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What Happened to Quizilla – New Updates for 2018

The internet is an ever growing expanse with no end or peak in sight. Since its conception and mass modernization, the internet has given way to numerous websites that have garnered a massive cult following from the self proclaimed “front page of the internet” Reddit to the blogging site galore that is Tumblr; and these two websites are just two of millions. For everyone well known website there are thousands and thousands of websites that are still popular but remain hidden to the eye of the general populus.

Quite recently our society has heavily been focused on the use of various social medias such as Twitter and Instagram as we try to gain more followers and convey our own personal beliefs and stances through the 140 character limit of Twitter and a picture on Instagram. However despite the immense popularity Twitter, Instagram, and the various other social media websites garner, their success has been rather newfound. Yes if you ask anyone right now in 2015 to name a popular website or web application, one of those social media applications will surely be named; but that is if you ask someone in 2015. While it may seem like forever, social media websites didn’t make their mark until around 2010. This is where the success of social media skyrocketed.

Quizilla Origins & Beginning

quizilla-logo-what-happened If social media actively garnered immense success from around 2010 to the present day, what captivated the masses through the use of the constantly evolving internet prior. What had originally been regarded as popular and standard internet websites have seemed to take a seat on the back burner to the ever growing forms of social media. The websites that have taken the backseat are forum/online journal type websites. OG sites like 4Chan and even Reddit have somewhat been regarded as old news despite their large user numbers. However the number of people who use those style of websites are those who were growing up when the internet was just starting out. For those who were growing up in the early 2000s, the forum sites were the place to be. Being able to write whatever you want and express your views, likes, dislikes, etc… was all the rage. Thus the immense support and success of Quizilla.

For those who don’t know what Quizilla was, it was one of the larger websites during the growth of the internet created on August 4, 2002 by Matthew Nielsen. The whole site was largely user generated as users would create “quizzes”; these “quizzes” were really just chapters of fan fiction. Fan fiction is fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc. An example of fan fiction would be a story of someone going to school at Hogwarts where they dated the infamous Draco Malfoy. The stories could then be customized by adding various layouts. The massive amount of fan fictions and stories that were being added resulted in the website creators adding a designated stories section; that was still not used. With the immense number of stories being added daily resulted in an online library of fan fictions to suite everyone’s needs; with the immense amount of stories coming in, the site added a “tag” feature allowing users to label their content and filter content based on their desired “tag”.

Quizilla in the 2000s

quizilla-then-prime-where-is-quizilla-now With a rapidly growing member base, in 2005/2006 the website underwent some changes per request of the users. One major change was the addition of two new sections for content; poems and lyrics. These two sections were greatly wanted by many users. In January of 2006 “themes”, sets of fonts, backgrounds, etc… could be applied to content created by users. In April of the same year, message boards were added after many requests.

Quizilla in 2018 – Where is it Now?

It is after this somewhat golden age of Quizilla that the site had begun its unfortunate downfall. Quizilla had been gaining momentum and garnered the interest of Viacom’s MTV Networks. On October 16, 2006 MTV Networks, mainly Teen Nick, announced that they had bought Quizilla for an undisclosed sum of money. Following this new ownership, the site had underwent massive changes that greatly affected the user base. The monumental change that steered a large portion of the user base away was the change in structure. Originally Quizilla was a free writing site where users could write whatever they want; that was no longer the case. Following the new ownership, Teen Nick made Quizillia a PG rated site. This resulted in many uploads and various stories being removed from the website as they did not meet the PG rating thus the people who created the now removed stories left the website with disinterest and distaste for what was once their favorite website.

