAGING IN THAT ACTIVITY. I killed Octomom to save my own life and moved us as a family far and away from all the toxic influences and went back to my profession as a counselor helping facilitate healing in other people in pain. As far as “medical neglect” of Jonah, I was strongly advised by multiple physicians to wait to repair his cleft LIP (no palate involved) until his weight was higher…he was born at 1 pound and was unable to have surgery until 2 and a half years old (due to low birth weight). You see, doctors determine if a child is ready to go under anesthesia based on WEIGHT not AGE. Most kids have the opportunity to have cleft lips fixed by one year because they were SINGLETONS…Jonah was an OCTUPLET. Hence, the discrepancy age ?

      • And so among other justified concerns – not ‘hate’ – is why it took until Jonah was 2 1/2 years old to achieve the equivalent weight of a year-old singleton? High-order multiple premies should’ve well by then caught up to their singleton peers.

      • This comment was more well written and provided more clarity than Andy Debolt ever could have. Thanks.

        PS: Do you have an update?

      • i WAS READY TO HELP BOTH YOU AND OZZIE (1.5 MILLION IN BACK-TAXES) IN MID-2012 BUT a Public-Pretender did not talk about the case and wanted me to take a plea bargain (even after I told her she works for me) on what was basically a complaint against the police and; she wanted to process cases, not talk about trials or getting charges thrown-out.
        I ended-up leaving the US June 7th, 2013. I found my inheritance on the European side but was still un-lawfully deported to the US on a lie (from Czech,. Immigration Police@Prague Airport) alleging th@ I owned a house in Derby Acres (above Taft CA west of Bakersfield 45 miles), and after some jail time (14 days) and free time (37 days) and foreigner detention camp (50 days) I was kidnapped (from the facility) and taken backwards (through Moscow) and after waiting about four hours came back east to New York. The US immigration (TSA) did nothing to arrest or even get the names and passport #s. Czech. Embassy told me to go from facebook to secure email then did not respond there either.
        So I am back, sorry you had to do adult film but I;ve done that before too since I am The Only wanna-be of Baby-Lance. Email postmaster@nobel.no with ‘peace’ in the subject line and start sending single sanctified sexy secretaries (SSSSSS) for safe-keeping as non-breeding-virgins (for Christ’s sake) !!!
        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f86031e80cc3ce50402ae2ef2929b8a8e570d8bccab0675a2c7073b5b1d1e06d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38658870ee501f313a08ea80619ea0cac52d374f61c0ec465dcb6709993d7fef.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac6fe3d3a074bb2cb2af096589de99992a600815c00a5ecdc7c38a70f46eaf83.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06e8e6bdde5c00730663d7c06faaa47bb11211985a353e2c7e9d4f22be8ee04a.jpg !!!

  2. I thought at first from the stilted style and awkward sentence construction that this was written as a class report by a sixth grader. Then I discovered it was written by an adult with a degree in journalism. I guess it was written FOR sixth graders?

  3. You messed up on IVF. A woman doesn’t “impregnate herself without intercourse” (the method that that best describes is artificial insemination done with donor sperm at time, and even then, it’s attempting to impregnate). Eggs are harvested after a tricky few weeks of shots, and are placed in a dish with sperm. Those that are fertilized are left to develop for three days. That morning, if several zygotes look good, the doctor will wait two more days to call the woman in for a transfer. If not many look good or a high number have arrested (ceased development), then the woman will be called in for a transfer. Where you got it the most wrong is that embryos aren’t implanted, and then you have a successful pregnancy. If only it was that easy! One or two are TRANSFERRED into the uterus, and the rest is up to itself. What happens next is you hope at least one will burrow its way into the uterine lining, which is implanting itself. If that happens, and ONLY if, then you have a pregnancy, but viability won’t be known for a couple weeks. I’ve been through it three times.

    Your timeline is screwed up. The more glaring error is that, according to your article, she went into adult film AFTER landing in legal hot water. She made her film before that, and income from that went unreported.

    • California tax dollars at work. 14 kids total. Plastic surgeries, adult film video, stripper, and my favorite quote from the queen herself. “I hate babies they disgust me. My older 6 are animals getting more and more out of control because I don’t have the time to discipline them. The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Sometimes I sit there for hours I even eat my lunch sitting on the toilet floor. Anything to get peace and quite. Some days I have thought about killing myself. I cannot cope. Obviously I love them but I wish I had never had them.”
      Yes! A real prize catch there.

