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Best Gift Ideas For Your First Anniversary in 2024 – Top 10 List

So you’ve been married nearly a year. Your anniversary is coming up and you haven’t a clue what to buy. Well worry not folks, I’m here to help you get something sweet for you significant other, had to stop myself saying “for your sweety”. Traditionally paper is the gift of choice for the occasion but please don’t rush down to wall-mart for a 500 pack of copy paper, consider a few of these instead. In no particular order.

Ten Great Ideas for Your First Anniversary Gift

10. Paper Bouquet

Paper Bouquet

Sticking to a classic dual theme of paper and flowers these elegant bouquets, and classy singles, are a great starting gift to give to your loved one. Unless you’re going big with the bouquet they make a nice accent piece to your main gift and, I mean, who doesn’t love getting flowers?

9. Commission a Poem

Commision a poem

Maybe you have the skill of the bard flowing through you and when you put pen to paper you release your iambic pent up love on the paper. For the rest of us there is commission a poem. With a wealth of options and pages of testimonials from satisfied customers they are a safe bet.

8. His and Her Watches

His and Her Watches

The modern gift for first anniversaries are clocks. These pretty time pieces are a nice nod to that and copper on silver is always a good bet. If you’re feeling a little more traditional you could go for a giant grandfather clock instead. But you’ll need a lot of space for that.


7. Newspaper From Your Wedding Day

Anniversary Newspaper What can I say? It’s a sweet concept, keeps to the theme of paper and could be the start of a collection of papers from each anniversary. They could make a nice curio to look back on in later life. I actually have one on order for my parents.

6. Embroidered Silk Art Piece

Silk Embodered Wall Piece

Another nice piece from Hand stitched art like this looks great in any room and they have a discount at the moment. It might not scream I love you like some of the others but it will still act as a constant reminder of your love. Especially if you love birds.

5. Books!


It’s what amazon was for originally after all and they’re made of paper! I realize I’m a little stuck on paper here, but it’s traditional and a good book would make a perfect gift for your significant other on their anniversary.

4. Personalized Relief Art

Personalized Relief Art

Why not help out the mom and pop craft industry and get a custom made relief picture with the lyrics to the song you shared your first dance. Or you know, any song. Probably not Slipknot.

3. Custom Photo Frames

Personalized Phote Frame

A custom photo frame to put your memories front and centre on your mantle piece. A bit easy this one I admit, but a gift is only as meaningful as you want it to be. Includes a nice poem. Not the best idea, but I feel if you get a few things on the same thing it will be appreciated.


2. A Weekend Getaway

Romantic Getaway

It can have as much or as little thought in it as you like. Take your SO somewhere they’ve always wanted to go, take them somewhere they never dreamed they’d go or just throw darts at an atlas. Whatever you choose it’s the unforgettable memories you make there that are important.

1. Buy a Sapling

Plant a Tree

I really like this idea. Plant a tree and watch it grow alongside your relationship. With each year the love you share gets deeper and the tree you planted gets taller. Maybe you’ll be able to build a tree house in it one day. Maybe it’ll get struck by lightning. The possibilities are endless.

Hopefully I helped you get an idea of what to buy. Don’t be limited by these great* ideas though. Think about it, you know your spouse. You know what makes them laugh, what they care about, what they hate. Fundamentally the gift should be an expression of understanding between two people. And a card. Wishing you many happy returns, which I think means “years together” and be sure to leave a comment with gift ideas of your own.

Fundamentally, you know your partner. You know what brought you together and hopefully you know what they like. This is one area where a little mind reading can be useful.

*Ideas may or may not be great, really depends on your perspective I guess. I like them and hope you do too.

Barry W Stanton
Barry W Stanton
Irish born writer who drinks too much caffeine and reads too much Terry Pratchett. I enjoy long walks on the server and Korean cuisine.


  1. I love the art ideas. I have another art idea; a sketch of her wedding dress dress [created by MyDreamlines]. My husband gave me a sketch and I melt every time I look at it.


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