In addition to the removal of non PG rated, in 2010 the whole Quizilla community was sent into a flurry of panic as everything created prior to 2010 had been deleted in addition to the link to Quizilla leading to just a blank screen; this lasted for about two weeks. In addition to the sudden change of website policy, what turned people away was the age of the users. Many people who had grown up using Quizilla had done just that; grew up. With a massive amount of the core users now in college, many didn’t have time to keep up with the slowly dying website. Unable to avidly contribute, Quizilla lost a large amount of their user base. It was finally announced in September of 2014 that Quizilla would be shutdown on October 1st, 2014.

quizilla-now-2016 What was once a greatly beloved website, Quizilla met a slow and painful downfall following the change in ownership. After the sudden change in website policy, the deletion of many stories created a disinterest and heavy distaste for the new ownership. From the now PG rating to the, what seemed, constant downtime and lack of uploads which was created by the user base of Quizilla growing up. Many users of Quizilla had foreseen the end of Quizilla once the ownership had changed but the life of Quizilla lasted a little longer than what most people expected.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers is an independent freelance writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Bridget's work can be found on a variety of sources in both online and print media.


  1. I think you should have added the ‘black out’ of quizilla. Me and my old friends from the sight called it that because of the sudden disappearances of ALL of our stuff. We freaked out until we found out one dumbass trick that took forever… we just had to search them up one by one. Yeah, it literally gave me the reason to switch to a different site back in 2011. It was meant to be temporary until the site would finally turn back to normal. 3 years later and… poof! I did check the site every now and then before the closure was announced, but just as someone taking random quizzes and not log in. Sigh…

  2. Utterly devastated about this! I had quite a few stories on there. Is there any way at all I can find them again?

    • Nope, it’s gone forever. But I feel ya. Quizilla’s end upset me so much that I even cried.

      Edit: YES, YOU CAN!!! Okay, so there is a possibility of you finding your story if you can get its url. Use the WayBack Machine at archive. org, type in the url of the story that you wanna find. If you don’t have its url, you can try to get to the page which displayed your stuff. Its url was something along the lines of http ://quizilla.teennick. com/user/(name of user)/stuff/.

      Good luck! ^^

      • Hi there – couldn’t find it 🙁 way back machine didn’t recognise my account. Thanks so much for offering your help though. I really appreciate it.

  3. It was the site that got me starting to write. However, being too paranoid about a) losing things and b) people copying my story and using it themselves, I eventually moved to Word and continued writing just for myself. The Outsiders fanfic I started on Quizilla is now over 400 pages long, and the novel I intend to publish one day currently sits almost at 300. I have Quizilla to thank for starting the path for me and helping me discover my current and forever career in fiction writing.

    • A ‘novel [you] intend to publish one day’ does not make fiction writing your career, either current or forever.

  4. I use to read quizilla stories in middle school and the beginning of high school. I noticed huge groups moving to wattpad instead. It was evident that quizilla was turning into something bad so I bad the permanent change of going to wattpad. I’m glad I did, the stories have been much better, real authors even write on it. However I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Quizilla.

  5. I use to have well over 70 poems on there. At one point a few years ago I copied them all down into word documents and printed them. Afterwards I deleted them from the site. I hated when Teen Nick took over. I loved reading stories on there. I’m glad I was able to save my stuff before it died out. Sorry you folks can’t get your stuff back. 🙁

  6. Wow, I wrote poetry and some pretty raunchy *erotic* fan-fics (mainly about Billy-Joe or Pierre, ya’ll know who I’m talkin about) for years! I think I started in 2002 or 2003, soooooo many stories and poems I’ll never see again…this is a truly sad day…I had wondered what happened to this site for years but couldn’t remember the website name. Oh all my pictures from my teenage angst emo/punk/goth/skater phase (which I never grew out of, its just a bit more adult-y now lol) That site, in its beginnings, was the best thing that could have happened for me at that time. I was able to express myself, share my poetry and talk to others who felt the same (I had a rough home life, and childhood), then I was also able to talk to people who understood me, people who were into the same fandom, because growing up in the south being how I was and dressing how I dressed, there weren’t many people I could tell my personal stuff too. This site was so much a part of my life for most of my pre-teen and teenage years, it’s sad to know it’s gone. Yet, at 27, I’m not sure I would even want to read the atrocious things I wrote. The grammar alone would probably make me want to go back and shoot 15 year old me smh.


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