      • Hahahahhahaha…”tax dollars at work” lol..well, as a tax paying citizen I must be a burden to myself (I’ve worked full time as a counselor for three years now) in addition to the entire society right miss self-righteous? In regard to the media’s fabricated “plastic surgery,” as octomom I was too ashamed to admit the following “surgeries” I’ve had in fear of further ridicule and persecution: 1. 1993: breast reduction (not implants). I was a D by 15 years old and experienced back pain as a result. 2. 2003: 250 cc saline implants to get back (after breast feeding three kids) what I took out. 3. 2008, being young and dumb I went to a dermatologist to inject (not surgery) a temporary filler in my upper lip to balance my already fuller lower lip. They were fine just the way they were and looked actually 1000 times better before…but that dermatologist injected both, into the muscle! This created a monstrous look, disproportionate to my face (which is 100% natural btw, due to inheriting my mothers strong, pronounced Lithuanian bone structure and nose that all of my kids inherited as well). 4. 2009 an online tabloid paid me to exploit myself even more and inject my poor lips again!!! Desperate and dumb (should have been my name instead of octomom), I did it and it was worse than the first time! That was several months after having the babies in 2009. Has taken years to go back completely natural, but they are now. 5. 2009 (toward end of year), one tummy tuck to remove some skin on abdomen (I did have 8 babies at the same time ?). I exploited myself in the media to pay for those few things. Thats it. The media took one grain of sand (minimal work I actually did), and fabricated it into a beach of bull and lies that many people in the public ate up. I injected my lips years before it became this toxic trend these days. I hope to one day talk openly about what really happened as to deter young insecure girls from making the same mistake I did many years ago. Please take a look at my Instagram page. I have pictures of me as a baby, kid, and teen, and in my twenties, and you can see my features have always been the same, even as a baby (same cheekbones, nose, bee stung lower lip). Same as my girls. In response to the “I hate babies” comment, I responded to someone else on this post already about that bad sarcastic joke in order to irritate the reporter. Stripping? Well, yes my entire two stints as a “stripper,” were in 2012 and in 2013 to “promote” the dehumanizing, nasty, violating all boundaries, “porn” video, again, out of desperation and scarcity to survive. You see, I am looking forward to telling my true story in the near future as it will feel more liberating and empowering to openly condemn and criticize myself than suppress all the toxic shame and self-disgust I did for 4 long years as that heinous octomom. I am still in the process of pulling my self worth out of the toilet. The truth is: I was octomoms biggest hater all along from the very beginning. I was a robot…did what I was told to do, said what I was told to say. I am finally free ?

        • But you’ve proudly shouted your alleged boob reduction procedure from the rooftops ever since you’ve had a platform, when medical records revealed during the CA medical board’s investigation of Dr. Kamrava in several places indicate a history of boom implants?

          And it defies probability test that like your uterus, your lips also fell victim to medical malfeasance during a perfectly elective, scheduled cosmetic procedure. So a clinician mistakenly injected costly filler into both lips when you wanted it in just one? And then injected it into your ‘muscle?’ Sounds like fantastic basis for lucrative settlement on behalf of a single unemployed mom, except….no lawsuit. Lemme guess: You honorably don’t ‘believe’ in litigation, right? Just a little tax evasion to ensure ongoing welfare payments to supplement all the side income that would otherwise disqualify it; right?

          I get the self-shame & disgust and desperation to re-invent oneself, even over & over – I’m a mental health clinician – but man, you gotta get a little more honest to effectively do that, much less assist others in their own transformations.

        • Octomom told InTouch magazine. “I hate the babies, they disgust me. My older six are animals, getting more and more out of control, because I have no time to properly discipline them. The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Sometimes I sit there for hours and even eat my lunch sitting on the toilet floor. Anything to get peace and quiet. Some days I have thought about killing myself. I cannot cope. Obviously I love them – but I absolutely wish I had not had them. My bank account is overdrawn by $300 and I have no money to pay for the children’s school, food or the mortgage.” It’s Not “sardonic humor” to say you’re suicidal, more like plea for sympathy,

    • Hahaha, well in that case how am I emotionally strong enough to raise ALL 14 kids ON MY OWN, while simultaneously working as a substance abuse counselor and family therapist? And I still manage to find time to run 5ks WITH my athletic octuplets (in addition to full marathons)?? Check out my Instagram page and formulate an opinion after learning facts, not fabrications fed to you by the toxic media @nataliesuleman

      • I think anyone who would have that many embryos implanted in them is unstable. You shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. You did need public assistance didn’t you? And why are you responding to all these people’s comments? Don’t you have 14 kids to take care of?

