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What Happened to Scott Storch – 2018 Relapse Update

In the early 2000s, Scott Storch was one of the hottest dance producers. But after a public fall to a severe cocaine edition which left him absolutely destitute, there have been rumors about Storch’s possible return.

The Career of Scott Storch

Almost all of what one might think of as Storch’s “career” happened in 2006. He won awards, worked with multiple huge names, and indulged¬†an impressive drug addiction. But he’s actually been on the national scene since 1991, when he joined up with The Roots to become their first keyboard player.

Storch was born in Florida in 1973, into a musical family. After leaving high school as a freshman, Storch was kicked out of his home and moved to New York to live with his father. In 1991, when he was joining The Roots, Storch also had his first son.

Scott Storch’s first real breakthrough was the track “Still D.R.E.” in 1999. Produced between him and Dr. Dre, the track broke the Billboard Hot 100, and recently was used in Grand Theft Auto V. In 2002, Storch produced, most notably, a song for P!nk (then still Pink), and another for Christina Aguilera. 2003 was Storch’s first collaboration with Beyonce, with “Bad Boy” and “Me, Myself, and I.”

In 2004, Storch helped produce “Lean Back,” a club track by Fat Joe and Remy Ma for Terror Squad. The track would win that year’s The Source awards for Single of the Year and Best Female Rap Collaboration, and was #55 on VH1’s 2008 “100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs.” “Lean Back” received critical acclaim, and was remixed repeatedly, by artists like Lil Wayne and Chamillionaire. The song was also used by Lil Flip to freestyle a diss toward T.I. Also in 2004, Scott Storch had a brief relationship with Lil Kim.

By 2006, Scott Storch was positioned to take over the hip-hop club scene. He worked repeatedly with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, Lil Kim, and T.I. He was awarded ASCAP Songwriter of the Year. Unfortunately, his cocaine habit was starting to catch up with him, leading him to awful choices like dating Paris Hilton and producing her debut album. In August 2006, Storch took what was planned to be a month-long vacation in Hollywood.

Scott Storch’s Extended Vacation

It was Storch’s first break from producing and touring since he was picked up by manager Derek Jackson. Since 1992, Storch had been working pretty continuously on advancing his career.¬†Maybe that’s why his vacation turned into an indefinite hiatus.

Between August and January, Storch managed to spend a reported $30 million. He bought a yacht, and a private jet, and dozens of luxury cars. His addiction quickly went beyond reckless spending, and started to affect his career. He brought O.J. Simpson and Questlove together, to propose making a song to defend Simpson’s innocence. He left Janet Jackson waiting in his studio for over five hours.

By 2008, news broke that Scott Storch was behind on his property taxes and child support payments. After he was arrested in early 2009 for failing to return a leased Bentley, he checked into an in-patient drug rehab facility. A couple weeks after entering rehab, Storch declared bankruptcy.

The next few years were quiet for Storch. He did several radio appearances where spoke candidly of his financial troubles and was quite honest about the difficulties he was facing in repairing his career. While it seemed as though Storch was doing better with his addiction, he was arrested in 2012 for possessing cocaine.

In 2013, Storch was robbed at gunpoint in Times Square. The thieves took all of his money and what he reported as hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. The next year, he was claiming to be working on taking his career in a new direction, though most people were skeptical by now of his claims. Regardless, Storch announced an electro-pop EP which was supposed to have dropped in April, 2015.

In June of 2015, Storch filed for bankruptcy for the second time. In his claim, Storch claimed to have only a $3,000 watch, $500 worth of clothes, and $100 in his wallet.

Storch was ordered by the judge to complete a financial management course, which he claimed to have completed on October 5, 2015. Around that time, Storch was reaffirming rumors of a potential comeback.

What’s Scott Storch Doing Now in 2018

At some point in 2015, Scott Storch started working with two brothers, Brad and Seth Cohen. Wealthy from insurance and real estate holdings. The brothers claim have gotten involved with Storch after his June 2015 bankruptcy filings. They set him up with a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a rental house, and weekly salary, in addition to allocating more than $1 million to fund his comeback.

This generated headlines, as it seemed the most promising chance of a genuine return to fame for Scott Storch. Unfortunately, the brothers filed suit against Scott Storch in January, 2016. The lawsuit claims he had recently been found to have relapsed and was not actually working to produce any music. Scott Storch’s own lawyer has claimed that the brothers forged documents to bring notoriety to themselves. Either way, he has lost his financial backing.

At this point, it seems unlikely that any efforts to restore Storch’s career will succeed, whether they come from his own internal drive or outside supporters.

Morgan Sennhauser
Morgan Sennhauser
Morgan Sennhauser is a thoroughbred millennial, who has focused on working against censorship and surveillance in Africa and the Middle East. Now living in North Carolina, Morgan spends his time advocating for minority groups in impoverished regions, and writing about related topics.


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