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Top 5 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

As far as PC gaming hardware goes, the keyboard is arguably the most important tool in your arsenal. A quality, reliable keyboard can gap the difference between victory and defeat. However, the majority of PC gamers use wired keyboards over wireless ones. Why is that? Well, to begin with, most PC gamers play from a desktop computer at a desk, in which case a wired keyboard isn’t much of an inconvenience. Also, wired keyboards tend to be a bit more reliable than wireless keyboards are. With wireless keyboards, one of the greatest obstacles that you will encounter is increased latency, also known as input lag. Since your input is travelling through a wireless connection as opposed to directly through a wire, it takes a little while longer for it to “go through”.

However, there are quite a few wireless gaming keyboards out there that definitely make the grade. In this article, I’ll talk about some of those keyboards. I’ve ranked the following keyboards based on build quality, reliability, aesthetic appeal, price, and latency.

5. Eagletec K104 Wireless Keyboard

eagletec-k104 We kick off this list with the Eagletec K104. This keyboard is the most inexpensive keyboard that I’ll discuss, retailing for less than $20 (and bundled with a neat little mouse!) The K104 is one of the more bare-bones wireless keyboards out there, but it does everything that it’s supposed to do. The board has an 18-month battery life, splash resistance, and adjustable rear feet to make for a more ergonomic experience. For those concerned with latency, this keyboard is reported to have a connection that is stable about 80% of the time. It’s not perfect, but for the price, that’s pretty impressive performance.

However, the biggest issue with this keyboard is that it has very low key rollover. What does that mean? Key rollover measures how many keys can be pressed and registered at the same time. In gaming settings, this is a vital measurement. The K104 only has three key rollover which, while not terrible, certainly isn’t ideal, either. I wouldn’t recommend this keyboard to someone who is playing in more hardcore MOBA or MMORPG settings. Still, this is a nice, low-profile keyboard that doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank.

4. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350

logitch-k350 I mentioned ergonomics briefly when talking about the K104. What are ergonomics? Essentially, an ergonomic keyboard is one that is meant to be as comfortable and natural as possible. They’re designed in such a way to prevent injury or strain upon use. As you can imagine, comfort is also a pretty important aspect of a gaming keyboard. The Logitech K350’s dramatic curved design is meant to follow the natural curve of your hand. This, paired with the cushy wrist rest, is intended to create a typing experience that is as comfortable as possible. And it definitely works! This keyboard is probably the most comfortable keyboard that I’ll talk about today, and it’s great for people who frequently carry out marathon gaming sessions.

However, like the K104, this keyboard wasn’t designed with gaming in mind much at all. I would describe the K350 as being more well-suited for typing than for gaming. The unconventional keyboard layout and design can be tricky to get a hang of. This keyboard has a learning curve, which I don’t think any board should really have. Not only that, but I wouldn’t exactly call this keyboard “sexy”. It’s a bit of an eyesore, in my opinion. Still, with the K350, you can expect the same high quality connection and build quality that you would find in just about any Logitech keyboard. This is a well-made keyboard, and it works well, but I think you have to be willing to spend a lot of time getting used to and learning its weird layout.

3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

logitech-k360 We continue the list with another, slightly more “normal” keyboard from Logitech. The K360 is a keyboard that is designed with comfort and size in mind. If you happen to have a set-up that limits your desk or table space, then this is the perfect keyboard for you. The K360 is compact, while still retaining a layout that is more or less standard with what you would expect from a full-size keyboard. The board itself is sleek and very low-profile, with good keystroke feedback that you wouldn’t normally get from a membrane keyboard. This is a reliable, relatively inexpensive, and well-built board.

It’s not perfect, though. I said that the layout is “more or less” a standard full-size format. It’s not exactly there, though. The keys are spaced a little strangely, but that’s nothing too damning. The biggest issue that I have with this keyboard is that the keys are entirely flat. You may notice that the majority of keyboard have keys that are concave. They meet the roundness of your fingers, and sort of “catch” your fingers in case you miscalculate your keystroke. Not only that, but in gaming settings, they serve to help hold your fingers in place during long presses. This may seem like a very tiny design flaw, but I know that it would personally drive me crazy. This is an excellent all-around keyboard, but just keep that tidbit in mind if you decide to purchase it.

2. Anker CB310 Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

anker-cb310 The CB310 is one of those products that I think, while not doing anything too spectacularly, does everything adequately well. The keyboard is designed in a slim, sleek way, and I personally love the look of the wrist rest. The keyboard is formatted exactly like a full-size keyboard should be formatted. The connection is stable and reliable (although it doesn’t allow you to sit too far away from the receiver). Build quality is solid, with an emphasis on being noise-friendly and water-resistant. However, being a more inexpensive keyboard from a less well-known manufacturer, there are always a few bad eggs.

All around, this keyboard does everything that you would hope for a quality keyboard to do. So, why isn’t it at the top of the list? To put it simply, there’s nothing about this keyboard that really jumps out at me as being exceptional. It looks normally, it’s priced normally, and it works normally. Honestly, it sort of benefits from belonging to a type of keyboard where performing normally is a bit of a feat. The CB310 is really good, and I’m sure most gamers would really enjoy using it. However, the next keyboard that I’m going to talk about does everything really well.

1. Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

logitech-k800 I’m sure at this point, you might think that I’m a bit of a Logitech fanboy. I assure you that that isn’t really the case. It just so happens that Logitech is one of the few major keyboard manufacturers that continues to put out quality wireless keyboards. The K800 is no exception. This keyboard is pretty special in that it’s the only illuminated board in this article, The backlight makes it easier to use in the dark, but it also gives it an edge in that gamers love LEDs in their gear. This makes a slight impact on battery life, but it’s nothing too terrible. This keyboard charges with a universal micro-USB cable, not with a battery. A single charge should last you a little over a week.

The K800 feels good, too. The format is entirely standard, the wrist rest prevents fatigue, and yes, the keys are concaved. As one can expect with Logitech products, the wireless connection is highly stable, and the build quality is fantastic. This is one of the more expensive keyboards on the list, but it’s worth every penny in my opinion. This is one of those pieces of hardware that you can purchase and use for years to come. This keyboard looks and feels fantastic, so if you’re a PC gamer looking for a new wireless keyboard, I think I would recommend the K800 above all else.

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