  4. I still say her kids should be yanked from her home, like, yesterday. They didn’t even touch on the abuse Suleman’s poor mother had to endure at the hands of that selfish, venomous harpy.

    • Dear “Mochi” please visit my Instagram page and see how I’ve raised my amazing, respectful, kind, emphatic, compassionate, and beautiful babies who are 7 and THRIVING. @nataliesuleman

      • The doctor rightfully had his license revoked, but one wonders how an emotionally disturbed person like you should not have to apply for a licence to have children, you had no right to bring any of them into this world.

    • ICANN tell you for certain th@ money is made (created) from The Birth certificate, ergo she was just providing more tax-payers & money for you to enjoy as her children;s ‘bond’ will go to improve-ments4 all. Email postmaster@nobel.no with ‘peace’ in the subject line and spread the word of the S-Word (me, it). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c806dcdf30736c213e0b410dec7229f8a71c59290931e02372c4a0f7c070253.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3215ce5ef389de791baf7e37371d68375bc35b5d849115fa0b8764799b4b7ea.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d47382cf3e07566093c44759aee73465f166b3252a80b3f7ce09a9e92707aab.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21f5927fa81658740771bf03c0a8cb3903f517405eff5afed28ae3c5dc80df32.jpg


    • To “MittRomneys” This is yet another sick and deranged lie, as I’m sure all of you uneducated tabloid obsessed fools love to believe. I have remained celebrate for over 15 YEARS now, and as far as I’m concerned it will be another 15 years before I entertain the idea of connecting with ANYONE physically or sexually. I have been working as a counselor AND family therapist (I actually graduated from college unlike many of the critical morons posting) for over three years, and made the dumb and desperate decision to do a “solo porn” to feed my family and pay bills over 4 years ago.

      • What qualifies you to be a counselor? What training do you have? From which college did you graduate? I ask because you’ve told lies time and time again and NO ONE believes that you’re rearing all those 14 children all by yourself with no help. Who is taking care of your disabled son?

  6. Nadia Sulaiman is an Iraqi American or Middle Eastern American. Maybe she mistakenly thinks that’s part of her heritage.

    • Troy if you don’t know what heritage Nadia is for sure, and you can’t even spell her name right, why do you write with authority that this is a fact? She may not be the brightest bulb on the tree but you??????? Besides, what difference does her race make anyway?

    • No Troy Medici, I am a first generation American of mixed ethnicity. My father was born in Jeruselem, Palestine, and my mother was born in Lithuania. This is why my children and I have “different” looks.

  7. The poor lady has been subjected to the vilest of circumstances while her only crime was having the 8 babies, a feat that would have landed her in the Hall of Mommie Fame had they not been implants. In the past and continuing today multiple births are met with communal help from everyone. Not Nayda. She has had more roadblocks and vulgar offers (porn star perhaps which she turned down). Oprah used her for awhile then went on to lavish gifts on another family (this one had a working Dad and ability to support the children) to the max. I feel sorry for Nayda. At the very least people should have come forward to help her even in little ways. Perhaps her neighbors (instead of doing nothing but fool about the noise) had come over with food or offers to watch the children so she could get some much needed rest etc. But they didn’t and even though there was evidence she took good care of her brood people continued to revile her. I don’t get it.

    • Poor lady. What are you talking about! She already had 6 children that were perfectly healthy. There wasn’t any need for the 8 more children. And if everything would have went according to her and the doctor 12. He should stopped with the implants after the first 6. If she pressured him to implant more into her, he certainly didn’t put up a heck of a fight. He was getting paid, so it didn’t matter. And as far as that being her only crime the 8 children. Hmm hello, what about the welfare fraud she committed. Hall of mommy Fame are you as delusional as her. These aren’t trophies and this isn’t a game. These are people we are talking about here, not little trinkets or materials to be disposed of, at a whim. She chose to do the adult film because guess what she wasn’t working. She needed the money. And it seems as the money that she did collect wasn’t spent on the children entirely. Look at her face, do you think the plastic surgery happened by happenstance. No it was the taxpayer that footed that bill. Oprah used her (ha that’s a laugh) if anything they both used each other. She got paid by Oprah and Oprah used her notoriety, so it was a quid pro quo. And as far as people helping her out. People were giving her things. It wasn’t until she started back lashing that people got tired of it. And it’s not up to the neighbors to help out, if they choose not to. If you have want to have that many children, you should have some sort of financial means or help to take care of them yourself. How do you think it would have turned out with no job and being in financial debt? A recipe for disaster.

      • Regardless she did have the children and those children deserved to be helped just as much as another family who had a bunch and there was a father and mother capable of caring for them. I feel badly for this Mother that seemingly everyone turned against her instead of helping her.

        And about the adult film she did NOT do porn. She worked hard to keep her family together and from where I stand did a pretty good job considering most everyone was making fun of her; complaining about her and refusing to help the woman at all.

        I am a tax payer too but I am not crying about this family getting help and neither should you. Anyway I think the children are older now and she is in better shape so you can keep your taxpayer dollar when it comes to helping her.

        • Of course she had the children. I already know this. The children deserve to be taking care of like any other big family. Yeah they deserve to be taking of, BY THE PARENT or PARENTS. Not by society. If individuals want to help her out, that’s their best business. But to say society should take care of the children like it’s our obligation is asinine. If anyone listened to some of the interviews she has done, can tell she has some mental issues.

          For the adult film thing. Yes she did do it actually. It wasn’t with another individual. It was her solo. And yes people made fun her, but she still help from people.

          And that’s up to you, if you like someone being drain on your dollar. Only time will tell if those children will be well adjusted.

          We can agree to disagree on this issue. You have a good day madam.

          • Obviously this is how this must end because it is obvious you and others have no sympathy for this girl who foolishly had all these children. Of course the children aren’t to blame but hey, she’s a sleeze so she deserves what she gets doesn’t she. I heard nothing of her actually doing adult film except for some silly thing where she spanked a man with a diaper and I got she didn’t want to stoop to that level but of course the vultures in that vile industry couldn’t miss an opportunity to jump on this girl who obviously could not manage such a family and was desperate.

            As far as her getting help she did at first and someone put her in a house impossible for her to maintain a lone and of course the neighbors did nothing but complain about the noise and extra activity. From what I could determine not one offered a bit of help just wanted her GONE. But today everybody is lovers of self. Nobody wants to be inconvenienced with someone elses troubles especially if it is their own dumb fault. they’d rather call her a welfare leech.

            Of course not long after this happened some other lady gave birth to multiples (although not as many as “Octomom” and was lavished with ooh and aaws and more help than a person could imagine. Oh yes, she had a husband, a lovely house with an income perfectly able to meet the needs of everyone in it… there were several other children in that family as well.

            The practical help Octomom needed was never given. You have a new baby; get a welcome home basket, a house you can’t afford the upkeep on and there ya go. I do believe, at first, there was some help with nannies but when these kids were say in their terrible 2’s nothing. Now how could one person possibly keep up with all that without help and I’m not suggesting anyone deprive themselves of much maybe some groceries; offer to help with the care an hour or two once in awhile, some honest to God caring about this girl who’d made such foolish choices and gotten herself in a mess but NO only she is a welfare leech and everyone needed to kick her while she was down. How sad but as you so uppety say we shall agree to disagree and you go on in your mealy mouthed self centered world thinking the worse of someone who actually needs the help and didn’t get much of it. Personally I don’t care to have another message from you or anyone of your nature.

          • As for the adult film which you so adamantly deny….google “Octomom Home Alone”.

          • I so appreciate your emotional support and respect Ann. My oldest kids showed me this horrific article today and I am not surprised by the blatant ignorance and classic projection displayed by all the prematurely judgmental critics, who know me as well as they know every other random stranger they read about in tabloids. My kids are doing extremely well, and we have deep, meaningful intellectual conversations daily about my poor, desperate choices of the past. In regard to one particular critic, “quoting” how I “hate babies,” that was nearly 6 years ago…I was making a joke as I have never loved anyone more than my children (I adore all children). Sardonic “humor” is my way to cope with stressors…not my children, but rather, that invasive, sensationalizing “reporter” being the “stressor” in my home. If I lost my sense of humor, I would have lost my mind years ago. And in regard to my “mental health,” if I were in actuality mentally unstable, I would have crashed and burned emotionally YEARS ago (from media and public persecution alone), rather than forging through and superseding one obstacle and impediment after another, all the while raising 14 children…yes ALONE, while concurrently working as a counselor and family therapist for the last three years. The bottom line is I was young and dumb nearly one decade ago when I tried to have one more baby…yes ONE, not eight, while I couldn’t even afford the 6 kids I had. Then became dumb and desperate, subsequent to their birth, and sold myself out as the media created “octomom.” Again, Ann, thank you for choosing to be a kind, bright light amidst all the ignorant darkness.

          • Not sure what your mental health standards are, because many stops exist between the top floor of fulfilling our max potential & the ‘crash & burn’ basement. Substance abuse is one, outright addiction another, self-exploitation or neglect are others, as are boundary confusion and preoccupation with image & vanity. Other stops are more nuanced, like violating our own principles and losing sight of our integrity

            Also not sure how appropriate ‘deep, meaningful, intellectual’ conversations with kids are regarding their parents’ very adult mistakes, although pornography involvement is certainly a tricky one given its incredible sensitivity & public domain prevalence. There are simply ethics involved there that kids under 21 don’t have the prefrontal cortex maturation to properly judge without violating important boundaries and possibly predisposing their own principles. Innate personality can either buffer or exacerbate that risk, but it’s real enough to recommend deferring all but the most urgent practical discussions of the subject until the kids reach their 20’s.

          • Ms. Suleman, I would like to congratulate you for finishing school and getting your job to support your family. I know it couldn’t have been easy to accomplish with a houseful of kids let alone 8 infants. I don’t understand what possessed you to decide to have more children after you already had 6, but that’s not my call. You have obviously been a decent mom, because the welfare people investigated and you still have your kids. I’m sure all these haters on this thread have never made one single mistake in their whole life (not that I consider having all 8 babies a mistake because I feel abortion is wrong too). I wish you continued success in your future endeavors, and there’s at least one mom and grandma out here rooting for you!

          • Natalie you deliberately, shamelessly and immorally created a problem on your own that did not exist prior and you want others to take responsibility for it. “Abortion is murder”? Actually it’s a solution for stupidity like yours.

          • Yea we should save those precious tax dollars so that the government will have it to kill children and their families in other countries, in our name. That is more necessary than helping a mother raise 14 children to be good tax paying citizens.

          • Hate to break it to you, the government is already doing that. And you’re speculating what will, what won’t happen. We don’t know, it has to yet to be seen.
            And I’m glad you feel that way. I’ll go out and have a bunch of kids and I’d appreciate your support in doing so.

            Thanks a bunch????

      • And I love how people say self righteous this and that. I’ve never said I was better than anyone. I can judge what I see as a bad choice or choices in different circumstances. If you like or don’t like it that’s fine. You can move on, which is cool. Or you can comment good or bad that’s cool too. And try not to say I don’t judge people but in the same words judge me. Being hypocritical yourself. ??
        And people that say I don’t care and then comment. Well guess what you kinda, sorta do care or you wouldn’t have responded.?Its obvious if you respond the person struck some chord that rattled your feathers, whether good or bad. But it is usually bad to ruffle those feathers.

        Good day aLL!!!!!

    • I agree with you. I think it is despicable how people can be so self- righteous in thinking that they are justified to judge her so harshly and to throw a car seat through the window of her vehicle, shattering glass and putting her family in danger. I think it was utterly ridiculous to treat anyone as such, especially a mother. I must admit that I was surprised by a lot of the decisions she made and the things she did BUT I’m not perfect and actions and decisions were not always the best either. People tend to forget, “you live and learn” and “when you know better, you do better”. So, judgmental people, if you happen to read and and disagree with my post do not bother writing a response to me, tell it to someone who cares, because I could care less….

      • Thank you for your words of wisdom. I was saddened by some of her choices as well still I imagine she felt she had no choice if she was to care for those children. She was just surviving and with all the hatred around her I can see how desperate she must be/have been. Our world is not the compassionate place it should be. To me that is even sadder than her choices.

  8. OK line up all of you who can’t write a couple sentences without 5 mistakes and obviously failed English 101. Take a real close look at images of each one of her kids. They are healthy good looking children that didn’t get that way by themselves. Nadya has made some poor decisions and be borderline nuts for having 14 kids but it is HER responsibility and no one has asked YOU to babysit, have they?

    • Exactly, the difference between her and others is that she made her mistakes in public. Some of us might not have had 8 kids without a means to support them and some of us might not have been on welfare but I bet a lot of us have f***ked up in so many other ways…including hurting other people, saying something hurtful to a our kids or others kids, other people or animals. I don’t care if you stole 1 cookie from the jar or if you stole the whole cookie jar, we are in the same damn boat if we ain’t perfect. Only the sinless can point fingers.

    • Thank you so much Cheryl for the respect. My kids are my life and I quit the octomom nonsense to go back to being the real mother I was prior to having the babies (who are 7 and thriving).

    • cheryl, FYI…sounds like you don’t know…they won’t post blogs with profanity, that’s why people use “sounds like” words to describe what they’re really trying to convey/say.

  9. okay…so everyone is a grammarian….but what about the “Content”…does anyone care about the story that goes back to ? 2008 Nadya’s massive lies to herself and the public….more concerned with that then Debolt’s writing for this minor blog…

    • Dear Bindar Dunit, I agree that as octomom, years ago, I remained stuck in a state of defense. When a person feels under attack, persecuted, condemned, or highly criticized, they will not be in the frame of mind of being transparent or vulnerable with their feelings, thoughts, or anything for that matter. Therefore, I utilized every defense mechanism in the book! Rationalization, denial, justification, minimization, etc. This is used to psychologically protect ourselves from the attacker (this for me being the world). When one is attacked (and today I admit to making so many dumb and desperate decisions), they go into “fight or flight mode.” By remaining fixed in that cycle of defense, exhaustingly “fighting” for years, I eventually switched to “flight” mode, and flew the…away. Quit that disgusting octomom character, went back to my roots, and back to working in the helping profession, all the while caring for my 14 kids the way they deserve. If you are interested in the truth of our lives, visit my our Instagram page. @nataliesuleman

      • i think you were STUPID to want and have more kids when you already had SIX…and you couldn’t even take care of THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I think that any info about this woman is disgusting. Her children should be placed for adoption, period. The Dr. that performed the IVF lost his license, and she should have lost her children as well. The welfare dept of California should have removed those kids from her care ASAP….If you read between the lines in this article it speaks of neglect ….I mean who was taking care of the children while she was getting all these spa treatments and when she was in rehab ?
    No person is able to care and support 14 children…..Had it not been for TLC the Duggars & Kate Gosselin wouldn’t have the things they have today either……This Octomom thought that she could climb on the reality show bandwagon …and it back-fired. No, she isn’t a mother….period. She’s a sicko….There’s other ways to support your children instead of making adult film movies.

    • Believe it or not when you climb into a hole and are constantly told how many terrible things you’ve done wrong and how you’re a horrible person it is much easier to give into the temptation to use alcohol and drugs and perform things that are degrading to oneself. All of you all who are hating on her hopefully have no sins or errors that you yourselves have committed in your own lives.

  11. I thought the article was going to tell us about her currently and about the kids. Most of what was said is already

    Known. I believe the events are not entirely in order as to how they happened. In spite of her irresponsible

    behavior the woman achieved a maricle. No other woman to date has birthed 8 children at once and managed

    to keep them alive and healthy. While I agree with author that much of the negative criticism toward the doctor

    And nadya is deserved, who could bear up well under global scorn and contempt? I would not have reccomended

    this type of birth i gotta say. It was quite an achievement to the limits of humankind. Not sure? Watch an

    olympics from the 20s or 30s and watch one now. The former achievements are laughable to what modern day

    athletes are able to do. (Not those using steroids, but real athletes) the human ability is always amazing.

    she wasnt the best candidate perhaps, but what this woman was able to do and survive it shows the amazing

    endurance of what it means to be human and to what lengths a woman will go through to become a mother.

    Are not the female gender of our species absolutely I credible?

  12. I enjoyed reading the article and yet was still wondering how the children are. I have always felt that this lady was given a life sentence of ridicule. I hope her and her family the best in everything.

    • Thank you as well for the respect. Please go to my Instagram to see pictures of my family. They are doing amazingly well. @nataliesuleman

  13. Live and let live- Nadya perhaps made some bad choices, but who hasn’t at one time or another. On the positive side she has managed to keep her children and provide the best she can. She is an attractive woman in spite of having so many children. Perhaps something can be learned from that. I can’t imagine what it must be like to take responsibility for so many and still keep her sanity. The films she made should be considered mild as adult film goes and at least help her support her family. To her I say- go girl!

  14. I was sure article was written by a kid, only to find out it was written by an adult, with a journalism degree, presumably trying his best.

  15. This is Natalie Suleman, aka “Octomom.” The above information by the “author” was not only incorrect, but superfluously redundant. The infertility Doctor implanted me with 12 embryos while I was under heavy sedation, without my cognizant and lucid consent. I refused (against the doctors recommendation) to undergo selective reduction (a procedure to selectively abort embryos by dangerously injecting their hearts with sodium chloride), while three months pregnant with octuplets (the perinatologists will not perform the procedure prior to 12 weeks, and at this gestational stage every organ is fully developed). I believe any form of abortion is murder and this was incongruent to my moral values. I did not have octuplets “intentionally,” and on the contrary, gave birth to them because I refused to abort any life. I carried the pregnancy to nearly 8 months with no bed rest. All 8 children are exceptionally healthy with no developmental delays, are athletes, and today, at age 7, are running 5ks with me. subsequent to birthing my babies in 2009, out of desperation and scarcity to survive and provide for my family, I shamefully adopted a fake persona contrived by the media, (food stamps did not pay for diapers, rent, bills, nannies, or babies necessities). At this point I had one year until graduating with a Masters of Science in Counseling degree, and had previously worked for half a decade as a psychiatric technician at a state psychiatric hospital, helping adolescents heal, cope, and manage their mental illnesses. I had successfully completed an intensive two year psychiatric nursing program and earned valedictorian years earlier. No, of course you never heard anything about my successes from the exploitative media, as only failures sell stories. After four years of repeated self-exploitation, violating my value system as Octomom, already emotionally and spiritually dead (way beyond broken), I quit all the octomom nonsense and affiliated activities. I chose to kill octomom to save my own life, and moved my family far and away from all the toxic influences. However, quiting that fake persona came with a price: the spiteful individuals “managing” me for the previous two years threatened to report me for “Welfare fraud” if I “quit” on them (unbeknownst to me my welfare fraud attorney disclosed legal records indicating how they stole nearly 50k of my money from my bank account). I blame no one but myself for “trusting” other people with my financial responsibilities. For trusting them with my life. I chose to quit anyway. I was descending down a very destructive path, and had to change my life before my children lost their mother forever. We moved back to our home town, OC, and within one month I secured a job as a drug and alcohol counselor (this is close to my heart as I am a daughter of an incapacitated alcoholic father). As of today, (three years now), I have been working (back in the helping profession) as a counselor, facilitating healing in others. In addition, I have rejected all media attempts to contact me and my family. The kids are beautiful, inside and out (I teach them daily the importance of caring for and helping others), are excelling in school, and have run several 5ks with me. Each and every one of these children are blessings, and I could never imagine life without one. God is good. We are all grateful. If anyone reading this interested in seeing pictures of my family please go to my Instagram @nataliesuleman

    • Taking care of a pet and even more so a child is a responsibility that any trustworthy person has to assume: ONLY have children if you have the time,the money and the will to take care of them!

      Money and Will could not be a matter since you said they Live well.

      Now my reluctancy is time, to be deemed trustworthy you must dedicate yourself as a Mother with a only child.

      Biology is the Only Area where Division is in fact Multiplication.

      If you are able to Kudos to You. My deep sincere tenderness.

    • Good for you Natalya. People make mistakes in their lives. Not everyone makes them in full view of a judgmental world. Well done on getting your counselling qualifications and I am sure that you will make the best kind of …but dont read any more of these comments and replay to them. It will just eat at you, and embitter you and a bitter hurting counsellour is no good to her clients!

      What business is it of theirs, these commenters? They just want someone to pound on…seems everyone is running scared these days.

      Wish you the best, and very well done for coming through so much. And dont feel bad about the adult film either! After all, people like sex and like to watch sex…that’s all. Why should you be the one to feel bad about it? How about those who set it up, filmed it and those who downloaded it? It is straight-forward woman-hating stuff. Good Lord, the woman gets public assistance: everyone yells at her. She does the only thing you can do that makes fast money..its not like babies can wait for nappies…and everyone yells at her, though it must have hurt her to dance before leering men.

      She was a brave mother, providing for her children…you are a brave mother and I bet you will come shining through.

      • Yes her kids will now grow up knowing what a completely f#$&ed up person she is, it’s not fair to them, she is a true imbecile who had no right to have any of those kids

    • This just isn’t true. Medical records made public during the CA board’s investigation of your doctor made clear that you had dozens & dozens of frozen embryos already in storage when you undertook harvesting 12 fresh embryos for the explicit purpose of transferring every last one of them, against medical advice, as detailed on a consent form bearing your signature. Why fresh instead of just using among the many frozen already available, who knows?

      But clearly no ‘pro-life’ ethic played any kind of role in the process of creating the octuplets, much less the choice to pursue them, or you wouldn’t still have dozens of frozen embryos in storage you could have used instead, which I guess now either exist in some frozen perpetuity or were electively destroyed.

      Seriously, how can you possibly be a professional counselor while still publicly purveying such easily demonstrable lies? Just own what’s already public record. You’re not gaining any fans contradicting it, but could stand to win more respect by embracing its tough truths.

  16. People are saying Natalie’s choices are none of our business. Well it is when you bring that many kids into a world of 7+billion! More people = more cars, crowds, congestion, gridlock, development/housing, garbage/litter, pollution, noise, drug addicts/alcoholics, juvenile delinquents/criminals….and wildlife habitat being destroyed to build. She turned having kids into a joke. Ya, people make mistakes in life, but this is major, and was preventable. And expecting neighbors/community to help, as if people are not already busy in their own lives just trying to be comfortable and not having to work so many hours just to pay more taxes to help the irresponsible. Her massive family probably brought more noise to that neighborhood. And soon these kids will be driving, having their own cars and turning the neighborhood into chaos with the loud cars. And yet she expects to be forgiven just because she says, ‘oh I love my children’. Well mothers do love their children; doesn’t mean you go out and have 14! Ugh, so disgusting!

  17. Isn’t this the lady that scammed worker’s compensation for ten years and had multiple pregnancies during that time? The same lady that gave her children horsey rides on her “badly injured back”? If that wasn’t the Octomom character then which of the dark and desperate characters was it? Was it Natalie Guttierez? Then who is the welfare fraud person? Who is the adult film lady? I can’t keep all these characters straight. Is the same lady that says she is a counselor? What is she licensed as?

  18. CORRECTION: The medical board investigating Octomom’s Doctor furthermore discovered not only that the 12 embryos used to make the Octuplets were newly made for that very purpose – belying Octomom’s pro-life heroine claim that they were leftover from previous procedures and by implanting them all she was ‘saving’ them from a non-existent expiration date – but that Octomom furthermore still had 40-some additional frozen embryos left in storage, created for previous implantations, which she repeatedly rejected in favor of creating new ones in the hopes they’d boost her shot at a high-order multiple pregnancy. Nothing about the Octiplets birth was accidental, much less ‘miraculous.’ She meticulously & quite deliberately engineered 12 inceptions from the very start, against medical advice. Whatever lifelong deficits to which it sentenced the poor Octiplets is by now a matter of speculation.

  19. This article is an assault on journalism. Why does the author insist on forming these opinions for me? Further more, this article fails to provide any substantial information that could be categorized as an “update”. This reads more like the lovechild of a summary and an opinion piece. Finally, to add insult to injury, the pace and layout are reminiscent of a high school first draft.

    Andy Debolt, I’m speaking directly to you now. I know you’re better than this. Why would you waste our time with anything less than your very best?

  20. In short: she did some porn, and since then we have no idea, because the person that wrote this isn’t a reporter.

  21. Question: Just exactly WHO has been paying this social parasite’s bills all these years? Such characters should be sterilized!


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